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Lockpick Guide

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Dying Light 2 Stay Human Lockpick Guide

Knowing how to get and use lockpicks in Dying Light 2 Stay Human is important as it gives you access to all kinds of items that are in secured locations and locked inside various types of containers. These items will generally be things that will help you during the game, and includes rare weapons and crafting materials. This Lockpick Guide will tell you everything you need to know about them.

As you progress through Dying Light 2 Stay Human you will come across locked doors and containers that will be full of useful items, these include things such as epic and rare weapons and crafting materials for upgrading blueprints. Occasionally you will be awarded ready-made lockpicks for progress in quests but in order to craft them you will need the lockpick blueprint which you will get when Hakon gives it to you when you meet him at the hospital in the third story quest in Old Villedor, Markers of Plague.

How to Craft Lockpicks

Once you are in possession of the lockpick blueprint you will be able to craft lockpicks with the scrap that can be easily found in trash cans and bins. To do so you need to open your menu, and select the 'Crafting' tab. To find it either hover over the grey lockpick icon under 'All' or by selecting 'Accessories'. There will be two prompts at the bottom of the recipe card that appears in the center of your screen. The number of lockpicks you will be able to craft is determined by the number of resources you currently have. Lockpicks require 5x scrap materials and some Cloth Rags. Two lockpicks can be crafted at a time.

How to Use Lockpicks

In order to use the lockpicks you must apporach the lock and press the button pormpt to begin the mini-game which will start when a set of lockpicking tools and a lock appears on the screen. To complete the mini-game, you need to turn the lock without any resistance 90 degrees to the right. You turn the pick with one set of controls and the lock with another. Both sets of controls are displayed at the bottom of your screen. The objective is to find the correct position for your top lockpick by moving it left and right. This must be done slowly and when you feel resistance you need to stop and reposition the top tool in increments. There are five different difficulties of locks - Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Very Hard. Very Easy locks don't have much resistance while Very Hard locks require precise movement and very slow, methodical positioning and turns.

How to Upgrade Lockpicks

Lockpicks can be upgraded at a Craftmaster, to begin with you will be able to find these vendors at Faction hubs, like the PK Floating Fortress, the Bazaar, and the Fish Eye. Later in the game as you assign more Facilities like Electrical Substations and Water Towers and shift City Alignment they will appear in other places too. Keep in mind that the higher the upgrade, the less prone your lockpick will be to breaking and the higher the level of lock you will be able to force open. Also, when you upgrade your lockpick blueprint to Level 4 you will be able to craft 3 lockpicks at a time instead of 2.

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