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Achievements for Arcadegeddon

There are 50 Achievements for Arcadegeddon worth 1000 points
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10 Adventure Time
Play through a Run of Adventure Mode
10 Meching Enemies
Defeat The FFC Mech Boss
10 Coup d'Etat
Defeat the Data Demon Prince Boss
10 Get Furious
Defeat the Fury Boss
10 You're Fired
Defeat the FFC CEO Boss
10 Ticket Toddler
Collect 100000 Tickets
10 Here Comes a New Challenger
Win 1 PVP Matches
10 Get In The Ring!
Win 10 PVP Matches
10 Field Medic
Pick up 100 Health boxes
10 Guardian Angel
Heal teammates for 3000 hitpoints
10 Rapid Response
Revive yourself using the Medic Drone
10 Rescue Ranger
Help 50 downed teammates up
10 Clips and Crits
Get 500 Kills with Militech Weapons
10 Grey Goo
Get 500 Kills with Nanotech Weapons
10 No Chill
Get 500 Kills with ZeroCool Weapons
10 1.21 Gigawatts
Get 500 Kills with Surge Weapons
10 Light My Fire
Get 500 Kills with Infernal Weapons
10 This Is My Boomstick!
Get 500 Kills with Demolisher Weapons
10 Poppin Noggins
Get 100 Headshots with sniper rifles
10 Playing With Power
Use a Surge Gauntlet Ability
10 Team Player
Heal a full team of 4 with the Medic Drone
10 Everybody Freeze
Freeze 10 enemies with a single Freeze Blast Ability.
10 Shield and Shred
Kill 20 enemies while boosted by a single Shield Drone Ability
10 Ground Control
Kill 10 enemies using a single Major Tombot
10 Event Horizon
Trap 15 enemies with a single Black Hole
10 Pyrotechnical
Kill 15 enemies with a single Fireball
10 I'm The Pluggernaut
Kill 20 enemies with a single Pluggernaut Ability
10 Nature Is Lit
Have a single Tiny Tornado get frozen, electrified and set on fire.
10 Surge Gauntlet Jockey
Customize Your Surge Gauntlet Abilities
10 Photogenic
Customize Your Characters Appearance
10 Gunplay And Cosplay
Customize a Weapon
10 Plug It In
Equip a Plugin
10 Let's Get This Party Started
Complete the Tutorial
100 Infinite Adventures!
Play 100 Runs of Adventure Mode
20 Booty Bashing
Destroy 500 Crates
20 Treasure Hunting
Open 500 Treasure Chests
20 To Be Continued
Continue a Run 10 times
20 Surge Ahead
Use Surge Abilities 100 times
20 Hacks In Stacks
Stack 3 of the same hacks
20 Master of Arms
Get 500 Kills with each manufacturer type
20 Stop Hitting Yourself
Pay to Increase the Difficulty 50 times.
50 Seasoned Adventurer
Play 25 Runs of Adventure Mode
50 The Full Monty
Defeat all 4 bosses in a single run
50 Ticket Titan
Collect 500000 Tickets
50 Nexuwizard
Win 25 PVP Matches
50 Boss of Bosses
Defeat 25 Bosses

Secret Achievements (4)
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