The Top 10 Finest Bums in Video Games

Call it what you want -- Arse, Ass, Bum, Butt, Buttocks, Ba-donka-donk, Derriere, Rear, Rump, Trunk, Tush, Tushy, Tail, Heinie, Cheeks, Seat, Fun Bumps, Rump, call it what you want, there are good ones and then there are the much more rare and truly great ones... But at the top of the list are the absolute hands-down best in the world of video games.

We've gone to considerable effort to narrow the list down from a starting field of over 110 very amazing pairs of cheeks, then narrow it down again from the 53 rear ends, but no, that was not good enough! We are not looking for the Top 53, nor the best 20 -- we are honing the list down to the Top TEN Finest Asses found in the Video Game Universe! And find them we did.

It was hard -- but it is good sometimes when it is hard -- it means you know you did the job right. And we have to hand it to ourselves, though the hours were long and the work exacting, in the End we managed to pin down the ultimate Top Ten of them all. Seriously!

So, without further bare discussion, here they are:

(01) Cortana (Halo Series)

[center](02) Laura Croft (Tomb Raider Series)


(03) Harley Quinn (Arkham Series)

(04) Ada Wong (Resident Evil)

(05) Oerba Dia Vanille (FFXIII)

(06) Madison Paige (Heavy Rain)

(07) Candy Suxxx (GTA: Vice City)

(08) Lightning (FFXIII)

(09) Rayne (BloodRayne Series)

(10) Alex Vance (Half-Life 2)

What do you think? We could not have possibly have missed anyone... Sure there are some video game bums that are close to the perfection of these, but we had to judge not just curvature, shape, and size, but a representative sampling of the ten finest examples of the archetype asses represented here and Bam! Even batman would have to agree!

Posted: 29th Oct 2013 by CMBF
The Top 10 Finest Bums in Video Games