Team Rocket Striking Back As Team Rainbow Rocket In Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

On October 24, 2017, the Download Cards were revealed for both Pokemon Ultra Sun & Pokemon Ultra Moon. On them, it showed that Team Rocket would be making a return of some sorts. On a trailer released on November 2, 2017, it was revealed that Team Rocket would indeed be making a return to Mainstream Pokemon Games in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, but this time under the name of Team Rainbow Rocket.

The true intentions of Team Rainbow Rocket have yet to be confirmed, but it appears as though they will takeover both Aether Paradise and Festival Plaza apart of the grand scheme. As Giovanni, the leader of Team Rainbow Rocket, strikes back against the World of Pokemon, he recruits all the infamous Antagonist Group Leaders from Pokemon's Past: Maxie (Team Magma - 3rd Generation), Archie (Team Aqua - 3rd Generation), Cyrus (Team Galactic - 4th Generation), Ghetsis (Team Plasma - 5th Generation), and Lysandre (Team Flare - 6th Generation). A player will battle each former leader as they look to disrupt Team Rainbow Rocket's plans. In the trailer, it was shown that Giovanni will use a Mewtwo in battle (referring back to the Anime Series). It also appears Aether's Faba joins Team Rainbow Rocket- as shown in as given poster - but he wasn't confirmed in the same trailer.

Team Rainbow Rocket came as a surprise to many, but some fans already had a feeling they were included in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon after a much earlier leak from a source that has been credible about previous games. If this source continues to be correct, which appears more and more likely as his leaks are confirmed, Team Rainbow Rocket will at some point try to go after and kidnap Aether's Head, Lusamine.

Posted: 2nd Nov 2017 by Warrior13
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