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Zone of the Enders M 8.5

Z.O.E. was interesting in many ways. For one, I beat it in less than one day. Also, you couldn't beat the last boss. The verses mode isn't too fun. It's cool to play as Neith and Zombie Nieth, but eventually it wears off. Still, if you like mech combat, this game is better than most on PS2. Z.O.E. whups RAD 'cause RAD's begining (all that I've played) suxor, and the camera's screwy. Z.O.E's story is kinda clieched, but you get to destroy tons of stuff with a Big-Ass robot! How can you not enjoy that?

May the blood flow and let the bodies hit the floor!

PI-I33r //j l33t //3ap0//z!

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