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Follow the dark path or use the light

Heart Piece location guide

by Serlkamb

                   The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
                         Heart Piece Location Guide
                          Nintendo 64/Nintendo 3DS
                                Version 1.0
                             Guide by: SerlKamb
=			     Table of Contents				    =
= 	Updates and Memo's		-		1.01		    =
=	Heart Piece Locations		-		2.01		    =
=		Young Link				2.02		    =
=		Both Links				2.03		    =
=		Adult Link				2.04  		    =
=	Credits and contact info	-		3.01		    =
=	Copyright disclosure		-		4.01		    =
					=	Updates and Memo's - 1.01   =
-Version 1.0 - No updates yet available.
-I have created a couple guides previously and since I cannot find a guide on
 SuperCheats in regards to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and its Heart
 Pieces locations, I figured I would go ahead and make one. So here's the 
 guide for hunting down all 36 Heart Pieces. Enjoy!
					=    Heart Piece Locations - 2.01   =
I have divided up the locations of all 36 Heart Pieces into three sections.
The sections are:
 Young Link - all heart pieces in this section can only be found when you are
              playing as the first Link.
 Adult Link - all heart pieces listed under this title can only be found
              while Link is in his Adlut stage. 
 Both Links - The Heart pieces listed here indicates that you can obtain them
              as Adult Link or as Young Link. Its your choice.

			=  Young Link - 2.02  =
1. The Lost Woods, Ocarina. After entering the Lost woods, turn left and jump
   on the Stump. Talk to the Skull Kid and then play him "Saria's song". He
   will give you a Heart Piece.

2. The Lost Woods, Ocarina. After entering the Lost Woods, turn right. Head
   down the ladder and jump on the stump. Play a song with the two Skull
   Kids. Keep up with them and you will recieve a piece of heart.

3. Lon Lon Ranch, none. Go into Lon Lon Ranch and run to the back. Go inside
   the small shed and pull the boxes until you see the crawlspace. Enter and
   recieve the Heart piece.

4. Hyrule market, none. Look for White Dogs in the pack of dogs at night.
   Take it to a woman in one of the rooms in the back alley. She will reward
   you with a Heart piece for the safe return of the dog.

5. Kakariko Graveyard, Rupees. At night, enter the Graveyard and talk with
   Dampe. Ask him to dig on the soft soil parts of where he walks.
   Eventually, you will come accross a Heart piece.

6. Hyrule Market, Rupees and Bombs. Enter the Bombchu Bowling Game. Keep
   winning until you recieve a Heart piece.

7. Goron City, Bombs. Light a Deku stick on fire as a torch in Darunia's
   room. Run out and light the tourches around the bottom level of the city.
   The statue will start spinning. Through a Bomb inside and it will spit out
   a Heart piece.

8. Gerudo Valley, none. There is a chicken before the bridge. Pick it up and 
   fly through the waterfall to your right. There is a secret area. If you
   miss, don't worry about it... there is a ladder you can always climb up.

9. Hyrule Field, Bombs. After you get the heart piece number seven, follow
   the water's current into Lake Hylia. From here you can exit Lake Hylia
   out onto Hyrule Field. In the fenced-in area, throw a bomb in the upper-
   right quadrant. Drop into the hole and defeat the Deku Scrub and recieve
   a chance to purchase a Heart piece for only 10 rupees.

10. Fishing Pond, Rupees. Catch a ten pound fish or bigger in the Fishing
    Pond as a child.

11. Gerudo Valley, none. Run back to Gerudo Valley. There is a crate on a
    small ledge opposite the waterfall. Grab the chicken again and jump off
    the ledge. Force the controller forward and left. You need to hit a small
    cliff on the other side of the valley.

12. Zora's River, Bombs. Take the chicken from the beginning of Zora's River
    and travel up the river avoiding the Octorocks. Throw the chicken on the
    ledge near the fallen log and climb up after it. Jump down on the left
    side of the big pillar and climb the ladder. Grab the next chicken and
    use it to fly down to the ledge with the piece of heart, while jumping
    onto the same land bridge as the gossip stone.

13. Zora's River, Bombs. Take the chicken from the beginning and head to the
    waterfall at the end of Zora's river. Turn around as you reach it, climb
    up the land bridge nearest to the piece of heart. You can now jump off
    the ledge and grab the heart piece.

14. Zora's Domain, Ocarina and Deku Sticks. Tourches are located around
    Zora's domain.Light them quickly starting with the one that is lit near
    the shop, then run down, light the one in the circle of stones, run to
    the path and light the one by the shop. Re-light the one by the stones,
    and run into the waterfall, light those two as well. A chest will appear
    containing the piece of heart inside.

15. Zora's river, Ocarina. After playing the five of the songs on the upper
    row, excluding the Song of Storms, of course, on the subscreen, you will
    be asked to play a bug-catching game. Using the "C" buttons to make the
    frogs jump. After a while you will recieve the heart piece.

16. Zora's river, Song of Storms. Stand on the tree stump near the fallen log
    upon your journey to the top of Zora's River. Play the "Song of Storms"
    to recieve a piece of heart.

17. Hyrule Market, Lens of Truth. Use the Lens of Truth and "cheat" in the
    treasure chest game. You will be awarded a piece of heart.

			=  Both Links - 2.03  =
18. Kakariko Village, Boomerang or hookshot. Use the boomerang or hookshot to
    fly up to the ledge containg the piece of heart inside the windmill.

19. Kakariko Graveyard, Sun's song. In the middle of the graveyard, there is
    a tomb that has another secret. Fall inside and defeat the undead. Then,
    play the Sun's song to make a chest appear. Inside the chest is a piece
    of heart.

20. Kakariko Village, none. After speaking with the Great Fairy atop Death
    Mountain, talk to the owl. He will give you a ride back down to the
    village. When arriving back in the village, you will land on a roof. Use
    the "C-up" button to look for a ledge. Once the ledge has been found,
    drop off the roof and onto the ledge. once on the ledge, enter the hole
    in the wall of the building. You will now be beside a cow and look at
    that beside the cow is also the piece of heart. 

21. House of Skulltula (Kakariko Village), 50 gold Skulltula coins. Around
    now you should have defaeted and collected 50 Gold skulltula coins. Enter
    the house of skulltula and talk to one of the cursed children. He will
    reward you with a piece of heart for lifting the curse upon him.

			=  Adult Link - 2.04  =
22. Kakariko Village, hookshot. After getting the hookshot, head back to the
    village and hookshot yourself atop the roof near the man that is sitting
    on it. He will award you with a heart piece as a "momento".

23. Kakariko Graveyard, bean platform. As young Link, go to the beginning of
    Zora's river. Buy a magic bean from a "pig". Head back to the Kakariko
    graveyard and plant the been in some soft soil. Return to this same spot
    as adult Link to find that the planted bean has become a platform. walk
    onto this platform and it will start levitating you. Jump off this levi-
    tating platform to a ledge with a wooden crate. Smash open this crate to
    find a piece of heart. Collect it.

24. Lake Hylia, bean platform. After planting a bean in the soft soil around
    the Lakeside Laboratory as young Link, use adult Link on the bean
    platform and ride it up to the roof. Climb up the ladder and get the
    piece of heart found at the top.

25. Death Mountain, bean platform. Buy a magic bean from the pig at Zora's
    River when you're young. Plant it. Come back as adult link, step on the
    plant, and leap off the ledge to get the heart piece.

26. Death Mountain Crater, bean platform. On the wall to your right, you can
    jump on the bean platform and then hookshot down to collect the piece of

27. Death Mountain Crater, bean platform. Jump onto the bean platform and
    jump off to the crater to pick up the piece of heart. 

28. Zora's Fountain, none. After you get past Zora's domain as an adult,
    you'll notice everything is frozen over. Jump from platform to platform
    to get to the pice of heart, found on the right side of the map.

29. Ice Cavern, blue fire. Use the blue fire and open the other red ice 
    panel with the fan in it. Use more blue fire to melt the Red Ice that
    covers the piece of heart.

30. Zora's Fountain, iron boots. After you get the iron boots and zora's
    tunic, put them on and drop to the bottom in the center of Zora's
    fountain. At the bottom is a heart piece.

31. Hyrule Field, iron boots.To the right of the castle, after exiting it,
    there will be many trees, to the left of the wall. Follow it, and walk
    near the tree away from the others. Drop a bomb and fall into the hole.
    Put on the iron boots to drop in and pick up the piece of heart.

32. Lakeside Laboratory, unknown. Use the Golden Scale to dive to the botom
    of the Dive pool. Do not use the iron boots to cheat. Once you have
    diven to the bottom of the pool, return to the surface and speak with
    the alchamest there. He will reward you with a piece of heart.

33. Kakariko Graveyard, Longshot. Go into Dampe's Tomb after you recieve the
    Hookshot. Race him again and finish in less than a minute to recieve the
    piece of heart.

34. Gerudo Fortress, Hookshot. When you are searching to free the
    carpenters, look on the roof above the jail. There is a treasure chest.
    Fire the longshot at it and find another heart piece.

35. Gerudo Fortress; Gerudo Card, Bow, Epona. After you get the Gerudo
    Training Card, head back and get Epona. Ride her along the right wall of
    the fortress and you can go into the Archery Range. Score 1,000 points
    or more and you will win the heart piece.

36. Desert Colossus, bean platform. Plant a bean here as young Link. Return
    here as adult Link, using the Requiem of Spirit. Jump onto the platform
    and ride it until you are above the Arch outside the temple. Jump off
    the riding platform onto the Arch to obtain the final heart piece.

					=  Credits and Contact Info - 3.01  =
=  Credits  =
= There are currently no credits for any users who have helped me with this=
= guide.								   =

=  Contact Info  =
= If you wish to use this guide on your website or wish to upload it to    =
= another Faq's website, feel free to do so using the list of approved     =
= sites, which can be found on my website at:                              =
=                                                                          =
= =
=                                                                          =
= If you spot any mistakes or know something thats not found on this Faq   =
= and would like to share it with me, simply let me know what it is you    =
= wish me to add and / or correct, by sending me an e-mail to:		   =
= [email protected] with the title "FAQ: Zelda-OoT-Heart-Pieces" in the  =
= subject line. You will be given full credit in the next update. Thanks!  =

					=    Copyright disclosure   - 4.01  =
This FAQ and all its wording and design is (C)Copyright 2013 SerlKamb (Kambel 
Serle). All Rights Reserved. All information regarding The Legend of Zelda: 
Ocarina of Time 3D is (C)Copyright of Nintendo. Use of this FAQ is intended 
for private use only. This work is not to be tampered with, modified or sold, 
in any way. Such acts will be deemed unlawful and is blatant plagiarism.
Should you want to create a FAQ for this game aswell, and would like to use 
some of the information found here, feel free to ask for my permission by 
Contacting me via e-mail at the address marked above under Credits and 
Contact Info section of this FAQ.
==============================end of file====================================