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furyfighter26th Jan 2006, ID #251
Hello I'm furyfighter and I'm going to introduce you to the best game on the block The legend of zelda and the orcarina of time as I'm going to explain about all of it's good points.every thing! It..

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phyro98928th Aug 2006, ID #400
This is the phyro. Now Nintendo has put out some sweet titles but Ocarina of Time has rocked them all. It is my favorite game and has been that way for ten years now. This game has it all; great gra..

Rating: 98%Read Full Review
cheatsupastar949th Apr 2007, ID #588
This is my long review on: The Ledgend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This will include explinations on why you should buy this game (although you cannot buy it anymore from the shops but you probably c..

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S|iPkNoTFreak9th Jun 2007, ID #633
Hello there, I am S|ipknotFreak. Today, cos school is boring, I am writing this review for everyone to read. I have actually completed Zelda: Ocarina of time many times. I have even taken Manocheese..

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SomeWhere13th Apr 2010, ID #1236
This game is the best game I've ever played. The view from childhood memories linger in this game, and to me this is just epic. This is for all the motherfuckers who have forgotten. For everyone who..

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Exellent Added 27 May 2005, ID #5240
The best game on Nintendo 64. If you don\'t have it yet then I suggest you search everywhere you can for a copy since Nintendo 64 games are rare these days. This game is very long and in some places it\'s very tough too. Jabu Jabu\'s Belly is one hard dungeon if you ask me, and so is the Water Temple. Some of the dungeons are easy though like Inside The Deku Tree and Dodongo\'s Cavern. The bosses in those places were easy too. I\'d score it 97%. and get
This is the best game ever! Added 19 Feb 2005, ID #5063
This is a really great game. It's the best of the "Zelda" series in my opinion, and a lot of my friends agree as well.

Best song: Song of Time
Best Sage: Zelda
Best level: Spirit Temple
Best Item: Ice Arrows+Nayru's Love
Best Place: Zora's Domain+Market
Best Boss: Bongo Bongo by far!
Hardest level: Shadow Temple
Most annoying level: Water temple
Easiest level: Deku Tree
Easiest boss: Queen Gohma
Most annoying boss: I forgot its name, but the one in the Water Temple

Ja Ne! Have fun!
Exellent Added 14 Feb 2005, ID #5054
I think this game is exellent. No doubt about that. This gets third place in my favourite games ever!

Now that's very high.97%.
Excellent. No other words to describe it Added 11 Dec 2004, ID #4970
This game is awesome. It goes at 3rd in my top 10 games. Even if it's old everyone should at least try it good: the cool characters, the long hours of this game's life span
bad: some dungeons ar a bit too long and you may not be bothered by finishing it off.

Overall:if you like adventure games this one's for you
Sweet! Added 7 Oct 2004, ID #4918
I love this game! This is possibly one of the best games ever! I love the 3-D, the time travel, and the weaponery! 15/10, baby!
Zelda the best by far seires of games! Added 4 Aug 2004, ID #4827
The best game ever I would give it:10/10 and 99%

Best song:saira's song (lost woods)
Best boss to fight wif:Gannen phantom(forest temple boss)
Best weapon:longshot + goron sword.
Best temple:spirit temple.
Best city:Zora's domain.

Zelda is the best game ever and the best game out of the zelda seires.
The best of the best Added 15 Jul 2004, ID #4798
Zelda: Orcarina of time is the best Zelda game ever. Nothin can beat it. I give it 1000 out of 10.

The boloro of fire and prelude of light songs are awsome!
The Best Game Added 10 Jul 2004, ID #4786
This is a game that is hard but fun. What this game is is somthing that I (and most other people) want.

It's not like most games that are puzzles or plain fighting games.

It's combined and you have to find out what to get and where to get it from. With this long and amazing game I will say this made nintendo the best game maker in history.

I give this game from 1 through 10.
A 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
brilliant Added 23 May 2004, ID #4704
This game is brilliant and I think that if you still have a n64 like me then get it I swear it is brilliant.

graphics:the graphics are actually average for the N64.So i give this a 6/10.

gameplay:the gameplay is really good definetely a game ide but easily just for the gameplay 8/10.

sound:the sound is really good to with the original soundtracks from all the old soundtracks from the zelda games.9/10.

lifespan:this game has some of best lifespan ive ever seen this has a brilliant lifespan its still fun to slam in your cartridge and have a ride.
100% Added 25 Apr 2004, ID #4585
Can't get bored.

I bought it 3 days ago because I heard it was good.

I'm on the forest temple now.sarias song(the lost woods tune) is awesome.
What?!? Added 24 Apr 2004, ID #4581
This is the best game ever!

I hope everyone had the game!Just listen to it!Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time.

By the way,why is it so dark in Kokiri Forest?
Added 17 Apr 2004, ID #4567
Ive got to admit this game has balls, it's got good graphics the gameplay is absolutely brilliant and the sound has got to be one of the best things on the game and this game is soooo good it even got onto the Gamecube as well. Its got to be on a whole 89%
Greatest Game Ever Made!!! Added 21 Feb 2004, ID #4512
This without a shadow of a doubt the best game ever, its a puzzle/adventure game in which you to go into volcanos, fight under water with iron boots that make you sink.

There's Also the fact the characters are good, ranging from idiotic gorons to evilgenius Ganandorf.

You also get a big inventory of weapons including the great sword and the hookshot. you can also use a range of magical items and even bombs. you can also ride a horse and fire arrows from it.

The bosses are a little bit tricky but alot of fun. there are also lots of sub missions to do for people to get items that will help in the future.

Just to top it off you can change between when linkwas a boy and when he's a man. the latter has much better weapons but young links stil good.

If you have an N64 and you don't have this game you should be shot.
Added 7 Feb 2004, ID #4500
I like the game because Link`s moves are the best!Forest Temple is my favourite place.
Added 22 Aug 2003, ID #4312
Ocarina of time is amazing.its the best nintendo game ever.

score:-10/10(of course)and 98%
ID #4272

Come on people! If you play the Ocarina of time, you should be able to spell Hyrule!here's a list of commonly misspelled words in the Cheats Area:







*if you put it up, spell it right!

ID #4271

I never get bored of this.Along with mario kart 64 this is the best game on nintendo 64.

The best music is the lost woods tune.

ID #4270

This game rocks! I would recomend it to anybody that likes zelda games.

ID #4269
For this game i have given the graphics a whopping 8/10- for even though they are good- some 3D details are clearly up for confusion of the players- in my experience.

Plot line- very interesting- gripping- different. you don't just go to a dungeon and beat a Boss or suchlike- there are some brains as well as brawn needed for this game.

Shigeru Miyamotos design of this game was based on where he had travelled when he was a child- this gives great influence to someone like me who wants to be a game designer.

The overall performance and gameplay for this gets another 10/10- this is right up my, and many others, street, and has had many 10's plastered over the cover of copies of this game. happy gaming!

ID #1225

This game is better than I expected.I beat it before my cousin,Forest.At first I was too scared to even go into The Great Deku Tree.It was a little dissapointing.

I thought I would be able to make your own survival stuff.

And I thought You could blow up walls

with bombs.

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