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Beginner Tips and Tricks

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Dying Light 2 Stay Human Beginner Tips and Tricks

Listed below are several Beginners Tips and Tricks which will help you in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

Stamina is More Important than Health
In Dying Light 2 Stay Human you either find or are given 'Inhibitors' as a reward, these can then be used to upgrade your stamina or health by one rank. Stamina is more important than health, and you should ideally upgrade it over health at a ratio of 3:1. The reason why you should prioritize stamina over health is because combat and parkour both draw from the stamina pool. Don't forget that you can craft stamina boosters if you are running low.

Search for Inhibitors Early
Make sure early in Dying Light 2 Stay Human you search for Inhibitors. There are at least a half dozen of them in Old Villedor which you can loot from easily accessed Quarantine Sites and GRE Anomalies. You will also be rewarded Inhibitors in story missions early on and it is important that you get as many as possible to obtain better perks in the game in order to get an edge against enemies that are the same level or one rank lower. Once you reach level 4 or 5 Inhibitors will not be so readily available.

Keep to the Rooftops
Your ability to parkour in Dying Light 2 Stay Human helps you to survive because if used correctly enables you to outpace nearly every enemy in the game that pursues you. Stay on the rooftops whenever possible as there are fewer enemies present there and your opponents on ground will be unable to get up there to follow you. If you do find yourself at street level for whatever reason you need to get back up on the rooftops as quickly as possible.

Don't be Afraid to Jump
During the tutorial the first ability you unlock is the Extended Jump which enables you to leap further when you hold down the button on your controller. This means you can jump deceptively far, even from a standstill. If you jump and fall short hitting the wall beneath the ledge you were trying to reach, you will providing you are not too far down be able to grab the edge and pull yourself up. Keep in mind if this happens while you are being pursued, you will be slowed down and vulnerable.

Always Unlock Safehouses and Nightrunner Bases
Make sure whenever possible you complete the open world objectives that you find in order to unlock areas with UV lights. It is essential that you do this because they act as respawn points and safety areas when you are being chased during the night by infecteds. All infecteds avoid UV light at all costs, so having a route memorized to these UV safety areas will help you to stay alive. The more safehouses and Nightrunner bases you unlock, the more UV safety areas you will have to flee to when you are being pursued.

Use Decoys to Escape
Throw a decoy if you are being chased during the night by infecteds and there is not a UV safety area nearby. Decoys are available at vendors or once you receive the Decoy blueprint during 'The Arrival' can be easily crafted from 10 scraps and 1 can. Keep in mind that explosions will not distract infected enemies like a dedicated decoy. You can also craft a UV Light Bar for when you are inside a Dark Area, or when you are not being pursued, and you are low on immunity. You will need oxidizers to craft a UV Light Bar, these can be purchased from vendors.

Use your Binoculars
Early in Dying Light 2 Stay Human you are given a pair of binoculars which you can get out and use anytime to survey the surrounding area. Make sure you get into the habit of using them as they highlight objectives, key locations, and points of interest on your map when you peer through them. You do not have to be at the top of the tallest skyscrapers for the best view, as they can spot objectives through solid buildings.

Night Runs are more Rewarding
Exploring during the nighttime in Dying Light 2 Stay Human will give you better rewards than if you explore under the sun. Exploring at night is more perilous than during the day and your infection means you have limited time in the dark, forcing you to either find UV lights or take medication. The rewards you receive for running after dark is the significantly increased parkour and combat XP you gain during this time. To bank the XP you must survive either until dawn or to a safehouse, if you are killed before then you lose the bonus. Keep in mind that there are certain buildings that are safer to search at night for Inhibitors, loot, and special crafting supplies.

Sell Useless Items to Vendors
Make sure you open up crates and boxes whenever you come across them in order to find items classed as 'Valuables'. These items have no use other than to be taken to a shop and sold. If you do this regularly, you will quickly build up enough money to purchase the best weapons sold by merchants. Also prevent your inventory from getting clogged up by getting rid of bad weapons or out-levelled gear by selling it to vendors.

Take a look at our Weapons Guide to find out how you can get the best weapons in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

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