3rd Generation Coming To Pokemon GO!

After over ten months since the 2nd Generation of Pokemon came to the hit mobile game Pokemon GO, it has just been announced that the 3rd Generation (Hoenn Region) will finally be rolling out within the game later this week. During the 2017 Halloween Pokemon GO Event, five Hoenn Pokemon were released to get players excited for the upcoming release of the 3rd Generation. And now, that day has finally come!

Niantic, the developers of Pokemon GO, have stated that they will begin the roll out with only about fifty or so Hoenn Pokemon being available for players to find and obtain. The remaining hundred or so Pokemon will slowly be released as time goes on, making things a tad bittersweet for Pokemon GO Players. However, this appears to be being done in hopes of extending the nuance of the 3rd Generation coming to the game.

Posted: 6th Dec 2017 by Warrior13
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