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Follow the dark path or use the light
Death Crimson OX Pack Shot

Death Crimson OX


Complete Guide

by Hawk Monster

               DD    D E      A    A    T    H   H
               DD    D EEEEEE AAAAAA    T    HHHHH
               DD    D E      A    A    T    H   H
               DDDDDDD EEEEEE A    A    T    H   H
       C           R    I   M  M  M    S     O    O NN   N
       C       RRRRRR   I   M  M  M    S     O    O N  N N
       C       R    R   I   M  M  M    S     O    O N   NN
       CCCCCCC R    R  III  M  M  M SSSS     OOOOOO N    N
                            OOOOOOOO X   X
                            O      O  X X
                            O      O   X
                            O      O  X X
                            OOOOOOOO X   X


Introduction     [intro]
Basic Story      [stor]
Options          [optio]
Gun Setting      [Gun]
Story Mode       [Story]
Stage 1          [S1]
Stage 2          [S2]
Stage 3          [S3]
Stage 4          [S4]
Stage 5          [S5]
Stage 6          [S6]
Mission Mode     [Missi]
Bullet Mode      [Bull]
Cutscene Dialgue [CutDia]
Legal Notes      [Leg]

----------Introduction [Intro]------------

Welcome to my FAQ, here you will have a full coverage of each
level and also ways to spice up the game.

Warning this guide may contain some spoilers but the cutscenes
I will leave you to watch.

ESER rating T for teen. This game is suitable for people
aged 13 or over. Contains blood and gore as well as violence.

Features: 1-2 players, gun controller, standard controller
and VGA box.

--------------Basic Story  [stor]----------------------

In July 29 2010, the city of Saronica is being under attack by
SMO agents. Kou Yanami's leader Lily is captured, so he
and Lily's daughter Yuri , must rescue her with the weapon called
the Crimson.

------------------Options  [optio]----------------------

These things need to be covered just to get out of the way.

You have a difficulty option the are as follows.

Very Easy
Medium Easy
Medium Hard
Very Hard

You can choose your lives from 1-5

Sound: Stereo or mono.

Cursor Speed (for controllers)

medium Slow
Medium Fast

Credits: these are from 1-9

Screen Flash: Norma or dark

-------------------Gun Setting  [Gun]--------------------

A simple aiming test to calibrate your gun.
Start to test and B to exit.

-----------------Story Mode [Story]--------------------

Now that all this is out of the way we can move on with
the real stuff. I will begin with stage one obviously.

--------------------Stage 1 [S1]------------------

 A cutscene to begin with. Press B if you want to skip it.
 After the "3,2,1" shoot the enemy you see directly in front.
 One comes out from the left straight and after that one runs from
 the right, Now the fun begins!! A similar thing will occur just slightly
 ahead. Out of a door a woman is screaming running from an enemy, shoot the
 baddy but not the girl, behind the baddy is man leave him too, he'll just
 got you your health. Now you go in side, be careful of the lady but kill
 the villain. You turn around and another comes in through the wall.
 When you're outside a man is screaming and yet another villain appears, deal
 with him. 2 seconds later another enemy alone comes kill him and ahead we go.
 Directly ahead is a man and a woman leaving their house on opposite ends. Right
 in the background you can see a baddy, as well as the baddies the people
 were running from in the houses. Suddenly One jumps up from a stone arch and
 leaps right at you. Behind you is another one of them with another popping out
 of a house. Now there is a cutscene.

 When the cutscene is over you see loads of people running from one baddy, be
 careful of the people and kill the baddies. Now ahead from that you will
 encounter two skeletons for the first time in the game, they are a little
 weaker but still hurt as much. Behind you are 2 normal villains, once they're
 gone you move ahead. Ahead is a new enemy as well as two people, these guys
 have knives, but they are easier to kill. Moving on another knife man pops up,
 then you go into a house. In this house a normal enemy killing him makes, 2
 more come crashing in from the windows. Now you will see another cutscene.

 Once that is over kill the jumping things and hit the targets for lives.
 Now witness a tiny cutscene.

 Now it's boss time, his weak spot is his sword shoot it to stop his attack,
 about half way he will turn red, he is more deadly now but can still be
 killed the same way. Once he's dead you finish the stage and will be ranked,
 this letter rank will be judged by your points, life and accuracy. Later
 experience yet another cutscene.

 -------------------------Stage 2 [S2]--------------------

 This will begin with a cutscene. When it's over, some enemy will appear
 and up above are 3 enemies and loads of bats. After that you turn and kill
 two enemies, and even then you turn again and, see two enemies and a load of
 bats. Moving on you will see some bats and a baddy, exactly the same thing will
 happen again. But then another comes running afterwards. Now experience some
 blue floating things and then a villain. When the villain is dead you'll see
 another running on the bridge, one from the side and other behind some cans.
 Turn around once more you will see two baddies hoping from the bridges.
 Now you will zoom in. Now there are 2 baddies plus a hidden behind the door.
 Now you move yay!!!! In the red glass things, there are baddies which come out,
 when they're killed you are then in another place. As you move down the stairs
 you will have two separate visits of single dead red zombies then at the bottom
 two together. When they're cleared a large enemy with a massive sword comes,
 kill him quickly!!!!! Now you have a cutscene.

 Looking down from the bridge you see two villains, when they're gone you move
 to find three more come out from red glass cages. Now you experience some
 target practicing shoot, the weird floating things but they're not essential.
 After the two rounds of targets you will see two baddies, once chucks daggers.
 Turning around again is three baddies plus some bats. Next two leap up from the
 top. Straight after that you have three in front of your face, shoot the bats
 after that. After two run at you then a little ahead another comes, if you have
 time shoot the penguins. Next is a target test with 3 baddies straight after.
 After that relax with two spheres and a target test. When moving you'll fight
 in order a red zombie, two robots one by one and a zombie. Now enjoy a

 When the cutscene is over you'll fight two rolling enemies, I would suggest
 shoot them when they're rolling. When they're gone 4 more appear one by one.
 Now it's boss time, use the same tactics. Around half way blue sphere pop up,
 destroy them to save health. When he's dead the stage is over. Now enjoy a

 ------------------------------Stage 3 {S3]---------------------------

 You'll begin with four enemies dropping in twos, then you move elsewhere into
 a room with skeletons (4 in total) then walk into another room. In this
 room you'll see a skeleton then ahead two more, then you go elsewhere.
 Enjoy another cutscene.

 Here three enemies will appear with loads of people. Ahead you come to a
 corridor and see bats and innocent people, with only one baddy. But behind you
 a baddy tries to attack you and rotating round a little 3 more do. Now you move
 ahead. You'll see three baddies and a person next luckily you see a health with
 three more baddies. Moving on is a man and 3 villains, after wards one pops
 out of a wall, and even more ahead is a man and 3 baddies. Yet another 3 more
 baddies pop up. Then another comes out of a door. Behind you is some bats,
 three baddies. After is another cutscene.

 When the scene is over you will see three baddies. When you turn around there
 are three baddies and a heal up. Again is another three baddies with an
 innocent person, as you turn it happens again. Up the top is more, then you
 see another three, how repetitive. Wow again at least there's a man as well.
 Above are two more, a man and a flying thing. On the other side there is
 only one. Now it gets interesting, two jump out from the windows. Yay two
 more target tests. Before moving on you have a three enemy deal twice as well
 as a one enemy deal twice. In the next place, you will have three enemies,
 then turn to hit dolls for points then have another three to take care of.
 Around the corner are two villains and a civilian. Have two 3 enemy deals and
 on the second there is a heal up. Later a single baddy pops up from the door.
 Around is a civilian, then two baddies, then 3. Now a cutscene and it's boss

 Have no mercy on the girl even if she is kind of cute. Just shoot her at all
 times she doesn't really have a weak spot. Half way she gets deadlier as with
 all bosses. Enjoy the cutscene as you have cleared the stage.

 -----------------------------Stage 4 [S4]--------------------------------

 Straight away two baddies come right at you and another 4 in the same position.
 Moving on you see a 3 and a 2 bunch. Now a cutscene.

 Moving on three robots are right at you, but luckily you can relax
 with a target test. Now another cutscene.

 After that one guy with a knife comes the another 2. Later 4 baddies come
 who chuck daggers, you can also heal too. Ahead is a sword guy and a
 dagger chucker. Being is 2 knife guys and a sword guy.

 Later two long snake things consistently pop up and then you have a target
 test. Then they come again and it's boss time. Just shoot the hell out of him.
 You cleared the stage and view some cut scenes.

 ---------------------------Stage 5 [S5]----------------------

 As you move 8 green zombies appear one by one the a skeleton.
 Enjoy yet another cut scene now.

 Now as you turn around you see one enemy, this happens three times then you
 get a target test and then you turn and fight singles twice more.
 Yet again another cutscene.

 Umm it's boss time. Here shoot the mini spheres only when they glow,
 if you fail to do so you will lose health. After all 4 are destroyed
 view yet another cutscene, do this again except you need to destroy bullets
 which fire from the main sphere. Once they're gone shoot the hell out of
 the big sphere and move on. The stage is clear which means more cutscenes.

 ------------------------Stage 6 [S6]--------------------------------

 At the beginning is a mini boss with an odd head, his weak point changes across
 his arms and legs. Once he's dead his head will appear 6 times shoot each one.
 Now enjoy another cutscene.

 Now kill Two sets of two of baddies then a 3 and two bats. Then two will come
 behind you. Later you will see two more hiding in the water. Then more bats.

 Now prepare to kill the first boss again. The same tactics apply as the
 first time except he is much weaker now. Now there will be more cutscenes.

 Now you will have a new mini boss, shoot him in the head consistently
 and he will die. After the mini boss two baddies will greet you.
 You will ahead fight two more, then encounter a few skeletons, more as you
 go along. After all that you fight the girl from stage 3 again. When she is
 gone there is another cutscene.

 When the cutscene is over you fight the funny-looking spider again. Remember
 his weak point is his head. Now there is a small cutscene.

 After the small cutscene you fight the spider again except this time he's gold
 and also much stronger. But the same method applies. Once he's dead there
 is more cutscenes.

 Well done you have cleared the game, enjoy the credits.

 --------------------------Mission Mode [Missi]--------------------------

 Mission mode is basically a stage sect mode of story mode. Except you only have
 2 credits. If you want a walkthrough see above for story mode's walkthrough.

 --------------------------Bullet Mode  [Bull]---------------------------

 Bullet mode is also playing through the same stages. The only difference is
 you have a limited amount of bullets to waste. You begin with a certain amount
 of bullets and if you miss a target you lose one, but if you hit the enemy or
 target it doesn't go down. For a walkthrough see story mode.

 --------------------------Cutscene Dialogue [CutDia]---------------------

 Warning this part may contain strong spoilers, read at your own risk.
 If you haven't finished the story mode atleast once then I would suggest
 not reading this part.

 Anything without a person by it is just a thing which is said to help you.
 Do also note at times it is very difficult to find out who say what as they
 don't show you.

 Grammar is as accurate as I can make it, but the game has numerous
 grammatical errors.

 Stage One quotes

 -----Cutscene 1-----

 The once-beautiful town Saronika
 was destroyed by admiral Zaza of the mysterious SMO.
 Use the legendary gun Crimson
 to bring back Lily. Kidnapped by SMO.
 Subliminers. Who get in the way.
 shall be shot with the Crimson!

 ----Cutscene 2----

 Kou: Look Up! Watch out!

 ----Cutscene 3----

 Lily:Where are the guys who kidnapped Lily?
 Lily:They must be at the clock tower.

 ----Cutscene 4----

 Lily: You be in charge of the resistance
 Lily: You must forget about me
 Yuri: No, we need you Mother. We'll get you back!

 ----Cutscene 5----

 Admiral Zaza: It's you. Kou Yanami. The traitor.
 Patrick: If you want to save this woman. Take your
 Crimson and come to the Zahhou  warehouse.
 Patrick: That is, if you're still alive then.

 This is Subliminer Sword the stink. Its weakness is the sword!

 ----Cutscene 6----

 Kou: It was for this Crimson that they kidnapped Lily.
 Yuri: Why kidnap Mother for this gun...?
 Kou: Prof. Greg Plewmel may know something.
 Let's go Yuri.

------------Stage 2---------------

 ----Cutscene 1----

 Prof. Greg Plewmel's house.

 Yuri: Where is Prof. Greg?
 Karin: The professor left for the Zahhou warehouse.
 Karin: After learning of Lily's kidnapping. I tried to
 stop him. But...
 Kou: We can't go there alone!
 Yuri: Let's hurry to the Zahhou warehouse, and join the professor.

 Zahhou warehouse

 Kou: This is the Zahhou warehouse.
 Kou: Prof. Greg. I hope you're OK...
 Yuri: Here come the Subliminers!
 Kou: No problem, we'll shoot them all with Crimson!

 ----Cutscene 2----

 (So tiny there were no quotes)

 ----Cutscene 3----

 Kou: Looks like they'd been expecting us.
 Kou: I wonder if Prof. Greg is OK?

 ----Cutscene 4----

 Yuri: Kou, there is no trace of the professor here.
 Kou: Did that woman trap us?
 Yuri: Bo professor and no Admiral Zaza eaither.
 Kou: Looks like we've been hasd. This is a haunt of Gloves.

 ----Custscene 5----

 This is Subliminrt Gloves.
 It's no use shooting their backs.
 Keep shooting at their stomach when they're turned around.
 When in danger, use the machine gun!

 ----Cutscene 6----

 This is Metal Gloves, apparently the leader.
 The backup Ball Tracery will not attac until it radiates
 Wait and shoot!

 ----Cutscene 7----

 Yuri: You did it, Kou. All the enemies here are gone.
 Kou: But we;re back where we started. Let's go back to the professor's house.

 -----------Stage 3-----------------

 ----Cutscene 1----

 Professor: Anything wrong Yuri?
 Yuri: Prof. Greg you're OK! That woman must have been an enemy.
 Professor: That's Crimson the legendary gun! Where did you get those?
 Yuro: Do you know anything about Crimson?
 Kou: What is the deal with this gun?
 Professor: I'm not sure, but I hears it is tremendously destructive.
 Professor: There should be some reference at Porvenir University.
 Professor: But SMO controls the University. Be careful
 Kou: We have a clue. Let's go Yuri.

 ----Cutscene 2----

 Yuri: This must be the reference the professor was talking about.
 Kou: Crimson, a gun said to be sealed inside the Elmidez mine for 2000 years.
 Kou: It is said to even destroy the Earth is used by the cosen party.
 Kou: Kousuke Echizen, a Japanese national discovered it several decades ago.
 Kou Echizen currenlty lives in Saffar.
 Kou: Looks like this guy Echizen should know everything.

 Kou: Subliminers outside the room.
 Kou: Let's break through them and head to Saffar.

 ----Cutscene 3----

 Kou: But I didn't realise this gun was so powerful.
 Yuri: Only if by the chosen party though. We're just ordinary people.

----Cutscene 4----

Yuri: You're the woman who was at the proffesor's house. How dare you trao us
last time?
Karin: I'm Karin, the Mad Subliminer, said to be the cruelest woman in SMO.
Karin: I'll get that Crimson back. You can;t use it on me.

----Cutscene 5----

Karin: Who do you think you are? You're just ordinary people! You wanna play

----Cutscene 6----

Yuri: Why is SMO so obsessed with Crimson?
Kou: Kousuke Echizen should be able to give us all the answers.
Yuri: We need an aeroplane to Saffar.

------------Stage 4----------

----Cutscene 1----

Yuri: Pat a friend of resistance, should be here.
Patrick: Looks like you need me now.
Patrick: Hey Yuri, did you find anything on Lily?
Yuri: I'm afraid now...
Yuri: But there's got to be some clues in Saffar.
Kou: Come to think os it, SMo had a plant there.
Kou: Might as well destroy it.
Admiral Zaza: Do you think that would be so easy?

----Cutscene 2----

Admiral Zaza: I've got Lily, just hand over the Crimson.
Yuri: No! You crook, you'll never give back my mother even if we give you
Admiral Zaza: Did I hear you call me a crook? You deserve to die!

----Cutscene 3----

Kou: What's the matter, is that all?
Patrick: Yuri, Kou get on!
Patrick: Too many enemies. Let's just get out of here.
Yuri: Admiral Zaza. I'll be back to get my mother!
Admiral Zaza: Hah hah hah, just as I planned it.

Patrick: Looks like we've lost the crook.
Yuri: Is this really Saffar? Is Echizen really here?
Patrick: I'll be watching the plane here.
Patrick: Kou, take good care of Yuri!
Kou: Don't worry I'll get Lily back too.
Kou: Someone's coming, a subliminer?
Assym: You are the sinful Crimson. Let's see how powerful you really are.

----Cutscene 4-----

Barmia: Za, za, za, za
Kou: What's this howilng sound?
Assym: I'll leave the fun for wnother time.
Barmia, the lowest of all Sublimiers are coming.
Assym: Good luck not ending up as their food!
Kou: Lowest Subliminers. I'll shoot you all with Crimson.

----Cutscene 5----

Assym: You're defeating Barmia. Looks like you know how to use that
Assym: Come I'll show you to the palace.
Kou: Might as well take me to the SMO plant first.

-------------Stage 5--------------

----Cutscene 1-----

SMO Bioplant

Yuri: So this is the SMO plant.
Yuri: What is SMO up to in the middle of the deset?

----Cutscene 2----

Yuri: This is a human! Subliminers were originally humans!
Yuri:You mean the Subliminers we've defeated were all townspeople from Saronika?
Yuri: No it can't be! That's too horrible!

----Cutscene 3----

Yuri: That's Mother! Finally I find you! Kou, hurry and break this glass!
Kou: It's no use Lily's dead.
Yuri: No! Mother!
Yuri: Whatever you did this for?
Admeral Zaza: The destructive force of Crimson is relative to the mental force of its
Admeral Zaza: Converting humans into subliminers dramtically improves their physical and
mental abilities.
Admeral Zaza: Mass-producing Crimsons and equipping the Subliminers with them will make
an invincible army.
Admeral Zaza: We SMO will then rule the worldm and you will be of no use to us.
Prepare to die!
Admeral Zaza: And feel the force of Death Tracery!
Yuri: I won't let you get away with killing my mother!

Yuri: That must be Death Tracery!
Kou: Darn they're in he air, putting us at an extreme air advantage.

----Cutscene 4----

Patrick: Kou, Yuri! Here I come to the rescue!
Patrick: Ground fighting puts us at a disadvatage. Let's air battle!

-------------------Stage 6--------------------------

----Cutscene 1----

Assym's Place

Kou: Who are you, and why did you try us?
Assym: I am assym, a friend of Echizen.
Kou: So you know Echiznen!
Assym: mI only let people meet Echizen if they can handle the Crimson.
Assym: As Echizen's friend. I beg you to release his spirit.

----Cutscene 2----

Assym: Thank you, now he can rest in peace.
Assym: Becoming involved with Crimson, the cursed gun brings you misfortune.
Kou: Does that mean that we'll end up like Echizen too?
Assym: Go and retrun Crimsons deep in the Elmidez Mine, where it was originallly
sealed in place.
Assym: Doing so will release you from Crimsons's curses.

----Cutscene 3----

Kou: So this is where Crimson was sealed.
Yuri: My mother and so many others died for crimson.
Kou: Let us slea them forever...
Yuri: Yes so they'll never created tragedy.

Kou: Who is this...?
Professor: I was waiting for you.
Yuri: Prof. Greg Plewmel! What are you doing here?
Professor: That is why.
Yuri: Professor! So you were Admiral Zaza!
Yuri: You of all people, won't get away with it. Tkae this for my mother!
Professor: Your crimsons are imitations. You don't know the power of the true
Professor: This is how to use the true Crimson!
Professor: I, the owner of the true Crimson, will have you dead.
Kou: What an evil-looking beast. I'm going to kill that monster.

----Cutscene 4----

Professor: How can you have that powere with an imitation Crimson?
Professor: You with the Crimson will hold tremendous in power your hands.
Professor: If you can use the true Crimson You should be able to see me.
Professor: The sole purpose of seizing Saronkis was to bring you to me, Kou.
Professor: The warriors you have killed were orginally townspeople.
Professor: You hands along with the Crimson have been soiled.
Professor: Come with me to gain the utmost, highest power of all.
Kou: I have no desire to help and evil being.
Professor: Then I shall kill you together with your Crimson.

----Cutscene 5----

Professor: Infront of th three doors...
Professor: When Kousuke Echizen said "Might as well choose the red door".
Professor: I had already opened the red door.
Professor: Had I chose the blue door then, a whole different world may have

----Cutscene 6----

Sorry couldn;t catch it as I couldn't pause the game to keep up, but
I will find a way even If I must camera shoot each line.

 ----------------------------Legal Notes  [Leg]--------------------------

 If you would like this guide please ask by email or IM. don't bother asking I will just say no and
 supercheats needn't ask as Im will submit it to them.
 All other sites Email me or IM at what I will show now.

 Email: [email protected]
 MSN: [email protected]
 AIM: millac68
 ICQ: 269821

 -------------------------Updates [upd]-------------------------------

 4/9/06 Guide completed.