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Hints and Tips for Fashion Story

We have 6 hints and tips on iPhone/iPad

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Zoom in / Zoom out
Added 16 Aug 2012, ID #1195
I didn't realize this til after I had been playing for a little bit but you can zoom in or zoom out on your store to see closeup or see a lot more on your screen. Very helpful for redesigning and when placing orders on racks. Pinch and stretch to zoom out / in.

How to move objects like clocks, doors and wall mirrors.
Added 2 Apr 2012, ID #671
How to move clocks and wall mirrors:
Just STORE the objects then place it anywhere you like.

How to move the door? :
Well, this case is different. You can only move the ONLY if you have another one. (cost 10 gems). If you already bought 1, store the first one then place it anywhere. Then store the other one again and place it anywhere.
How to earn cash faster than the usual?
Added 16 Mar 2012, ID #652
Here's what I do. Somebody gave a hint how to make orders faster; by adjusting the clock on your ipod/iphone/ipad. What happened to mine is that the orders did finished but the boutique was out of sync and my clothes on the rack are gone but EARNED all the money immediately. Other orders did expired. But what you will do is Get back on your normal time and the orders' time will also go back but, you sold all your clothes on the rack. If something happened, just exit Fashion story and open it again. Add ID: vodkhai
More hearts from the customers
Added 18 Feb 2012, ID #595
You guys should try putting the mirrors by the tables and the racks near the changing rooms it's the only the way to keep them from having a broken heart. Smile
A few hints...
Added 27 Nov 2011, ID #389
1. I've found that if I keep redesigning my store (rearranging racks, tables, display items, mirrors, and changing rooms, changing the floor and wall, etc), I can always get to a point where I get all happy customers and every single one that walks in the store will buy something.

2. A couple things I don't understand.. First, is why people block their doors at night? If you leave the store open at night, you will have all that time to sell to customers and make much more money. Just order things that take 4 - 8 hours to be available to put out when you wake up (depending on how many hours you sleep). Remember items take as long to expire as they do order.

3. Another thing I don't understand is why people put the same clothing article on multiple racks. Placing them on the same rack will keep that rack full longer and you have more racks available for different clothing articles.

4. I didn't know this at first but I realized that the mirrors you hang on the wall can be used to look at thing like purses, shoes, etc. (make sure they are not behind anything ...even a small table in front blocks them)

Mirror placement
Added 17 Sep 2011, ID #361
If you place your mirror and cash register near the "exit," some of your customers who will insist on coming in around the cash register area will see themselves in the mirror and go directly to the cash register and leave happy.

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