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Achievement Guide

Dead Island Riptide Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Achievement Guide

Achiever (100)
Finish all quests in the game
There are 81 quests in the game. Unfortunately, this achievement is somewhat glitched for some reason. For instance, my achievement progress requires 80 quests to unlock the achievement.

Main quests: 28 (Refer to the guide's walkthrough)
Side quests: 26 (Refer to this guide's Sidequests section)
Rescues: 14 (Refer to this guide's Sidequests – Rescuing Civilians section)
Zombie Bosses: 13 (Refer to this guide's Sidequests – Boss Zombies section)

Here's the list of all quests, provided by spockroxfaces.

prologue: Main missions
1.) The Storm
Total = 1

Chapter 1: Main missions
2.)Back to Reality
Total = 3

Chapter 2: Main missions
1.)New Beginnings
Total = 5
Side quests
1.)Heavenly Gift
3.)Mines go boom
Total = 8
Rescue Missions
1.)Rescue Brian
2.)Rescue Stanley
3.)Rescue Luke
Total = 11

Chapter 3:Main missions
1.)Saving Holy Man
2.)Where the Dead Live
3.)Meeting Locals
4.)Natural Resources
5.)The Ritual
Total = 16
Side quests
1.)Safe Haven Part 1*
2.)White line
3.)Genre Horror Slasher
4.)On the set
5.)Alternative medicine
Total = 22
Rescue missions
1.)Rescue Kitty
2.)Rescue Tyler
3.)Rescue Mugambe
Total = 25

Chapter 4: Main missions
1.)Way of Science
2.)Dr. Kessler
Total =27
Side quests
1.)Stop the madness
Total =28

Chapter 5: Main missions
1.)House of God
2.)Pump Action
3.)Change of Plans
4.)Heavy Equipment
5.)Stalwart Defense
Total = 33
Side quests
1.)Fire sale
Total = 36
Rescue missions
1.)Rescue Megan
2.)Rescue Alfred
Total = 38

Chapter 6:Main missions
1.)The Tunnels
Total = 39
Side quests
1.)History lesson
Total = 40

Chapter 7:Main missions
1.)The Crossing
2.)Terminal Siege
Total = 42

Chapter 8:Main missions
1.)The Ferry
2.)City Newcomer
3.)Front Row
Total = 45
Side quests
2.)Ladies first
Total = 47
Rescue missions
1.)Rescue Carlos
2.)Rescue Kyle
Total = 49

Chapter 9:Main missions
1.)Militarized Zone
Total = 50
Side quests
2.)The dead can't dance
3.)Perfect plan
4.)Safe haven part 2*
Total = 54
Rescue missions
1.)Rescue Alex
2.)Rescue Gianna
3.)Rescue Lydia
Total = 57

Chapter 10:Main missions
Total = 59
Side quests
1.)On the edge
2.)The darkness
Total = 63

Chapter 11:Main missions
1.)The Crash
Total = 64
Side quests
1.)Family ties
Total = 66
Rescue missions
1.)Rescue Xavier
Total = 67

Chapter 12:Main missions
1.)Quarantine Zone
Total = 68

Chapter 13:Main missions
1.)With the Tide
Total = 69

Dead zone Bosses
1.)James Killer Nisira
2.)Eduardo Quickdeath Petoia
3.)Jimmy Deathtrap O'Neill
4.)Peter The Undying W.Spicer
5.)Olivier Deathbone Wenge
6.)Frankie The Scourge O'Hara
7.)Metzger Skullcruscher Sloate
8.)Goffrey Walking Carcass Nape
9.)Doctor Scar JJ Evans
10.)George Flesh Eater Serero
11.)Joel Blackheart Chubalba
12.)Ogio Blindspot Moke
Total = 81

*Safe Haven has two parts and they count as two different quests.
**This won't registered in your list until you find Marvin's wife and “investigate” her in person

Mystery solved (15)
Find all the Secret Files
Refer to this guide's Collectibles > Secret Files section for the individual locations of the secret files.

Obtain level 50 (30)
Obtain level 50
See the achievement “Obtain Level 70”

Obtain level 70 (90)
Obtain level 70
If you import your character from the previous game, you'll start the game at around LV50 plus. If you start a new game and a new character, your starting level is 15. It is quite easy to reach LV70 before even finishing the game since there's a lot of repeatable quests in the game.

Siege Hammer (15)
Install a total of 5 barricades during hub defense
Hub defense is when you have to defend yourselves from waves of zombies. The earliest you can do this is during the main quest “Back to Reality”. Just set up the barricades on the designated exits and let the zombies break those barricades. Simply set them up again for this to count.

Dream Team (15)
Complete all the main quests cooperatively with any number of partners
There are 28 main quests to be completed. The prologue (The Storm) is not included since only one player can do it.

The Collector (15)
Find 50% of collectibles
Refer to the “The Hoarder” achievement

The Hoarder (30)
Find all collectibles
There are a total of 61 collectibles in the game. You can find the collectibles you obtained by opening up your inventory and switching tabs by pressing RT. Refer to the guide's Collectibles section for more information.

    Island Guide – 17

Professional Tourist (30G)
Find all pages from the guide book
Refer to the guide's Collectibles > Island Guide section for more information.

Twins (30)
These two special Boss Zombies are found in the Pinai Ferry Station. One of them is located along the beach to the north. He'll most likely come running towards you once you get in territory. The other one is inside the large, closed workshop with the large sign.

Before heading to the prisoners, plant some mines in front of the Workshop building and make your way to the back of the sign. Climb up to find some supplies and a sniper rifle above. This will make the second twin zombie to burst out of the workshop and get killed by the mines you planted. The corresponding achievement should unlock as well.

News Junkie (30G)
Find all the volunteer's voice Recordings
Refer to the guide's Collectibles > Recording section for more information.

At Your Service (15)
Rescue 20 NPCs that have been grabbed by monsters
When you're defending a hub, there will be times that a fellow survivor will get grabbed by an enemy. You'll know this when you see a circle appear over their heads while struggling. Kill / kick the assailant to free your ally. Do this 20 times to unlock the achievement. This doesn't have to be different NPCs; even saving the same person multiple times do count towards the achievement.

The Hurt Mine Locker (15)
Kill 10 monsters with one mine
It is a challenge to kill 10 zombies all at once in one mine charge as they almost never travel as densely packed like that. Here's one method of doing it and it includes getting the attention of 10 zombies and killing all but 9, without decapitating or dismembering them. Please follow PowerPyx's video.

BrainLess (15)
Kill 50 monsters by smashing, decapitating or shooting them in the head
Destroying a zombie's head is the fastest way of killing it so getting 50 kills using this method is easy and will unlock naturally. Once you've unlocked a particular skill, you should be able to stomp on a downed zombie's head. Finishing enemies like this also counts to the “Bully” achievement.

Hurler (15)
Kill 100 monsters with thrown melee weapons
With a melee weapon equipped (except knuckles), press LT to aim then RT to throw. This prevents your weapon from getting damaged and will allow you to deal solid damage to the target. You have to be careful though since a misplaced throw can make you lose your weapon due to glitching or simply being thrown in an unreachable area.

Bully (15)
Kill 100 monsters with a kick
This is easily done after unlocking the Stomp ability. Early in the game however, you can literally kick a downed zombie until it dies for good.

Jetboat (90)
Kill 100 monsters using the boat's speed boost
The jetboat is unlocked alongside the main story and is only available in the Flooded Jungle. There are several speedboat locations across the map. While riding the boat, press A to get a speed boost which will be enough to kill any zombies along the way, including those Drowners that will try to hitch a ride. Remember to “cool down” after every boost to avoid overheating the engine. You have to kill 100 zombies using this method so just grab a boat and follow the waterways until you rack enough kills.

Juggernaut (15)
Kill 100 enemies using charge attacks
Charge is a new ability that will allow you to run towards and enemy and perform a powerful, wide-area attack. This attack costs a lot of stamina and won't kill a zombie instantly. It will be unwise upgrading this skill to improve its damage so it will help weakening the zombies first before finishing them off with a charge.

Better than the arm (30G)
Kill 25 monsters with a chainsaw
You can get a chainsaw while doing the side quest “Genre Horror Slasher”. The chainsaw is located inside the deadzone where the quest giver sends you. The next is after completing the main quest Militarized Zone. Near the base entrance is a survivor. Rescue her and she'll start selling military equipment. One of those is a chainsaw. Finally after defeating the last boss, she'll drop a golden chainsaw as well.

It's an Order (15)
Mark 100 opponents which were then killed by your co-op partners
This only works when playing with another player. Press the left D-PAD to mark a zombie then have your partner kill it. Unfortunately, you can only mark one target at a time.

King among Kings (30)
Kill special enemies: Grenadier, Thug, Wrestler, Infected, Suicider, Screamer, Butcher, Floater.
You'll encounter several of these special zombies during your playthrough and especially when doing sidequests. Kill at least one of each type to unlock.

Hunter-Seeker (90)
Refer to this guide's Sidequests – Boss Zombies section.

The following are story-related so they can't be missed:

The Storm (15)
Escape from the ship

Heart of Darkness (15)
Find a boat for use in the jungle

Breaching The Tunnels (15)
Successfully defend the tunnel entrance

The Cinema (15)
Clear out the cinema

Military Base (30)
Gain access to a long-range radio station

Combat on the Roof (15)
Survive the horde on the roof

Henderson Town (15)
Reach Henderson

Meeting Serpo (15)
Make pact with Serpo

The Docks (15)
Enter the docks in Quarantine Zone

Defeat Harlow (15)
Defeat Harlow

You've tricked me once (30)
Finish the game

Serving Science (30)
Finish quests for Dr. Kessler
Complete the following: Dr. Kessler, History Lesson

First Do No Harm (30)
Finish hospital quests for Cecil
Complete the following: The Darkness, Healthcare

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