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121 gamer1234 16th Jul 2005 86% Read Review
654 CFOUR 28th Jun 2007 76% Read Review
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Good Game!!!!! Added 15 Jun 2004, ID #2632
This game is by far the most greatest yugioh game I have ever played. The graphics are great and also the challenging duels.There were a few bad things though.

1. You need a high deck capacity to get good cards.

2. This really sucks.You cant save the game at the end.

Overall, this game is pretty good.

My rating: 8 out of 10 and get
The time of purification is upon us... Added 17 Apr 2004, ID #2188
The last time I saw sunlight, it was the year 1265. I almost died of exposure.

However, this is the most important event since then; the day someone read my reviews! I shall celebrate by drinking a drink made of sunbeams, gold, and fire from the base of HELL! In the few minutes that remain, I shall review the latest Yu-gi-oh game. It has the name of a sh**e tv show on the cover, and there is a lot about friendship that will ask you to say "Why?" However, the game isn't that bad. The visuals are impressive, with an overall level of smoothness and attention to detail. You play as yourself, in a tournament that (yawn) turns into an evil plot to destroy the world. The dueling itself, which can be quite daunting to a less experienced player (a.k.a. 99.9% of all people), is still as addictive as it was before, yet, though there are more interesting cards (called God cards) present, some of the old cards have simply vanished, and others have become not as good as they used to be. In a nutshell, even with the grand visuals, good sound, and free-roaming gameplay, the duels have received slightly less attention. It is by no means bad, but if it's hardcore duelling you want, Yu-gi-oh, Stairway to a destined duel is the better pick. It is never the less a good game, but may not be the breakthrough that may have been expected.
Graphics: 90% Among the best the GBA can offer
Sound: 65% Forgettable yet instantly recognisable
Gameplay: 71% Some boring parts, some ridiculously hard parts, and some long parts. In a word- Japenese
Lifespan: 57% Shouldn't take more than 6 days if you know what you're doing
Overall: 75% Numerous flaws sadly overshadow this graphically superb game.
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