UNCONFIRMED: First New Sword & Shield Pokemon Leaked?

Over this weekend, a mysterious video has surfaced that is said to show unseen footage for the upcoming games of Pokemon Sword & Shield. Within this clip, the gameplay showcases what is said to be a brand new Pokemon. This Pokemon (pictured above) is said to be a Dragon/Bug Type Pokemon, which would be the first of its kind should the video turn out to be legitimate. This, however, has yet to be confirmed, and many are already discrediting it as a hoax, being nothing more than one of the many fakes that will begin to surface now that Pokemon Sword & Shield have been revealed.

It remains to be seen if this video (and more so, this Pokemon) is actually genuine or not, but should more news about it come into light, you will hear it here first. So keep checking back.

Posted: 11th Mar 2019 by Warrior13
Pokemon, Pokemon Sword, Pokemon Shield