New Kommo-o Z-Move Included In Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

It has been just a week since it was revealed that Lycanroc will be receiving a third form in both Pokemon Ultra Sun &Ultra Moon, and now, news has come that Kommo-o will be receiving an Exclusive Z-Move that only it will be able to learn. Kommo-o new Z-Move will be called Clangorous Soulblaze, a Dragon Type Attack that will do massive damage to all opponents of the field. What makes Clangorous Soulblaze so unique (and incredible) is that fact that it also raises ALL of Kommo-o's Stats by one level.

Because of this new Z-Move, Kommo-o goes from a relatively mediocre Pokemon to that of one that will most assuredly become a powerhouse.

Posted: 19th Aug 2017 by Warrior13
Pokemon Ultra Sun, Pokemon Ultra Moon