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Ashen Walkthrough and Guide

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Walkthrough for Ashen

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Ashen Walkthrough and Guide

Ashen is an open world co-op action RPG where you play the role of a wanderer in search of a place to call home in a world that has been consumed by darkness after the legendary Ashen, the bird who shined light upon it died. The Ashen has now returned and your job is to protect it from those who thrive in darkness and seek to destroy it. To do this you will need to forge relationships with poeple you meet out in the world who will have unique skills and crafting abilities to bolster your chances of survival. Check out our Ashen Walkthrough and Guide to get help in the game.

Ashen Walkthrough and Guide

Use your Partner

If you playing Ashen in single-player you will be given a competant A.I. partner which you will find useful against tough enemies as they can be deployed to attack your target's back or used as bait. Don't worry if your partner goes down, they will revive later.

Use your Scoria

Make sure that you use your Scoria as soon as possible as you will lose it all if you die. Although you are given a chance to recover it there is always the possibility of dying on your way there.

Unlock Fast Travel

Prioritise the various Side Journeys first as they are essential to accessing the most powerful upgrades and useful abilities in Ashen. One side quest in particular you should do as soon as possible is Elia's as this will open up the fast travel ability which will enable you to traverse the planet a lot easier. Check out our Side Journeys Guide to find out what upgrades and abilities you can pick up from each of them.

Return to Vagrant's Rest

Vagrant's Rest is a forested realm in the game filled with rivers that contains the only town in Ashen. Vagrant's Rest is also a place of respite which you should return to every now and again because not only does the under-construction village become more whole with the passing of time but new dialog will give you intriguing bits of lore. The town of Vagrant's Rest is founded after the Journey Hammer and Spark is completed and the Ritual Stone has been awoken.

Load Out your Equipment with Talismans

In Ashen talismans can be used to augment your character's stats or apply helpful effects like more health or a longer stun-duration on foes. Always load out your equipment with talismans as they're a cheap form of character improvement in Ashen. You can apply a maximum of four talismans at once.

Upgrading Weapons

You will consistently be finding more powerful base weaponry in Ashen so don't waste your resources on upgrading them more than one or two levels. When you do obtain a poweful base weapon that suits your game style then you should consider committing to the Ash Infused upgrade which will require 9000 Scoria and 1 Sapient Moss which is rare crafting material found out in the wilds. The weapon is crafted using the anvil in Vagrant's Rest once the town has been established. Check out our Weapons Guide to find out more about the different weapons that are available in Ashen and how to upgrade them.

Find Healing Items

Avoid the temptation of spending your Scoria on the various healing items that the merchants are selling. You can get healing items in the world by scavenging from the skeletons you see lying around and the bodies of fallen foes. Mushrooms are also in plentiful in the world and they can heal you quickly.

Search for Ashen Feathers

Scattered throughout the world are Ashen Feathers which when obtained will grant your character permanent benefits in the form of base-stat increases. They are usually found in hard-to-reach concealed locations that will require you to do some running jumps or careful sliding down slopes. There are two types of Ashen Feathers:

• White Ashen Feather

2 permanent bonus to your Stamina

• Black Ashen Feather

2 permanent bonus to your Health

Build Spears

Spears are a good ranged weapon for attacking big enemies and for hunting speedy animals that drop valuable items. Once you have unlocked spears make sure you always have a supply of them handy. Spears can be built at Vorsa's worktable and more powerful versions can be unlocked by doing her side quests.

Store Items

Your inventory in Ashen is limited. However, there is a storage chest at the Vagrant's Rest which you can use to store the items you don't need. It is particularly useful for storing crafting materials, like spearheads.

Ashen Walkthrough and Guide

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