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Follow the dark path or use the light

Sonic Generations Walkthrough (3DS)

by Adam43

Sonic Generations 3DS Walkthrough
By Adam43

This will tell you about the zones and the things that happen, so read carefully.

First, the zones. If you're having trouble, copy and paste one of the following stages you wish to view:

Green Hill Act 1

Green Hill Act 2

Casino Night Act 1

Casino Night Act 2

Mushroom Hill Act 1

Mushroom Hill Act 2

Classic Metal Sonic

Big Arm

Emerald Coast Act 1

Emerald Coast Act 2

Radical Highway Act 1

Radical Highway Act 2



Water Palace Act 1

Water Palace Act 2

Tropical Resort Act 1

Tropical Resort Act 2


Egg Emperor

Time Eater

And now for the story mode and the cutscenes that follow.

Green Hill Act 1

This is where the game starts. Classic Sonic has to reach the end of the act. If you played Sonic the Hedgehog, this should not be hard.

Cutscene 1

Classic Sonic stops dead in his tracks as the screen rumbles. A portal opens. Meanwhile, Tails is surprised when Sonic arrives, and Tails says that Sonic is early, thus ruining the surprise party. Sonic offers to do another lap around the planet, but Tails says that's okay, for Sonic already found out. Sonic finds his favorite food on the table, and Tails tells Sonic to wait. But Sonic says he hates waiting. Tails wonders what's taking everyone so long. The screen rumbles again, but this time, Time Eater appears! Tails is about to get sucked in. Oh noes. Sonic tries to stop Time Eater, but Time Eater hits Sonic. Tails is sucked in. Sonic wakes up to find himself in a blank world. He notices Green Hill Zone, and sets out to check it out!

Green Hill Act 2

Sonic takes the action. Oh! I almost forgot. To jump, you push the A button, and you push it again for a Spin Dash. Get to a wall and press the A button to wall jump! Hold down and press A to slide kick. Press and hold Y button to boost. This is needed later in the act.

Cutscene 2

Sonic saves Tails. Yay! Tails says that he's gonna have nightmares about floating in a dark void for weeks. Sonic is glad Tails is okay. Sonic knows this place, but Tails does not. He mentions that the color is sucked out of the place. Sonic then mentions the two games as follows; Sonic and the Secret Rings and Sonic Colors. Sonic and Tails then set out to figure out what the heck is going on. Tails finds something; the Mushroom Hill Zone! Sonic rushes off, just in time for Classic Sonic to show up. Classic Sonic runs off.
Wait! Stop! Freeze! See that Special Stage? That's where the Chaos Emerald is. Nab the first emerald and go to Casino Night.

Casino Night Act 1

Remember pinball action? Now's your chance to experince this again. If you played Sonic 2, it will not be hard.

Casino Night Act 2

Sonic goes through pinball action. Look for helpful items.

Cutscene 3

Tails is glad that Sonic is back. Tails remembers this place, unlike Green Hill Zone, from the neon lights to giant slot machines. Sonic agrees with Tails. Sonic then goes to find out what is going on here.
Nab that emerald and go to...

Mushroom Hill Act 1

... The classic game of Sonic and Knuckles! Classic Sonic is the first zone of Sonic and Knuckles. Remember this place? Then it should not be too hard, right?
Mushroom Hill Act 2
Sonic dashes to and fro to get to the end. Watch out for badniks.

Cutscene 4

Sonic and Tails meet up with each other. Tails remebers this place as well. Sonic interupts Tails.
Grab that third emerald and go to the Boss Gate.

Cutscene 5

The two Sonics, Classic and Modern alike, meet each other, and Sonic thinks it's a mirror. Eggman's voice blurts out that he is going to kill Sonic forever. Classic Sonic runs off and beats Sonic to the door. Classic Sonic then arrives and meets up with... Classic Dr. Eggman. And now, Classic Sonic vs Classic Metal Sonic.

Boss: Classic Metal Sonic

Time to start running! Beat that robot clone to the goal. If you played Sonic CD, this should not be so hard.

Boss: Big Arm

Big Arm again? Wasn't he trashed the first time? Big Arm has new attacks; he slams his fist, so when he is ready to punch, get the living heck out of the way, for Big Arm is about to pound you. Land 4 hits and Big Arm will try to use the force, along with added attacks. 4 more hits (total of 8) and Sonic beats Big Arm... again.

Cutscene 6

Time Eater appears, and Classic Dr. Eggman is sucked in. Meanwhile, Sonic meets Classic Sonic... again. Sonic then points out that there is two of himself... and......... two Tails? What the heck? Classic Tails and Tails then think about the situation, and realize that they are traveling through time and... space! Sonic wonders on how did it happen. Tails points out that it has something to do with Time Eater. Classic Tails then says that Time Eater kidnapped Sonic as well. Time Eater appears, and then... it's gone! Classic Tails asks Sonic on where Time Eater went, and Sonic responds that they need to find it, and fast. Later, Classic Sonic is under attack by Badniks that are about to kill Classic Sonic. Sonic saves Classic Sonic by Homing Attacking the Badniks. Sonic then asks Classic Sonic if he wants to try the Homing Attack. Classic Sonic does it perfectly. Sonic then says that "it's hard to believe that this is your first time trying it." Sonic then tells Classic Sonic that he can go to other places to see what he can find. Classic Sonic runs off...

Emerald Coast Act 1

... To a level in Sonic Adventure. If you played this, like before, it should not be too hard.

Emerald Coast Act 2

Sonic's turn. The whale is not done with you yet! He makes one last attempt to kill Sonic. Push the buttons that appear on screen to get away from the whale once and for all.
Nab the fourth emerald and go to the next zone!

Radical Highway Act 1

Two zones from Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 for the price of one! If you played Sonic Adventure 2 or Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, it's not so hard! Just watch out for G.U.N.!

Radical Highway Act 2

Sonic races through the streets while avoiding G.U.N. as he tries to get to the goal.

Cutscene 7

Tails has calculated everything, and it's not good. Time Eater gets away again. The two Tails have a talk, and Sonic says that he has company to handle.
But first! Nab that emerald and go straight to the Boss Gate.

Boss: Shadow

Radical Highway racing. Now, Shadow is harder that Classic Metal Sonic. But don't give up!

Boss: Biolizard

Biolizard returns for revenge. This time, Sonic takes him on. If you battled Biolizard in Sonic Adventure 2, he is not hard.

Cutscene 8
Tails did not expect to see Biolizard again. Sonic says he battled it before. Tails says that Sonic is doing great, but Classic Tails cuts in and says, "You mean, 'You're doing great, Sonics.'" Tails comments that he would never get used to that. Time Eater's return! Sonic tells everyone to watch out! Just then! The same red Chaos Emerald you collected earlier appears and scares Time Eater away. Classic Tails comments that Time Eater hates Chaos Emeralds. Both Tails realize that they must collect all seven. You got five of the emeralds out of seven, right, so that means that you can challenge Time Eater in the final boss fight and restore the world... but that would be a little later. Sonic tells Classic Tails that an adventure is just no fun if it's too easy. Classic Tails replies, "That's Sonic for you!" Tails then gives Sonic a present; some new Speed Shoes! This pair of Speed Shoes has the Stomp ability, so to use it, jump and then press down and the jump button. Classic Tails asks Tails on what was he doing, and Tails replies that he made Sonic's shoes 30% lighter. Classic Tails likes the idea and plans to try it on Classic Sonic. Tails says that he will show Classic Tails on how to do that later. Both Tails are surprised by Sonic's brand new Stomp ability, and Sonic thanks Tails. Water Palace, here we come!

Water Palace Act 1

Sonic Rush's zone has appeared on 3DS! Cool, huh? Played Sonic Rush? Now's your chance to play it again. It has bubbles, and so you have to use them. There is an underwater Badnik that tries to kill you, and is defeated halfway towards the end.

Water Palace Act 2

Sonic runs through the waters as he battles old Baniks.
Nab the sixth emerald and go to Tropical Resort.

Tropical Resort Act 1

Sonic Colors' zone has arrived. There are Wisps here. To use them, press the X button. In Classic Sonic's case, you get the Burst. Hold the jump button and let go to gain a boost.

Tropical Resort Act 2

Sonic gets the Laser Wisp. Use it and aim it. Then push the jump button to lauch. At the end, there are astroids. Avoid them at all costs.

Cutscene 9

Time Eater returns. Sonic fends Time Eater off with his Boost.
Got the final emerald? Good. Now, go to the Boss Gate.

Boss: Silver

Silver is hard as heck. He throws stuff. Avoid them and get to the end before him.

Boss: Egg Emperor

The boss of Sonic Heroes returns. To start, missles are coming from the cannons. Egg Emperor uses sword slashes, so make sure to avoid them. Also, don't go too far, or Egg Emperor will charge at you. Use the Boost to hit the Egg Emperor. Use it at the start of the battle to get the first hit quickly. After every 2 hits or if the battle takes long enough, Egg Emperor will go to the platform, where he uses sword slashes. You need to trick one of the cannons into shooting the Egg Emperor, and he will charge at you, so when he gets ready, get the heck out of the way. Use the Homing Attack to hit Egg Emperor. Another 2 hits, and it's back to the cannons-shooting-at-you part again. Land 7 hits and Egg Emperor will go haywire and use a heckload of sword slashes before charging at you. Luckily, the sword slashes hit the cannons, so avoid the sword slashes. Or you can use a Homing Attack. Blow up all of the cannons and land 1 last hit (total of 8) to defeat Egg Emperor.

Cutscene 10

Dr. Eggman says that he was supposed to beat Sonic. Sonic responds that that's why Sonic always beats Eggman every single time. Sonic tells Classic Sonic that they beat Eggman every time as if it's thier job. Tails wonders what Eggman is doing here. Time Eater grabs Eggman. Classic Tails says that this is getting stranger every time.
If you are missing any of the Chaos Emeralds, go back and get them. Oh, you got all seven? Head on over to the final Boss Gate.

Cutscene 11

Time Eater appears, and Sonic says that unless Time Eater wants to get his butt kicked, Sonic demands that Time Eater gives up now. Eggman appears calls Sonic a nasty pincushion. Tails is surprised that Eggman is here. But why? Anwser is solved when Classic Dr. Eggman appears. Classic Tails says, "Dr. Robotnik!" at that time. Classic Dr. Eggman's response? "Nobody calls me that anymore! If you would be so kind as to explain, gentleman genius Dr. Eggman from the future?" Dr. Eggman replies, "It would be my pleasure, most excellent and efficacious Dr. Eggman of the past." Dr. Eggman then explains that after his defeat in Sonic Colors, Dr. Eggman discovered Time Eater, and it had amazing abilities that even Dr. Eggman has never been able to master; Time Eater can erase time and space! Dr. Eggman gets an idea. He leaves his two robots from Sonic Colors in deep space so Dr. Eggman can undo his past defeats like Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic and Knuckles, Sonic CD, Sonic Spinball and other games that Sonic defeated Dr. Eggman. But in order to do it, he needed someone smart as he is. And that is... Classic Dr. Eggman. Classic Dr. Eggman said that he was happy to help. Dr. Eggman said that while he was at it, he trapped Sonic and Tails in this blank world. Tails gets angry and says that the more Time Eater tears through time, the more damage he does to the whole world. Dr. Eggman says that he is going to OWN the world when he is finished with Sonic. Classic Dr. Eggman then says that he means THEY'RE going to own the world. Sonic then says that there is two of Sonic. Dr. Eggman then says that he'll have twice as much fun defeating the Sonics. Time Eater attacks! Sonic and Classic Sonic try running. Dr. Eggman taunts them, and Time Eater hits the Sonics again. Dr. Eggman continues taunting the Sonics by saying that Time Eater obliterates time and space. Just as Dr. Eggman is about to kill the Sonics, Tails and Classic Tails jump in the wake and get hurt themselves. Sonic asks Tails if he's alright, and Classic Tails tells Classic Sonic that he wanted to help, too and apoligizes. Sonic then says, "We can't let Tails do all the hard work here, can we, partner?" And then! The Chaos Emeralds start to power up. Both Eggmen were surprised at the appearence of the emeralds. The Chaos Emeralds turn Sonic and Classic Sonic into Super Sonic and Classic Super Sonic! Time to kick some butt once and for all!

Boss:  Time Eater

This is it! The battle against Time Eater. You're given 100 rings to which do battle, and you're gonna need every last one of them. Pick up the rings to avoid losing a life. Time Eater uses attacks in which he uses before trying to pound you. See that core? That's what you need to hit. Afterwards, Classic Dr. Eggman controls Time Eater. Here, you need to dodge the attacks. Then, press down and B button, and then B button again to hit Time Eater. As he gets hit, Time Eater shoots energy beams and even a laser beam. Classic Dr. Eggman's portion of Time Eater has the hands and some clocks with hands you must avoid. Land 7 hits and then Time Eater unleashes some attacks. Avoid them and land that last hit (total of 8) to finally trash Time Eater for good.

Cutscene 12

Sonic and Tails are back in thier world. Sonic then comments the benefits of time travel. He tells Classic Sonic that it was great teaming up with him. He hopes that the Boost helps Classic Sonic in the past. And what does Classic Sonic do? He uses the Boost. The portal is closing, so Classic Sonic has to go. Tails wishes that they had more time, and tells them good luck. Classic Sonic and Classic Tails say their good byes. But Sonic cheers up Classic Sonic by telling him to enjoy the future, for it's gonna be great.
The credits roll. Afterwards, a snapshot from the console versions appears with the card wishing Sonic a happy birthday.

Cutscene 13

Meanwhile, both Eggmen have trouble finding a door. Dr. Eggman tells Classic Dr. Eggman to keep looking. Some time later, Classic Dr. Eggman asks Dr. Eggman on what time it is, and Dr. Eggman points out that it's the exact same time as when he asked earlier, and that it will be the exact same time when he asks later, and points out one thing; THERE IS NO TIME HERE! Classic Dr. Eggman then says that it was a brilliant plan Dr. Eggman came up with. Dr. Eggman tells Classic Dr. Eggman not to get too self-righteous. After some time, the Eggmen explain the attempts to win and their fails. Classic Dr. Eggman then says that he can only pray that he doesn't end up like Dr. Eggman. Dr. Eggman says, "Good luck with that!" Then Classic Dr. Eggman then asks Dr. Eggman on what time is it again, which sums up the story mode and this walkthrough.

All rights go to SEGA.