Project Scorpio becomes Xbox One X

The E3 event is underway in LA and one of the first big announcements is the reveal of the new Xbox Console.

Previously known as Project Scorpio, Microsoft has shown off their new high end Xbox One variant with the main purpose of delivering the highest spec console available to gamers.

It will have 12 gigabytes of RAM, compared to the top Sony console PS4 Pro's 8 gigabytes, and is rated at 6 teraflops of graphics processing power compared to just over 4 for the PS4 Pro.

The new name for this top of the range console has been described as being a bit of a tongue twister, but one that we will get used to.

The one disappointment to the announcement was the lack of an VR games or even suggestions of games as Microsoft has previously touted 'Scorpio' as being a step into true console based VR. With Sony having sold over a million VR headsets for their systems it must be hurting Microsoft to still be so far behind. They are clearly though focusing on developing VR for their PC gaming business where they feel the larger market is for them.

The console will release on November 7th and will be priced at $499 or £449. It will join the Xbox One S, which as a cheaper option Microsoft feel will still be the stronger seller but they believe that there will be a sufficient demand for the high end device from a more performance focused section of the console gaming market.

Also on November 7th we will be finally getting Crackdown 3, which I am really looking forward to. And Forza 7 will be with us on October 3rd.

What do you think of the Xbox One X? Do you like the name and are you likely to be lining up for a new one in November?