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Me Added 9 Jul 2005, ID #15976
I like pie and doughnuts. My friend takane told me that if you have doughnuts ten times a day it is bad for you but i do not believe him. He is always lying and not telling the truth and always lying and not telling the truth. Can you believe that GTA 1 just came out i played it at least five times this decade it is super good and i love it and i hate Fifa 2019 the graphics are really bad. I love pie and doughnuts if you didn\'t know that. and get
Good very good Added 3 Jun 2004, ID #8934
This is a good game i may buy it for the ps2 some time.

Graphics:***** 5.5 not brilliant lucky to do the trick

Gameplay:******** 8 the gameplay is funny and good.

Sound:****** 6.5 alright sound but not brilliant no sound from animals.

Lifespan:********* 9.5 brillaint lifespan you can play it anytime and you wont get bored.

Value:********** 10 brilliant value.

Alltogether I give this a 77% out of 100% many things let this down on the game.
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