Armored Evolutions NOT COMING To Pokemon Sword & Shield

In this month's issue of CoroCoro Magazine, it was further confirmed that Armored Mewtwo will be appearing in the Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution Movie this summer. For quite some time, many fans have speculated that this trademark of the term 'Armored Mewtwo' would see Armored Evolutions become a brand new concept in the upcoming releases of Pokemon Sword & Shield. However, it was told in this issue of CoroCoro Magazine that this will NOT be the case.

The issue states clearly that this form of Mewtwo will be exclusive to only this movie, as well as other promotional merchandise for the film. Armored Mewtwo will not be seen in Pokemon Sword & Shield, and, because of this, many now believe that the concept of Armored Evolutions as a whole won't be coming to these games.

Should anything new information come that changes this mindset, you will hear it here first.