New Lycanroc Form Coming To Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

It has been two long months since any real news about Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon was released. However, the excitement for such games is now at another peak with the news of another Lycanroc Form coming to the games! This form is identical to the one Ash Ketchum's Rockruff will undertake after evolving in the Anime Series, the same that is being called its Dusk Form and resembles a mix of Lycanroc's other two forms. At this time, where much news isn't known about this new form, it is believed that Rockruff will evolve into this form by evolving at its appropriate level for such in the evening (in-between both day and night).

There is a small chance that this new form of Lycanroc will be exclusive to either Pokémon Ultra Sun or Pokémon Ultra Moon; however, if such a thing were to happen, most Pokémon experts believe there will be a soon-to-come fourth Lycanroc form that will be called none other than its Dawn Form. But until more news about Lycanroc comes, as well as Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon as a whole, one thing's for certain: Lycanroc will be receiving a third form that is sure to bring new mechanics along with it!

Posted: 6th Aug 2017 by Warrior13
Pokemon Ultra Sun, Pokemon Ultra Moon