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Shenmue 2 Dreamcast Walkthrough by wardles_tollbar

by wardles_tollbar

Shenmue 2 Dreamcast Walkthrough by wardles_tollbar


U = Up     D = Down     L = Left     R = Right

QTE =    When a certain letter or direction flashes on the screen and you have to quickly press the 
         corresponding button on the game control.
CONROL = When a faint copy of the control comes up on the screen and certain buttons "come towards you"
         when you are supposed to press them.
x+A =    Press both X and A at the same time.

This walkthrough does NOT tell you everything you need to do in the game. If you are told by a game 
character to go somewhere or do something then you must do what they say unless you are told not to by 
this walkthrough or by another game character.
Also remember to read ahead so that you know what is coming up so that you are ready and in case the 
walkthrough has told you not to do something that you have just been told by a game character to do.
This walkthrough is designed to be used with my "Shenmue 2 Dreamcast Directions Booklet by 
If you have any questions about this walkthrough, or want to point out a mistake or anything else 
please e-mail [email protected] with "Shenmue 2 Walkthrough" as the subject.

Disc 1

"Wan Chai" Scene.
Go straight ahead. 
"Music" Scene.
Put the money in, you may aswell because you will need to get rid of all your money in a minute.
"That Way" Scene.
Follow the darker brick path.
"Welcome" Scene.
"Freestay Lodge" Scene.
Continue to follow the darker brick footpath, then just follow the main road.
"Arm Wrestling" Scene.
Again, you may aswell do it so say yes to challenging him.
"Arm Wrestling Introduction" Scene.
Arm Wrestling Match.
If you win then you will get a scene telling you that you have won, you will get some money and you 
will be shown the way to Wan Chai, if you lose then you get a scene telling you that you have lost.
You will see a water fountain soon, it is in Pigeon Park, you need to go to Pigeon Park.
"Joy" Scene.
Once you are in Pigeon Park you will find a stand with white boxes on. Inside these white boxes are 
capsule toys which are being sold for $25, buy as many as you can afford.
Once you have bought all of the boxes from the stall then you then you press B and you will find that 
it magically re-stocks itself, now you can buy the whole stall again.
Once you have less than $25 left then you turn left and keep going straight ahead until there is a 
the side of a stand in your way, to your right you will find a vending machine, spend as much money as
you can afford here.
Once you have done this turn around and follow the main pathway until a scene starts.
"Stolen Bag" Scene.
Ask the waitress at Fui Hoi Diner about your bag.
"Poison Brothers" Scene.
ALRABLLRARDA (QTE - To chase Wong).
"Love your Bag?" Scene.
Free Battle.
"Bag Back" Scene.
"Come Over Guest House" Scene.
After this scene just follow the main pathway until a scene starts.
"Go in" Scene.
"A Room" Scene.
Room 208 is the first room upstairs.
"Open Window" Scene.
Stay here for the night.
"Wake-Up Call" Scene.
"Get to Work" Scene.
"The Boss" Scene.
"Guy with the Beard" Scene.
You can come to this job whenever you want, it is not daily like the one on Shenmue, so whenever you
need money you can come here.
"End of Shift" Scene.
"Your Pay" Scene.
"Photo Sale" Scene.
Sell all of the capsule toys that you can at Wise Men's Pawnshop, any others you can sell at Centre 
Pawnshop, any that can't be sold there can't be sold anywhere as far as I know.
Make sure that you sell sets before you sell singles.
Before you go to Yan Tin Apatements make sure that you have at least $100.
"Land Shark" Scene.
Room 205 is the first room on your left on the second floor, pay him $100, unless you want to do some 
work where you don't use this walkthrough.
"Man Mo Temple" Scene.
Go into the temple.
"Lishao Tao" Scene.
Ask about Wude at Wise Men's Kung Fu.
"Single Wish" Scene.
"Jianmin" Scene.
"Iron Palm" Scene.
You press X + A to use the Iron Palm.
"Gon" Scene.
"Guest" Scene.
You talk to the master at Guang Martial Arts School twice. Once to find out about the street performer
and once again to find out that he is in the Golden Shopping Mall.
The Street Performer is on the right hand side of the shopping mall on his own.
"Karate Expert" Scene.
"So Good" Scene.
"Jie" Scene.
Talk to Master Zhousan once the scene has finished to find out about Zhangyu.
"Trim Your Hair" Scene.
"Do Not Move" Scene.
"Dan" Scene.
Sometimes the Dreamcast talks to Zhanyu for you after the scene, but sometimes you have to walk 
forwards a couple of steps or something like that for the Dreamcast to talk to him.
"I'm not leaving" Scene.
Free Battle.
"Forgot" Scene.
Choose to intrude at Man Mo Temple.
Say yes to cleaning the soot off the walls, and only clean the left hand side gap on the back wall 
"Yi" Scene.
"Attack Me" Scene.
"Dianxue" Scene.
"Xuiying" Scene.
"On The Couch" Scene.

Disc 2

"Man Mo Temple's Library" Scene.
"Air Out" Scene.
Airing out Books.
This is a new compulsory job which you will do until you move back into the Come Over Guest House. 
Until you have found out about the Chawan Sign you will also not be able to leave Wise Men`s Quarter. 
(This quarter happens to be the most boring quarter in the entire game with no arcades and no gambling, 
so below is the fastest way out.)
Exit Man Mo Temple.
"Good Sign" Scene (you will only get this if you did a good enough job with airing out the books, you 
get a free moves scroll each time that you get it). 
Go down the steps and at the bottom you will find an old woman stood outside a shop, talk to her about 
Yuanda Zhu. 
You should have guessed by now that if the Wulinshu is going to be kept in Man Mo Temple the best place
to ask is at the library. If you go up to the library doors after talking to the man outside and try to
open the doors, then you will find that you have the option of waiting. This will make time zoom to 
11pm and then it will take you straight to Xuiying's room at Da Yuan Apartements.
"Wake Up Call" Scene.
Airing out Books.
After you have finished airing out the books then go into the library and in the top, left hand corner 
there is a locked cabinet. Try to open it.
"Wulinshi Found" Scene.
To find Xuiying go out of the library and to the front of the temple.
"True Nature" Scene.
The easiest way to do this is to zoom in, using the toggle button, one one leaf and make sure that this
leaf is the only one in the picture. Then once it is blurry press A as this is the best time to catch 
"Three Consecutive Times" Scene.
"Clear As A Polished Mirror" Scene.
"Got Wulinshu" Scene.
"Summing Zhao" Flashback.
"Paper" Scene.
Ask about the paper at Wise Men's Kung Fu, and the antique shop.
The directions the game will give you lead to the building, but not the front so just go around the 
building to find the front door.
You will probably remember from earlier than Guixiang lives in room 101 (room straight ahead as soon as
you go in.
"Come Inside" Scene.
"Chawan Sign Meaning" Scene.
"Other Patterns" Scene.
"Ziming" Scene.
"Xuiying's Brother" Scene.
Try Chawan Sign at Dou Jiang Diner in Lucky Charm Quarter.
"Note" Scene.
If you go back into Dou Jiang Diner now it will let you choose wait to zoom to 8pm.
"Meeting" Scene.
Free Battle.
"He Got Caught" Scene.
"Move It" Scene.
BAAABX (QTE - To beat up the first lot).
DDX (CONTROL - To avoid the watermelon).
BABBBABAXABX (QTE - To beat up the second lot).
DRA (CONTROL - To avoid Yuan's stick).
"Get Him" Scene.
"Ren of Heavens" Scene.
"Needlessly Risking Your Life" Scene.
As Ren of Heavens is in Aberdeen the first thing you do is go there.
"Grand Hotel" Scene.
Ask the sleeping man near the pigeons about Ren of Heavens.
Ask the waitress at Fui Hoi Diner about Beverley Hills Wharf.
After you have been told to go away by the guard then ask at the Pigeon Cafe.
Before you do this next bit make sure that you have at least $505. Go to Fortunes Pier and go to 
warehouse no.9. Talk to the man behind the stall and then have one game, then talk to him again.
Choose to wait.
"Disrespectfully" Scene.
Free Battle.
"This Way" Scene.
"Set Up" Scene.
Free Battle.
You're supposed to lose this battle anyway so it`s up to you whether or not you fight.
"Wong's Boat" Scene.
"Heavens Zippo" Scene.
To find Ren you need to find a gang of heavens of at least 4 and fight them. You have to beat 3 gangs 
to be led to Cool Z.
If you are stopped by someone on their own to fight and you have been led past the street fighting area
and towards a blue wall, then stopped after going past that wall then to get to the scrap heap go 
straight ahead and you will meet another challenger,after beating this one go straight ahead and you 
will find the scrap heap. If you are stopped at any other point then find another gang to fight.
"$500" Scene.
"In Person" Scene.
"May The Gods Protect You..." Scene.
LRA (CONTROL - To avoid Ren's knife).
If you do not press it at the right time then you will get "Rest" Scene and then in the morning you 
will need to follow the blue signs to Queen`s Street and then you will get a different version of "At 
The Park" Scene, then continue from there.
To get to Fortune's Pier then follow the blue signs to Queen's Street to get out of Beverly Hills 
Wharf, then turn left follow the main pathway round and then turn right and left, you can then follow 
the map from there.
"Follow Me" Scene.
"Set Up" Scene.
Free Battle.
If you win you will get "Get Away With This" Scene aswell as the next scene, but according to whether 
you win or lose there are different versions. 
"At The Park" Scene.
"Pretty Bad" Scene.
Follow Ren to Lucky Plaza, if you think you are going to lose him then follow the directions in the 
directions booklet.
"Chasing Ren" Scene.
DALRLR (QTE - To chase Ren around Lucky Plaza). 
UAU (CONTROL - To jump after Ren).
"Kowloon" Scene.
"Leaving Hong Kong" Scene.
"Thanking Wong" Scene.
Once the dreamcast has thanked Wong for you, then you need to thank the following people in the 
following order:
1. Delin near the crate-carrying place you worked earlier, Fortunes Pier.
2. Master Zhoushan at the Guang Martial Arts School, Green Market Quarter.
3. Jianmin in Lotus Park, South Carmain Quarter.
4. Guixiang just outside Yan Tin Apartements, South Carmain Quarter.
5. Zongquan at Golden Shopping Mall, Golden Quarter.
6. Zhangyu at his barber shop in Lucky Charm Quarter.
7. Master Mo inside Man Mo Temple, Scarlet Hills.
8. Finally, if you go to the area just outside the library where you aired out the books earlier you 
   will find Xuiying.
"Not Forgive" Scene.
"Not Forgive" Flashback.
"No Mercy" Scene.
"Counter Elbow Assault" Scene.
Learn Move.
"Try It" Scene.
"Don't Forget" Scene.
"Night" Scene.
"Forgot This" Scene.

Disc 3

"Arrival in Kowloon" Scene.
Just follow the main pathway until a scene starts.
"This Way" Scene.
"Ren's Hideout" Scene.
"Here It Is" Scene.
To ring the bell zoom in on it and press X.
"Dragons Don't Sleep" Scene.
"Good Luck" Scene.
Talk to each of the men in black, do what they say and then talk to the man in black there, so if the 
man in black says go to 3F then go to 3F and then talk to the nearest man in black. If he just tells 
you to go upstairs then just go to the next man in black and tell him the password.
"Tricked" Scene.
"Locked Up" Scene.
XA (CONTROL - To punch the guard).
"No Key" Scene.
LARLRA (QTE - To run away from Dou Niu's men).
"Upstairs" Scene.
"Force Through" Scene.
LRLARDL (QTE - To run away from them again).
UA (CONTROL - To kick down the wooden door).
"Emergency Exit" Scene.
"On The Roof" Scene.
"Chiyoumen" Scene.
"Head Back" Scene.
"Meeting With Yuan" Scene.
DRA (QTE - To avoid Yuan's knife).
"Meeting With Dou Niu" Scene.
UAA (CONTROL - To jump across to the other building).
"Lock Picker" Scene.
"Later" Scene.
"Beating Up Yang" Scene.
"Huang" Scene.
The light switch is behind you to the right, zoom in on it and then press x. Once you have turned the 
light on you need to find the bin with a box on top and take away the box.
"Tapes" Scene.
"Listening to Tapes" Scene.
"Last One" Scene.
Fast forward the tape 16 times and then press play as this is the only bit which you will need.
"Replay" Scene.
When you get to the main entrance of Ren's Hideout turn right and follow the main pathway until you 
find the blind man playing music, choose to listen.
"Listening" Scene.
Ask the waitress stood outside Pub Moon Child about where a bell can be heard in the Moon Child
Walk straight ahead once you are out of the elevator to find the orphanage.
Once the little girl has told you that you can't go in, walk towards her and she will talk to you, then
you will be able to go in.
Ren will be standing near Hongji, so go near Ren, when he tells you to find him he will be stood on a 
chair next to Ren, make sure you don`t go too far left, otherwise he thinks you are trying to get 
inside the teacher's room.
You should have probably guessed by now it's a talking bird.
"Teacher" Scene.
Ask the same waitress about bird shops.
Ask the woman outside the South Bird Store about the talking bird.
On 6F ask at the Singing Bird Shop.
There is only one person on 9F, so it's obvious who you should ask (he's stood in front of the big 
yellow sign straight ahead).
Choose to wait.
"Buying Birdfeed" Scene.
"Discount" Scene.
"Recovery Teahouse" Scene.
"Knife Shop" Scene.
L (QTE - To stop Yuan from seeing you).
"Cafe Anna" Scene.
"Disgusting" Scene.
"Fridge" Scene.
DY (CONTROL - To hide from Yuan).
"4F" Scene.
"Finally Home" Scene.
It doesn't matter whether you choose heads or tails as you will lose either way, you will find out why 
LRA (CONTROL - To barge in Yuan's room).
"Barbeque" Scene.
Yuandu's associate is in the top right hand corner of the room.
"Zhang" Scene.
When Dou Niu is coming, walk behind Yuan's desk.
"Hide in the Closet" Scene.
UA (CONTROL - To shove Dou Niu in the closet).
R (CONTROL - To pull down the drawers).
"Ghost Hall Building" Scene.
When you need to go to 10F of the Ghost Hall Building go to the Thousand White Building and then take 
the stairs to the point in between 6F and 7F (which at the bottom will say 6F) and go through the 
archway to the Ghost Hall Building, now you do not have to walk the planks on 3F (go straight ahead and
turn right from the entrance to get to the stairs).
"Elevator" Scene.
"Heavenly Beasts" Scene.
Once the scene has finished go straight ahead and soon to your right there will be a buddha statue, put
the stick you got from Zhang in the statue`s forehead.
Now turn to the right and you will find 4 squares, the one which is dark brown instead of patterned can
be opened, and inside, underneath the uniform you will find another stick.
Now turn to the left and go straight ahead, turn to the right once the buddha statue is on your right 
and then put the stick in the left eye.
To find the one in the right eye, turn around and go straight ahead. You will soon be to the right of a
desk, go around this desk and behind it you will find a sign on the wall. Take this sign down and you 
will find the key for the right eye. Now go back to the statue and put it in.
The last one is in a jar to the left of you, so turn to the left and you will find a wide jar on the 
top shelf, inside here will be the final key, put this one in the mouth.
"Secret Room" Scene.
"Falling" Scene.
Free Battle.
"Incoming" Scene.
Free Battle.
"Xuiying & Ziming" Scene.
"Rens Waiting" Scene.
"Yellow Head" Scene.
You need to try to get into the Yellow Head Building by each of the 3 entrances.
"Other Entrances" Scene.
"Other Entrances" Flashback.
"Blocked Off" Scene.
Try the Chawan Sign at Nihao Teahouse.
"From Zhang" Scene.
"Darkness" Scene.
"Disturbed Mind" Scene.
The way to do this is to follow the faint green blur and when it stops constantly punch in that 
direction, then you will hit him.
"Predictive Explosion" Scene.
"Scout" Scene.
You can choose any street fighting you want, but for the one at Former Factory Site then you will have 
QTE and CONTROL actions, which are shown below. 
BB (QTE - To avoid being defeated at Former Factory Site).
BL (CONTROL - To win the fight at Former Factory Site).
"Dragon Street" Scene.
Just go down Dragon Street when you are told to go to Dragon Street at sundown and you a scene will 
start when you get near the scout. Make sure you do this after choosing to wait or else it won't work.
"Defeat Them" Scene.
Now go back to Ren's Hideout and get some sleep as the directions for tommorrow start at Ren's Hideout 
and don't go back so if you try to start fighting them tonight you have to follow the directions to the
others first.
The first place you want to go to is the Pheonix Building, here you fight Rod Stunt (the top picture), 
but first you need $500.
"Rod Stunt" Scene.
Free Battle.
"$1000" Scene.
Next, you need to go to Blue Dragon Garden and fight Greg Moore (now the top picture), for this you 
need $1000, which you will already have from winning Rod Stunt.
"Greg Moore" Scene.
"Betting Ren" Scene.
Free Battle.
"Lost Bet" Scene.
Finally, you need to fight Chunyan. She is in the Black Heaven Building and you need $2000 to fight 
her, which you have just got from beating Greg Moore.
"Chunyan" Scene.
LB (CONTROL - To beat Chunyan).
"Why?" Scene.
"Dragon Street Again" Scene.
"Come With Me" Scene.
"Day After Tomorrow" Scene.
"Surprise" Scene.
"Underground Tunnel" Scene.
RLLR - (Pathways to follow to get into Yellow Head Building).
"17F" Scene.
Once you have gone up the first set of stairs in the underground of the Yellow Head Building then make 
sure that you turn to the left and go up the set of stairs there and DO NOT GO THROUGH THE ORANGE DOOR.
It doesn't matter which green door you go through as they both lead to the same place.
Staircase 1 = the one opposite the elevator.
Staircase 2 = the one right next to an elevator.
Staircase 3 = the one on it's own.
Staircase 4 = the one near the three elevators next to each other.
The elevators are yellow and the staircases are blue on the map.
Staircase 1.
Staircase 4.
Staircase 1.
"Bored" Scene.
DB (CONTROL - To knock out the man in black).
RBA (CONTROL - To knock out the man in black).
Staircase 4.
AUA (CONTROL - To knock out the man in black).
ALX (CONTROL - To knock out the man in black).
XRRX (CONTROL - To knock out the man in black).
Staircase 1.
"Yellow  Head Hangout" Scene.
Again, it doesn't matter whether you choose heads or tails as you will lose. You find out why at the 
end of this disc.
"Who Are You?" Scene.
Free Battle.
"Transciever" Scene.
Staircase 4.
Fluorescent Light.
Fluorescent Light.
Fluorescent Light.
Fluorescent Light.
On this floor at first you have to try every possible route to the next floor.
"Too Many" Scene.
"Too Many Again" Scene.
"Surrounded" Scene.
"8th Floor Meeting" Scene.
Staircase 1 - go up 2 floors as the meeting is on the 8th.
Staircase 4.
UA (CONTROL - To block off the pathway behind you).
RA (CONTROL - To block off the pathway behind you).
LUA (CONTROL - To block off the pathway behind you).
DUA (CONTROL - To block off the pathway behind you).
Staircase 1 - here you can also go up two floors because of the stairwell.
Staircase 2.
LUDRL (QTE - To cross the wooden plank).
"Branches" Scene.
xABAYAYA (QTE - To beat up the guys who have found you).
UA (CONTROL - To finish off the last two).
"No Clues" Scene.
Staircase 1.
"Dou Niu Coming" Scene.
LDRDDLU (QTE - To cross the plank when Dou Niu is coming).
"Jump" Scene.
Staircase 4.
LARAAR (QTE - To run away from Yuan).
UA (CONTROL - To block off the pathway behind you).
Staircase 1.
"Found You" Scene.
LL (QTE - To run away from Dou Niu).
"Stupid Ass" Scene.
Staircase 4.
ALAARLAR (QTE - To run away from Yuan and beat up the Yellow Head guys).
RA (CONTROL - To knock down the green boxes).
LX (CONTROL - To spray the fire extiguisher in Yuan`s face).
"On 17F" Scene.
To find out where Yuandu Zhu is just pretend you are going to staircase 1.
DUR (QTE - To run away from Yuan and to beat up the Yellow Head guys).
DA (CONTROL - To knock the chainsaw out of Yuan's hands).
"Use My Hands" Scene.
Free Battle.
"Filthy Stuff" Scene.
"All Mine" Scene.
"Watchmen's Room" Scene.
The watchmen's room is room 1824.
"Watchmen's Room" Scene.
Free Battle.
"Get It Yourself" Scene.
The elevator keys are in a black box on the wall, the only two keys you need are 9 & 10.
Now you need to go to the three elevators in a row and to the right of the last one you will find a 
black box, open it with key no. 9 and then press the button furthest left. Take this elevator to B1.
"Stopped" Scene.
Free Battle.
Now go to the black box next to the last elevator on this floor, open it with key no. 10 and press the 
button which is second-to-last. Now take this elevator down to B3.
"Master Bailu" Scene.
Go down to Master Bailu.
"Joy Captured" Scene.
Free Battle.
LX (CONTROL - To stop Master Bailu from defeating you).
"Pretty Tough" Scene.
Free Battle.
LLB (CONTROL - To stop Master Bailu from defeating you again).
"Give Up" Scene.
RLUA (QTE - To stop Master Bailu defeating you again).
DXUA (CONTROL - To finish him off).
"Rio Wins" Scene.
"Wong Captured" Scene.
"Search for Zhu" Scene.
Go through the big brown doors on 40F.
"Luck Ends Here" Scene.
Free Battle.
"On The Roof" Scene.
"I'll Save Them" Scene.
DYBXUX (QTE - To get past the men on the stairs).
"Serve Lan Di" Scene.
Free Battle.
The easiest way to do this is to constantly press Y until you are behind Dou Niu, then punch him until 
he turns around. Keep doing this over and over again.
LY (CONTROL - To avoid Dou Niu).
LLY (CONTROL - To avoid Dou Niu).
DLUY (CONTROL - To avoid Dou Niu).
"Polished Mirror" Flashback.
R X+A (CONTROL - To finish off Dou Niu).
"I'm Not Giving Up" Scene.
"Treasure" Scene.
"From Ren" Scene, this is where you find out why you lost both times earlier.
"Interesting" Scene.
"Demon's Triangle" Scene.
"Cherish It" Flashback.
"I Won't Die" Scene.

Disc 4

"Arriving in Guilin" Scene.
"Bailu Village" Flashback.
"At Sea" Scene.
"Langhuishan" Scene.
You will see a long pathway to the right straight ahead, follow it.
"Better Hurry" Scene.
"Saving the Fawn" Scene.
"Shenhua" Scene.
"Fragrant Olive Tree" Scene.
"Butterflies" Scene.
"Wind Shifted" Scene.
UDUALRXUDLRAX (QTE - To avoid the obstacles in the wood when running).
"Slippery" Scene.
XDAXRLRAULLRXDRLA (QTE - To avoid the obstacles in the wood when running).
"Fireflies" Scene.
UXLRDUXRAURLRXLRUUDA (QTE - To avoid the obstacles in the wood when running).
"Cave" Scene.
"Firewood" Scene.
"More Firewood" Scene.
"Enough Firewood" Scene.
"Dressed in Blue" Scene.
"Nozomi" Scene.
If you choose to talk about life before shenhua then the two scenes above will be the other way around.
"Rest" Scene.
"Tai Chi" Scene.
"Shenhua's Turn" Scene.
"Village Song" Scene.
"Rio's Turn" Scene.
"Lovely Weather" Scene.
"Hurry On" Scene.
"Landslide" Scene.
"No Choice" Scene.
LRL (Pathways to follow).
"River" Scene.
LRA (CONTROL - To cross slippery stepping stones).
"Right" Scene.
"River Again" Scene.
LRARL (CONTROL - To cross the slippery stepping stones).
LLL (Pathways to follow).
"Original Path" Scene.
"Detour or Flowers" Scene.
This walkthrough is written for people who choose to go and see them so if you don't you may have to 
guess which pathways to use & you may not get certain scenes or get scenes that aren`t written here.
"Yellow Flowers" Scene.
"Spider Tree" Scene.
"Branches Off Again" Scene.
"Five Colors Spring" Scene.
"Landslide Again" Scene.
R (Pathway to follow).
"Herbs" Scene.
LR (Pathways to follow).
"More Herbs" Scene.
RR (Pathways to follow).
"Rock Bridges" Scene.
For this, according to how far towards the left/right you go, the QTEs will be different.
"Jump Carefully" Scene.
UUA (CONTROL - To jump across the gap).
"Bailu Village Sign" Scene.
R (Pathway to follow).
"Stone Lion" Scene.
"Either Path" Scene.
The longer way is left, but you see flying dandelions if you go left and once again this walkthrough is
written for those who go the longer way around.
"Dandelions" Scene.
"Village is This Way" Scene.
"That Sound" Scene.
Once again, this walkthrough is written for the people who go the longer way.
"Waterfall" Scene.
"Out Soon" Scene.
"Shenmue" Scene.
"Shenhua"  Flashback.
"My Name" Scene.
"Window" Scene.
"Swing" Flashback.
"End of The Village" Scene.
"Stay for the Night" Scene.
To skip straight to dinner time go into the kitchen (second room).
"Something Good" Scene.
Now choose to wait.
"Dinner" Scene.
"Make Yourself At Home" Scene.
Now to get to bedtime go into the bedroom (the other room) and walk straight ahead until there is a 
wall in front of you, turn to the right and zoom in on the drawings.
"Mirror Designs" Scene.
"Perfect Match" Scene.
"Phantom River Stone" Scene.
"Waking Up" Scene.
To skip straight to the point where you go then do the same as you did when you skipped straight to 
"Good Morning" Scene.
"Let's Go" Scene.
"Stone Steps" Scene.
"No Birds" Scene.
"Dark Inside" Scene.
"Check the Back" Scene.
"Open Door" Scene.
"A Path" Scene.
"Sword of Seven Stars" Scene.
If you go straight ahead and turn left, go up the steps and then press X.
"Same Design" Scene.
"Pheonix & Seven Stars" Scene.
"Dragon & Pheonix Mirrors" Scene.
Make sure that you save the game if you want to see the extras or if you want to see if Shenmue 3 ever 
comes out on Dreamcast, otherwise switch it off because the credits are very long.