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Follow the dark path or use the light

Cave Story 3D

Cave Story 3D Cheats for 3DS

We have 6 cheats on 3DS

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Unlock EndingsAdded 31 Jul 2017, ID #2162
When you meet the following specified conditions you will recieve the corresponding ending.

Normal Ending:
Finish the escape sequence at the end of the game without going through the Sacred Grounds.

Bad Ending:
Choose to leave with Kazuma after your second time through the Egg Corridor.

Good Ending:
Finish the Sacred Grounds area.

Challenges and Curly StoryAdded 16 Oct 2012, ID #450
The features that are unlocked with the 'Best' ending will stay unlocked but you will need a save file that has the Nemesis/Curly's Panties to keep the Nemesis Challenge/Curly Story unlocked.

Boss Attack Mode:
Earn the 'Best' ending.

Curly Story:
Have Curly's Panties

Sanctuary Time Attack Mode:
Earn the 'Best' ending.

Wind Fortress Stage:
Earn the 'Best' ending.

Nemesis Challenge Stage:
Obtain the Nemesis and save the game.
Unlock Alternate Title ScreensAdded 16 Oct 2012, ID #449
When you complete Sanctuary Time Attack mode under the indicated time limit the corresponding alternate music at the 'Title' screen and the corresponding alternate character pointer will become unlocked.

Safety Music / Sue Cursor:
Under 3 minutes.

White music / King Cursor:
Under 4 minutes.

Toroko's Theme Music / Toroko Cursor:
Under 5 minutes.

Running Hell Music / Curly Cursor:
Under 6 minutes.
Prinny CapAdded 19 Apr 2012, ID #340
Go to the 'Rest Area' inside the Plantation level and go to the bottom where the water is located. Reach the 'Inner Wall' outside area by moving left through the opening in the wall. Booster 2.0 is needed for this location. Keep moving ahead until you reach a door at the bottom left with a wall between it. Go under the wall and boost up until you reach the door which will take you to a 'Secret Grave' with a large 'Prinny' statue at the center. When you examine the sparkling object you will get the 'Prinny Cap'.
Unlock WeaponsAdded 19 Apr 2012, ID #339
Complete the following tasks to obtain the corresponding weapon.

Unlock Blade:
Talk to king when you have defeated frenzied Toroko. He will ask that you avenge him and then disappear. When something takes his place press 'Down' to get the weapon.

Unlock Bubbler:
Get access to the Bushlands and obtain jellyfish juice. When you have it go to the meeting room in the Mimiga Village and put out the fire.

Unlock Fireball:
Obtained in the Bushlands when you talk to Santa after getting his key.

Unlock Machine Gun:
In the Sand Zone defeat Curly and she will want to trade the Polar Star for the Machine Gun. To get the Spur later you must refuse her trade.

Unlock Missile Launcher:
Found in the treasure chest in the Egg Observation room in Egg Corridor (the second door with the save symbol).

Unlock Missile Upgrade:
When you defeat Balrog in the Boulder Chamber a treasure chest with the weapon will appear. If you already have the Missile Launcher it will be upgraded to fire new missiles.

Unlock Nemesis:
Dragon and Kazuma will be on the Balcony so you need to go down a row to find a gap and use the Booster to traverse the gap and enter the house. Talk to Mrs. Little then go to the Graveyard. Speak to the small character in the grass and he will enter into your inventory. Return to Mrs. Little's house. The small character will say 'I'm home!'. Talk to him in the house and he will trade the Blade for the Nemesis.

Unlock Polar Star:
Obtained at the start from the hermit gunsmith.

Unlock Snake:
Talk to the owner in the Labyrinth Shop and he will borrow your Polar Star and Fireball and combine them into the Snake. This weapon's rounds will pass through walls only if you do not have the Machine Gun or Spur.

Unlock Spur:
Defeat the fish Boss. After appearing in the Reservoir, go to Arthur's house. Professor booster will appear from the teleporter and give you Booster 2.0. Before this you must not talk to Booster in the Labyrinth. Use the Booster to reach to the first cave and talk to the hermit gunsmith and he will upgrade it to the Spur.
Unlock Time Attack ModeAdded 19 Apr 2012, ID #338
When you complete the 'Sacred Ground' level this mode will become available. In Time Attack mode you have a choice of five of the six weapons and you can select the amount of health you have.

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