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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim | PC

All perk and ingot codes + command console cheats

All perk and ingot codes + command console cheats
NOTE: these codes aren't for vanilla skyrim anymore, they require you to have:
HighRes packs 1,2,3
EDIT: Vampire and werewolf perks have been added. all perks have been looked over and fixed
REMEMBER: this is for canilla Skyrim NO MODS only DLC is included, if something is wrong and you have a mod it is likely that is your problem not the code.

Press the tild ` key to activate the console.

TGM - god mode
TCL - noclip, fly through walls, can only be used if you have not clicked on anything.
Player.modav speedmult (modifies your speed, also works with anything you click on that can move, does not reset on death)
Player.setlevel 1 - 100. (can go above but remember the game scales with you)
Tmm 1 - all map locations unlocked (tmm 0 will disable all locations)
unlock (look at something locked, press tild ` click on the item and type unlock to unlock ANYTHING that doesn't require a specific quest key or event for instance this will not open the vault in the thieves guild)
lock (as above to do the reverse)
PSB - all spells, including ones you should not have, be warned this may crash your game so remember to SAVE FIRST.
TFC - free flying camera.
Kill - kills selected target.
Resurrect - resurrects selected target.
Player.modav carryweight (set the limit of what you can carry.)
Player.setav dragonsouls <###> gives selected amount of dragon souls, do not give yourself too many at once, it will crash your game, suggest doing it in groups of 3.
Player.additem <#> will post codes for ingots and such after this, if you want weapons look elsewhere sorry.
Player.setav (stamina, health, magicka) ####

Help "input item name" 4. - will give you whatever it has on that, then use page up and page down to cycle through what it shows. NOTE: if looking for a code for anything with a space in it's name you must put it in the little things "these things" otherwise it will not work.
(you can modify the speed and stamina of anything with this including a horse, click on the being you want to modify and do the same without typing player)
Metal ingot codes, leather, leather strips. Refined metals only, Filled grand soul gems.

Enter the codes like so:
Player.additem 5ace4 10 will give you 10 iron ingots(bars)
Iron - 5ACE4
Steel - 5ACE5
Silver - 5ACE3
Gold - 5AD9E
Corundum - 5AD93
Orichalcum - 5AD99
Ebony - 5AD9D
Dwarven - DB8A2
Quicksilver - 5ADA0
Moonstone - 5AD9F
Malachite - 5ADA1
Dragon scales - 3ADA3
Dragon bones - 3ADA4
Leather strips - 800E4
Leather - DB5D2
Daedra heart - 3AD5B
Filled grand soul gems - 2E4FF
gold (money) - F
lockpicks - A
To use type
Player.addperk #####
Novice destruction - F2CA8
Apprentice destruction - C44BF
Adept destruction - C44C0
Expert destruction - C44C1
Master destruction - C44C2
Destruction dual casting - 153CF
Augmented flames - 581E7 - 10FCF8
Augmented frost - 581EA - 10FCF9
Augmented shock - 58200 - 10FCFA
Impact - 153D2
Rune master - 105F32
Deep freeze - F3933
Intense flames - F392E
Disintegrate - F3F0E
Novice restoration - F2CAA
Apprentice restoration - C44C7
Adept restoration - C44C8
Expert restoration - C44C9
Master restoration - C44CA
Restoration dual casting - 153D1
Regeneration - 581F8
Recovery - 581F4 - 581F5
Avoid death - A3F64
Necromage - 581E4
Ward absorb - 68BCC
Respite - 581F9
Novice alteration - F2CA6
Apprentice alteration - C44B7
Adept alteration - C44B8
Expert alteration - C44B9
Master alteration - C44BA
Atronach - 581F7
Stability - 581FC
Mage armor - D7999 - D799A - D799B
Magic resistance - 53128 - 53129 - 5312A
Alteration dual casting - 153CD
Novice illusion - F2CA9
Apprentice illusion - C44C3
Adept illusion - C44C4
Expert illusion - C44C5
Master illusion - C44C6
Illusion dual casting - 153D0
Animage - 581E1
Hypnotic gaze - 59B77
Kindred mage - 581E2
Aspect of terror - 59B78
Rage - C44B5
Quiet casting - 581FD
Master of the mind - 59B76
Novice conjuration - F2CA7
Aprrentice conjuration - C44bb
Adept conjuration - C44BC
Expert conjuration - C44BD
Master conjuration - C44BE
Summoner - 105F30 - 105F31
Conjuration dual casting - 153CE
Mystic binding - 640B3
Atromancy - CB419
Necromancy - 581DD
Soul stealer - D799E
Oblivion binding - D799C
Elemental potency - CB41A
Dark souls - 581DE
Twin souls - D5F1C
Juggernaut - 7935E - 79361 - 79362 - 79374 - BCD2A
Fists of steel - 58F6E
Well fitted - 58F6F
Cushioned - BCD2B
Conditioning - 58F6D
Tower of strength - 58F6C
Matching set - 107832
Reflect blows - 105F33
Agile defender - BE123 - 79376 - 79389 - 79391 - 79392
Custom fit - 51B1B
Unhindered - 51B1C
Wind walker - 105F22
Matching set - 51B17
Deft movement - 107831
Shield wall - BCCAE - 79355 - 79356 - 79357 - 79358
Power bash - 58F67
Deflect arrows - 58F68
Quick reflexes - D8C33
Deadly bash - 5F594
Elemental protection - 58F69
Block runner - 106253
Disarming bash - 58F66
Shield charge - 58F6A
Armsman - BABE4 - 79342 - 79343 -79344 - 79345
Fighting stance - 52D50
Dual flurry - 106256 - 106257
Hack and slash - 3FFFA - C3678 - C3679
Bonebreaker - 5F592 - C1E92 - C1E93
Bladesman - 5F56F - C1E90 - C1E91
Critical charge - CB406
Savage strike - 3AF81
Dual savagery - 106258
Paralyzing strike - 3AFA6
Barbarian - BABE8 - 79346 - 79347 - 79348 - 79349
Limbsplitter - C5C05 - C5C06 - C5C07
Deep wounds - 3AF83 - C1E94 - C1E95
Skullcrusher - 3AF84 - C1E96 - C1E97
Champion stance - 52D51
Great critcal charge - CB407
Devastating blow - 52D52
Sweep - 3AF9E
Warmaster - 3AFA7
Marksman or ARCHERY:
Overdraw - BABED - 7934A - 7934B - 7934D - 79354
Eagle eye - 58F61
Steady hand - 103ADA - 103ADB
Critical shot - 105F1C - 105F1E - 105F1F
Power shot - 58F62
Hunters discipline - 51B12
Ranger - 58F63
Quickshot - 105F19
Bullseye - 58F64
Stealth - BE126 - C07C6 - C07C7 - C07C8 - C0C79
Muffled movement - 58213
Backstab - 58210
Deadly aim - 1036F0
Assassin's blade - 58211
Light feet - 5820C
Silent roll - 105F23
Silence - 105F24
Shadow warrior - 58214
Light fingers - BE124 - 18E6A - 18E6B - 18E6C - 18E6D
Night thief - 58202
Poisoned - 105F28
Cutpurse - 58204
Extra pockets - 96590
Keymaster - D79A0
Misdirection - 58201
Perfect touch - 58205
Novice locks - F392A
Apprentice locks - BE125
Adept locks - C3680
Expert locks - C3681
Master locks - C3682
Quick hands - 106259
Wax key - 107830
Golden touch - 5820A
Treasure hunter - 105F26
Locksmith - 58208
Unbreakable - 58209
Haggling - BE128 - C07CE - C07CF - C07D0 - C07D1
Bribery - 58F72
Allure - 58F75
Merchant - 58F7A
Persuasion - 1090A2
Investor - 58F7B
Intimidation - 105F29
Fence - 58F79
Master trader - 1090A5
Alchemist - BE127 - C07CA - C07CB - C07CC - C07CD
Physician - 58215
Poisoner - 58217
Benefactor - 58216
Concentrated poison - 105F2F
Experimenter - 58218 - 105F2A - 105F2B
Green thumb - 105F2E
Snakeblood - 105F2C
Purity - 5821D
Enchanter - BEE97 - C367C - C367D - C367E - C367F
Fire enchanter - 58F80
Frost enchanter - 58F81
Storm enchanter - 58F82
Insightful enchanter - 58F7E
Corpus enchanter - 58F7D
Soul squeezer - 58F7C
Soul siphon - 108A44
Extra effect - 58F7F
Steel smithing - CB40D
Dwarven smithing - CB40E
Elven smithing - CB40F
Arcane smithing - 5218E
Orcish smithing - CB410
Ebony smithing - CB412
Glass smithing - CB411
Daedric smithing - CB413
Advanced smithing - CB414
Dragon armor - 52190
And that concludes the perks YOUR WELCOME EVERYONE I don't think I missed any but
I'll say this. If you need something and can't find the code for it type
Help "input item code" 4
EXAMPLE: help "amulet of mara" 4
Will give you the number of it.. Which is.... C891b (the amulet of mara is needed to get married in the game)
If you can't see what your after on the console then use page up and page down to scroll through it.

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Nov 17th 2011

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim | PC

Archery and Speech increase

Player.IncPCS marksman
(increases archery 1 point at a time)

Player.IncPCS speechcraft
(increases speech 1 point at a time)

As far as I know these cheats are not known or written as of yet anywhere. On my pc speech and archery cheat leveling did not work, so I thought back to oblivion days as to what they were called and just played around a little, the above cheats work for me on my pc version of skyrim.

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Nov 29th 2011
Jubei Kimagami

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim | PC

Smoke Testing Editors Room

To do this, first you have to have Skyrim for the computer.
Then press the ~ button to bring up the cheat code bar,
Then type in "coc qasmoke" without the quotes. It will take to the croom of every item in the game. But, there is only ONE item of every kind. So choose wisely.

To get out don't be overencumbered, type coc 'name of area'

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Jun 12th 2012

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim | PC

Console Codes

Press the tilda key (~) to bring up the developer console, and enter the codes below:

Activate God Mode: tgm

Advance Level: advlevel

No Clip: tcl

Increase Gold: 'player.additem 000000F ?' - the ? Should be replaced with the amount of gold and the quotation marks removed.

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Nov 12th 2011

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim | PC

More Console Codes

Below you will find more codes to enter into the developer console accessed using the ~ 'tilda' key:

Replace the # with the appropriate number(s):

Access All Spells: psb
Add a perk (for example, Light fingers is code 00018E6A): player.addperk ########
Add dragon souls: Player.modav Dragonsouls #
Change field of view: fov #
Change player scale with 1 as normal: player.setscale #
Change ownership of an object (target) - allows you to take items without 'stealing': Setownership
Change gender: SexChange
Completes all Quest Stages: caqs
Controls available during cinematics: enableplayercontrols
Fast travel to location: COC
Force quit the game: qqq
Free camera: tfc
Give player item (gold=0000000f, lockpicks=0000000a): player.additem [ItemNumber] #
Increase Burden by #: player.modav burden #
Increase Level: AdvancePCLevel
Increases movement speed by # percent: player.setav speedmult #
Increase skill by #: advskill #
Increase Skill Level by one: Player.IncPCS [Skill Name]
Increase the level of a skill: AdvancePCSkill (TYPE SKILL NAME HERE) #
Kill enemy selected with arrow: Kill
Kill all enemies nearby: killall
List all commands: help
Lock item: lock (I.e. Type 'lock' followed by the difficulty level of the lock before clicking on the chest/door)
Removes all items from targetted NPC: removeallitems
Replicate items (select the item or NPC and copy the RefID): duplicateallitems
Resurrect dead target: Resurrect
Set Carry Weight: player.modav carryweight #
Set player's fame: setpcfame
Set player's infamy: setpcinfamy
Set Fatigue: player.setav Fatigue #
Set Health: player.setav Health #
Set Crime Bounty (to get people to come and attack you): player.setcrimegold #
Set Magicka: player.setav Magicka #
Set player's Level: player.setlevel #
Show Race Menu: showracemenu
Show/hide map markers (1 is on, 0 is off): tmm #
Spawn NPC (# equals NPC ID): player.placeatme #
Starts all quests (which causes problems!): saq
Teleport to quest target: movetoqt
Toggle AI Detection: TDetect
Toggle AI (freezes NPCs): TAI
Toggle Combat AI (stop AI from being able to join combat): TCAI
Toggle FOW: tfow
Toggle Grass: TG
Toggle HUD: tm
Unlock item: unlock (I.e. Type 'unlock' followed by clicking on chest/door and pressing enter) anything that may be locked by typing unlock then clicking the chest or door you want unlocked then press enter)
Visit testing hall with all items: coc qasmoke

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Nov 16th 2011

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim | PC

No Fall Damage

If you find yourself falling, as long as you are against a surface I.e. Falling down a steep slope, if you toggle sneak mode, this sticks you to the surface and stops you from receiving damage.

This means you can descend high areas much more easily knowing you are not going to take high damage.

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Nov 26th 2011

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