New Pokemon Coming In Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

Yes... You did read that right... The Pokemon Company has finally done the unthinkable... Something they have NEVER done before for any sequel game within the Mainstream Series...

For the first time ever, there will be new Pokemon introduced to a sequel game, ones that weren't originally seen in their predecessors. The first two new Pokemon that will be found in Pokemon UltraSun & Ultra Moon, the same that weren't created and released in Pokemon Sun & Moon, will be Ultra Beast Burst and Ultra Beast Assembly.

UB Burst will be exclusive to Pokemon Ultra Sun, while UB Assembly will be exclusive to Pokemon Ultra Moon; however, not much more is known about these two (not even their real Pokemon Species Name). But one thing is certain, and that lies with the power these two Pokemon will no doubt have. Ultra Beasts are among the best in the World of Pokemon, legendary Pokemon in their own right, and the same will reign true for UB Burst and UB Assembly.