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Sonic Generations Guide

by paperLuigi


Okay, first of all, instead of making this look pretty, even though I like pretty, I will be just making a quick guide on all the levels, okay?
Good, now it's time to dip in to Sonic Generations on the 3DS

Here is how you will find the levels, press Ctrl - F and put in these level codes:

Green Hill:                                  Act 1 [1.1] Act 2 [1.2]
Casino Night:                            Act 1 [2.1] Act 2 [2.2]
Mushroom Hill:                         Act 1 [3.1] Act 2 [3.2]
Boss Gate 1:                             Metal Sonic [B1.1] Big Arm [B1.2]
Emerald Coast:                        Act 1 [4.1] Act 2 [4.2]
Radical Highway:                    Act 1 [5.1] Act 2 [5.2]
Boss Gate 2:                             Shadow [B2.1] Biolizard [B2.2]
Water Park:                               Act 1 [6.1] Act 2 [6.2]
Tropical Resort                       Act 1 [7.1] Act 2 [7.2]
Boss Gate 3                             Silver [B3.1]
Final Boss                                Time Eater [End]

/               Green Hill [1.1] Act 1
/               Original Game: Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)

   Guide: Alright, in Act 1, all you gotta do is run right, straight to the finish, like in most classic sonic games.
                 One thing you gotta remember is jumping on enemies makes you go higher, and don't be afraid
                 to go through loops, Sonic has been doing it for 20 years now!

    My take: They kind of, I don't know, just reused the first level in the ENTIRE series, I don't like that, but it
                      does keep the fact that you Classic Sonic, that this is his first time ever trying to save his friends,
                      Sonic has the Spin Dash in this level, but he didn't have it until Sonic 2, So that has a bit of an 
                      unfare advantage. I'm very disapointed in Dimps for just remaking the first level, but happy about moderns!

/                      Green Hill [1.2] Act 2
/                      Original Game: Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)

    Guide: Okay!! Sonic is seen dashing from the start! Don't worry about boosting unless your low on speed,
                  this version of the game the boost just is the same as running. Try to keep on the rails at all costs to
                  get a good time. At the end, you will hit a large tiki, which I just assume it is, and it will come toppling
                  down on you, make your best effort and hold Y to get out of the way, or else you DIE... it should auto-
                  matically refill your boost meter as soon as you hit the tiki.