Shiny Snorunt & Shiny Glalie Now Being Found In Pokemon GO

If the Pokemon GO 2017 Holiday Event hasn't given players enough already with the addition of many new Hoenn Pokemon Species and so many items presently on the sale in the Shop, it is now being reported that the Pokemon Evolution Chain of Snorunt and Glalie can be found in their given Shiny Forms.

Just a few short weeks ago when the 3rd Generation finally began being released within Pokemon GO, it was discovered that Absol and Mawile could be found in their Shiny Forms; back during the Pokemon GO 2017 Halloween Event, all of the Ghost Type Hoenn Pokemon that were included in such could also be found in their Shiny Forms.

And now, Snorunt and Glalie have been added to the growing list of Hoenn Pokemon in Pokemon GO that can be found in their Shiny Forms!