How To Obtain Ultra Beast Poipole In Pokemon USUM

Looking to obtain one of the newest Ultra Beasts, Poipole, in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon? Well, you're in luck! Even though Nihilego will be the first Ultra Beast you will encounter in Pokemon USUM - done so during your first visit at Aether Paradise - Poipole is actually the first Ultra Beast you will have the chance obtain.

In order to obtain your very own Poipole, all you must do is defeat Ultra Necrozoma in Ultra Megalopolis. After you do, the Ultra Recon Squad will gift you with none other than a Poipole! (This is the only Poipole you will be able to obtain within the game.) Poipole is a Pure Poison Type Pokemon, and it will be given to you at Level 40 while knowing the moves of Charm, Venom Drench, Nasty Plot, and Poison Jab. What makes Poipole so intriguing is the fact that it's the only known Ultra Beast that can evolve, done so by leveling up while knowing the move of Dragon Pulse!

(If you choose not to accept your Poipole from the Ultra Recon Squad the first time around, you can return to Ultra Megalopolis at any given time in the future to obtain it.)