April Coro-Coro Magezine To Include HUGE Pokemon Sword & Shield Reveal?

As like every mid-month from now until the releases of Pokemon Sword & Shield, Coro-Coro Magazine will surely include some sort of information for said games. However, some months will only tell of information previously known, while others will actually reveal brand new information. Unfortunately, the March Coro-Coro Magazine only showcased the Galar Starter Pokemon, something that was first seen in the Nintendo Direct shown a week prior to the fact.

Even though the previous issue of Coro-Coro Magazine was a dud in terms of receiving some new info, a note was included that said "Wait for the follow up from CoroCoro". This tiny little expression, coupled with the fact that the March Coro-Coro Magazine revealed no new info, has many Pokemon Fans thinking that the April Issue of the magazine, the same that will hit the market in only a few days from the time of this post, will include a huge reveal.

At this point, most fans believe (and are hoping) for the reveal of either Starter Pokemon Evolutions or the rumored concept of Armored Evolutions. Of course, there is really no telling what the April Coro-Coro Magazine will showcase, if anything all. (The note that was included in the previous issue could very well be talking about future issues besides this one.) Whatever the case may be, you will hear about it here first!

Posted: 9th Apr 2019 by Warrior13
Pokemon, Pokemon Sword, Pokemon Shield