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WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2009 Cheats for Xbox 360

We have 7 cheats on Xbox 360
We also have cheats for this game on:   PlayStation 3   Nintendo DS   Wii   PlayStation 2   PSP

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how to pick your abilitiesAdded 30 Jul 2010, ID #6090
pick randy orton in career mode and win all titles and then you go to my wwe gie him all title as possible then you save then start a new career with a your caw then you win world heavyweight or wwe champpion ships then you make your caw unlock outside dives then you go to my wwe then at the cheat code menu and put ability rights then save then go to the main menu and hold A for the rest on earth.

Career Mode PathsAdded 31 Mar 2009, ID #4229
When you complete the indicated task in Career mode the corresponding path will become unlocked.

Unlock ECW Championship:
Complete the Intercontinental Championship path.

Unlock Hardcore Championship:
Complete the United States Championship path.

Unlock United States Championship:
Complete the Intercontinental Championship path.

Unlock World Heavyweight Championship:
Complete the Hardcore Championship path.

Unlock WWE Championship:
Complete the Hardcore Championship path.
Get into the crowd, 09 version.Added 14 Mar 2009, ID #4150
To get into the crowd, your superstar must have the breakbreaker ultimate control grapple. (one that allows you to perform the last call. Grab the opponent in this grapple outisde of the ring, walk over to thr turnbuckle, and interact with it, hitting their back against th metal pole.

You are now able to walk off into the crowd, get in thar.
Abilities in Carrier ModeAdded 13 Jan 2009, ID #3805
Can you change one of your abilities in carrier mode for a new one if you've done the requirement for it, because I'm a master at Steel Cage matches and I want the Steel Cage Match ability. Thanks!
Unlock Created Superstar AbilitiesAdded 11 Nov 2008, ID #3445
Complete the following task to unlock the corresponding ability for a created superstar in Career mode.

Unlock Springboard:
Win the Cruiserweight championship

Unlock Kip-Up:
Win 6 championships.

Unlock Move Theft:
Defeat 20 different superstars.

Unlock Outside Dives:
Complete 25 dives in your career.

Unlock Evasive Dodge:
Win a Special match against 2 opponents.

Unlock Cage Match:
Win a Cage match in under a minute by escaping.

Unlock Fan Favorite:
During a match Taunt 10 times (cannot have Steal Taunt).

Unlock Dirty Pin:
Get a '5 Star' rank against 3 different opponents who have this ability.

Unlock K.O.:
Get a '5 Star' rank against every competitor in a title path (title match not included).

Unlock Durability:
With both of you having orange damage defeat a superstar rated 20 points higher overall.

Unlock Hammer Throw:
Earn an ability within your first 10 career matches and then get the 'Sit In The Corner' award.

Unlock Bloodshed:
Make your opponents bleed 10 times and bleed yourself 10 times (rewarded on win with blood).

Unlock Referee Shield:
Get 5 DQ losses before winning a championship match against a 'clean' superstar.

Unlock Steal Taunt:
Prevent your opponent's attempt to steal your taunt (without using Fan Fave ability).

Unlock Resiliency:
Kick out of a pin at '2' while having two parts of red body damage.

Unlock Lock Pick:
Face Y2J in a Singles match and escape the Walls Of Jericho.

Unlock Submission:
In one match attempt 7 Struggle submissions and then win.

Unlock Table Match:
Break 40 tables in your career (announcer tables included).

Unlock Ladder Match:
Get a '5 Star' ranked Ladder match against one of the Hardys.

Unlock Object Specialist (grab with object):
Execute 50 object attacks in your career.
WrestleMania Mode UnlockablesAdded 11 Nov 2008, ID #3444
When you complete the following tasks in Road To WrestleMania mode the corresponding bonus will become unlocked.

Unlock Vince McMahon:
Complete Road To Wrestle Mania mode with Rey and Batista.

Unlock Tazz:
Complete Road To Wrestle Mania mode mode with CM Punk.

Unlock The Boogeyman:
Complete The Undertakers Road To Wrestle Mania mode Story.

Unlock Tony:
Play as John Cena, and give Regal and Umaga the FU in the Tag Team match.

Unlock Ric Flair:
Play as Triple H, and complete Road To Wrestle Mania mode after taking the Evolution path.

Unlock Layla:
Play as CM Punk, and defeat Big Daddy V at the No Way Out Pay-Per-View with a time less than 2:30.

Unlock Jillian Hall:
Play as Triple H, and win the Tag match in February, Week 3.

Unlock Snitsky:
Play as John Cena, and make MVP bleed in Week 11.

Unlock Masked Man:
Complete Road To Wrestle Mania mode with Chris Jericho.

Unlock CM Punk Attire B:
Play as CM Punk, and put your opponent through a table during the first optional.

Unlock Finlay's Zombie Attire:
Have Undertaker help Rey beat Finlay in his Raod To Wrestlemania.

Santino Marella's Zombie Attire:
Have Undertaker help Rey beat Santino in his Raod To Wrestlemania.

Unlock DX Alternate Attire:
Play as Triple H and when you can be the referee in the Special Referee match make sure Shawn Michael's wins. Then defeat him at WrestleMania.

Unlock DX Entrance:
Play as Triple H and Pedigree Randy Orton 3 times.

Unlock Brothers of Destruction Entrance:
Complete Undertaker's Road To Wrestlemania.

Unlock Gauntlet Match:
Play as John Cena and in less than 2 minutes defeat Mr. Kennedy in Week 12.

Unlock Locker Room:
Play as CM Punk and in a Triple Threat match in March pin John Morrison to unlock a Backstage Brawl.

Unlock Tribute To The Troops Arena:
Play as John Cena and defeat MVP by submission at the Tribute To The Troops arena.

Unlock CAS Moveset #3:
Play as Triple H and it will become available shortly after the start.

Unlock More moves for Create-A-Move Set Mode:
Pin Edge in Triple H's first match in Road To Wrestlemania

Unlock WCW Title and WCW Brand:
Play as Chris Jericho and during the match in Week 3 pin Finlay.

Unlock John Cena and Tony's Military Vehicle Entrance:
Complete John Cena's Road to Wrestlemania.

Unlock Hornswoggle (Non-Playable Manager):
Defeat Santino Marella in Undertaker's Road To Wrestlemania, then defeat Finlay in a quicker time.

Unlock WCW Heavyweight Belt and WCW Faction:
Pin Finlay in Week 3 of Chris Jericho's Road To Wrestlemania.
Cheat CodesAdded 7 Nov 2008, ID #3424
Unlock the following features in the game by selecting 'Options' at the 'Main' menu and then 'Cheat Code' and inputting the following case-sensitive codes without the quotes.

Unlock Ric Flair:
Enter the code 'PlayAsRicFlairSvR'

Unlock Gene Snitsky:
Enter the code 'UnlockSnitskySvR2009'

Unlock Jillian Hall:
Enter the code 'PlayAsJillianHallSvR'

Unlock Mr. Vince McMahon:
Enter the code 'VinceMcMahonNoChance'

Unlock Layla (ECW):
Enter the code 'UnlockECWDivaLayla09'

Unlock Tazz (ECW):
Enter the code 'UnlockECWTazzSvR2009'

Unlock The Boogeyman:
Enter the code 'BoogeymanEatsWorms!!'

Chris Jericho Classic Attire (Attitude Era)
Enter the code 'AltJerichoModelSvR09'

Unlock Hornswoggle as a Manager:
Enter the code 'HornswoggleAsManager'

Saturday Night's Main Event Arena:
Enter the code 'SatNightMainEventSvR'

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