Sony all about the games at E3

Introducing the Sony Presentation, Shawn Layden (president and chief executive of Sony Interactive Entertainment America) said "In 2017 it continues to be all about the games"

With no new hardware to display this year Sony have focused on the upcoming game line up for PlayStation, including a range of new games for its PSVR virtual reality system.

In contrast to Microsoft's lack of console VR offerings this year, Sony are pushing forward with VR game developments hot on the heels of their recent announcement of hitting the 1 million VR headset sales mark.

Their upcoming VR developments include new projects such as a first-person horror title, The Inpatient, and a first person shooter, Bravo Team, from Supermassive Games. They also showed a virtual reality fishing simulator for Final Fantasy - Monster of the Deep. As well as VR content for Skyrim.

Away from VR, one of the biggest announcements for upcoming games was a new Spiderman outing which is set to come to the PS4 in 2018.

And a range of other titles were announced including a remake of Shadow of the Colossus , and Monster Hunter World , both also due the same year.

What do you think of the upcoming PlayStation game line up? Are you already using PSVR or does this tempt you to dive into the PlayStation VR world? Let us know below.