Pokemon GO Johto Coming In Days

It has literally just been confirmed that the remaining Pokemon from the Johto Region are set to be released within Pokemon GO by the end of this week. This will be done through a new update, one that is said to include the rest of the Johto Pokemon (not including the Legends), new evolutions, new methods of encounters, new berries, and new customization for your Pokemon!

Specifically, Pokemon are said to act differently now in battle. Players will be able to use Nanab Berries to slow down the Pokemon, as well as Pinap Berries to double the candies received for the capture. Pokemon Genders are also set to happen, with the Male or Female Symbol appearing next to the Pokemon in their Profile.

Get ready Pokemon GO Players! Your next new adventure is on the verge of finally happening!

Posted: 15th Feb 2017 by Warrior13
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