2nd Pokken Tournament DX DLC Pack Coming Next Week

Roughly two months ago, it was announced that two separate DLC Packs will become available for purchase within Pokken Tournament DX. The first DLC Pack was released at the end of January, featuring the Playable Pokemon of Aegislash and the Supporting Pokemon of Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu. Now, starting next week, the second DLC Pack for Pokken Tournament DX will become available for all players to obtain.

This DLC Pack features none of than the Playable Pokemon of Blastoise, the same that will Mega Evolve during its Burst Attack. This content also includes the Supporting Characters of Mew and Celebi: Mew uses the move known as Miracle Power, which increases your Synergy Gauge, Attack Power and Critical Hit Ratios; Celebi uses a move that causes a Phase Shift, even if the opposing Pokemon blocks the attack.