Region Exclusives Seviper & Zangoose Swap Locations In Pokemon GO

Similar to how some of the Legendary Pokemon have rotated locations in the past, the Region Exclusives of Seviper and Zangoose have suddenly swapped locations in Pokemon GO. Since the release of the 3rd Generation within Pokemon GO, Seviper could only be found in certain parts of Europe, Asia and Oceania, while Zangoose could only be located in certain parts of the Americas and Africa. However, it is now being reported that Zangoose is being found in Europe, Asia and Oceania, while players in the Americas and Africa have started finding Seviper.

It is currently unclear how long this will last - as well as if Niantic will begin rotating Region Exclusive Pokemon found within the game - so try to get these given Pokemon in your given regions while you still can!

Posted: 6th Jan 2018 by Warrior13
Pokemon GO, Seviper, Zangoose