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Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Cheats for 3DS

We have 8 cheats on 3DS
We also have cheats for this game on:   Wii U

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Unlock Guest CharactersAdded 13 Oct 2017, ID #2184
Complete the indicated sport after winning a medal in Tournament mode to unlock the corresponding character in that sport. Note: The characters will not be playable in any other sport.

Diddy Kong:
Complete the Level 1 Rugby Sevens Tournament.

Dry Bowser:
Complete the Level 2 Javelin Event.

Complete the Level 2 Triple Jump Event.

Complete the Level 1 Football Event.

Complete the Level 2 Equestrian Event.

Complete the Level 2 100m Event.

Complete the Level 1 Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Complete the Level 1 Beach Volleyball Event.

Complete the Level 2 Archery Event.

Complete the Level 2 4x100m Relay Event.

Complete the Level 1 BMX Event.

Complete the Level 2 Swimming Event.

Complete the Level 1 Boxing Event.

Complete the Level 1 Table Tennis Eventh.

UnlockablesAdded 13 Oct 2017, ID #2183
When you complete the following tasks the corresponding bonus will become unlocked.

ALL Characters in Tournament Mode:
Complete ALL Level 3 tournaments.

Amiibo League:
Earn 25 Medals in any mode.

Carnival Challenge:
Earn 20 Medals in any mode.

Heroes Showdown:
Earn 3 tournament Medals or earn medals in ALL Single Match events.

Item Stand - Mario Edition:
Hold 250 Coins in hand.

Item Stand - Rio Edition:
Hold 50 Coins/Rings in hand.

Item Stand - Sonic Edition:
Hold 250 Rings in hand.

Music Selection:
Complete ALL Level 1 tournaments.

Tournament Mode:
Play 3 Single Match events.
Unlock Characters Without Any EffortAdded 13 Oct 2017, ID #2182
Choose the character you want to unlock in Story mode and then lose to them. Then while they are talking to you after you lost turn off your 3DS and wait at least 5 minutes. When you then return to the Story mode of the game the character that beat you will be unlocked.
Achievement BonusesAdded 8 Jul 2016, ID #1921
When you have unlocked the indicated number of panels by completing Achievements you will earn the corresponding bonus.

Blue Spring Arrow:
10 Panels

Chain Chomp Club:
ALL Panels

Chaos Emerald Gloves:
30 Panels

Fire Flower Paddles:
20 Panels

Golden Mushroom Bike:
40 Panels
Unlock Bonus GearAdded 28 Jun 2016, ID #1918
In total there are 48 Achievements, each of them having 3 levels. When you complete each level you will unlock a panel to progressively reveal an image which will eventually unlock a new piece of gear every 10 (or 8 for the final image) third level Achievements obtained.

Blue Spring Arrow:
Unlock 10 panels.

Chain Chomp Club:
Unlock ALL panels.

Chaos Emerald Gloves:
Unlock 30 panels.

Fire Flower Paddles:
Unlock 20 panels.

Golden Mushroom Bike:
Unlock 40 panels.
Achievement UnlocksAdded 12 Apr 2016, ID #1866
There are 48 Achievements altogether and each comprises of 3 levels. When you complete a level you will gradually uncover an image. You will receieve a new gear for use for every 10 Level 3 Achievements unlocked.

Blue Spring Arrow:
Unlock 10 Panels

Fire Flower Paddles:
Unlock 20 Panels

Chaos Emerald Gloves:
Unlock 30 Panels

Golden Mushroom Bike:
Unlock 40 Panels
All Dream EventsAdded 11 Apr 2016, ID #1863
The video below is a compilation of ALL the dream events in the game.

Watch the video

00:01 Dream 100m Dash

00:29 Dream 110m Hurdles

01:00 Dream Long Jump

02:02 Dream Javelin Throw

03:59 Dream 100m Freestyle

05:04 Dream Archery

07:13 Dream Boxing

09:35 Dream Table Tennis

17:24 Dream Beach Volleyball

25:31 Dream Equestrian

27:00 Dream BMX

28:00 Dream Rhythmic Hoop (Mario theme)

29:47 Dream Rhythmic Hoop (Sonic theme)

31:34 Dream Football (soccer)

43:07 Dream Golf
Unlockable CharactersAdded 21 Mar 2016, ID #1839
When you defeat the following characters in the listed event you will unlock them as a playable character.

Diddy Kong:
Dream 110m Hurdles on Day 1 of the Mario adventure.

Dry Bowser:
Dream Javelin Throw on Day 5 of the Sonic adventure.

Eggman Nega:
Dream Long Jump on Day 4 of the Mario adventure.

Jet the Hawk:
Dream Soccer/Football on Day 7 of the Sonic adventure.

Larry Koopa:
Dream Equestrian on Day 4 of the Sonic adventure.

Dream 100m Dash on Day 1 of the Sonic adventure.

Dream Rhythmic Gymnastics: Hoop on Day 3 of the Mario adventure.

Rouge the Bat:
Dream Golf on Day 7 of the Mario adventure.

Roy Koopa:
Dream Beach Volleyball on Day 2 of the Mario adventure.

Sticks the Badger:
Dream Archery on Day 3 of the Sonic adventure.

Wave the Swallow:
Dream BMX on Day 5 of the Mario adventure.

Wendy O. Koopa:
Dream 100m Freestyle on Day 6 of the Mario adventure.

Dream Boxing on Day 6 of the Sonic adventure.

Dream Table Tennis on Day 2 of the Sonic adventure.

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