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Tony Hawk's Proving Ground Pack Shot

Tony Hawk's Proving Ground

Tony Hawk's Proving Ground Cheats for Xbox 360

We have 4 cheats on Xbox 360
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tony haw cheatsAdded 26 Aug 2008, ID #3000
No board:magicman
Tiny skater:tinytater
Invisible skater:themissing
Unlimited giring time:aintfallin
Unlimited focas:myopic
Fun items:overthetop
All cas items:givemestuff
All special tricks:lots of tricks

Added 18 Mar 2008, ID #2283
From the main menu go into the options menu to enter these cheats.

100% Branch Completion- FOREVERNAILED.

Invisible Man- THEMISSING.

Mini Skater- TINYTATER.




Perfect Rail- AINTFALLIN.

Super Check- BOOYAH.

Unlimited Focus- MYOPIC.

Unlimited Slash Grind- SUPERSLASHIN.

Unlock Air & Space Museum Level- THEINDOORPARK.


Unlock Lansdowne Level- THELOCALPARK.

Unlock Skater Boneman- CRAZYBONEMAN.

Unlock Skater Bosco- MOREMILK.

Unlock Skater Cam- NOTACAMERA.

Unlock Skater Cooper- THECOOP.

Unlock Skater Eddie X- SKETCHY.

Unlock Skater El Patinador- PILEDRIVER.

Unlock Skater Eric- FLYAWAY.

Unlock Skater Judy Nails- LOVEROCKNROLL.

Unlock Skater Mad Dog- RABBIES.


Unlock Skater Mel- NOTADUDE.

Unlock Skater Rube- LOOKSSMELLY.

Unlock Skater Shayne- MOVERS.

Unlock Skater Spence- DAPPER.

Unlock Skater TV Producer- SHAKER.

Happy gaming =)

- Superstyle4
a helpfull cheatAdded 30 Dec 2007, ID #1944
At the main menu go to the options
Menu then the cheat one thats on the
Option menu then go on to the cheat one
And then type in STILLAINTFALLIN
And you wont fall of doinf manuals
UnlockablesAdded 24 Oct 2007, ID #1680
To unlock the following options and effects in the game enter the following case-sensitive passwords at the 'Cheats' menu which is accessed by going to 'Options' via the 'Main' menu.

Unlock ALL Create-a-Skater Items:
Enter the password GIVEMESTUFF

Unlock ALL Fun Items:
Enter the password OVERTHETOP

Unlock ALL Game Movies:
Enter the password WATCHTHIS

Unlock ALL Lounge Bling Items:
Enter the password SWEETSTUFF

Unlock ALL Lounge Themes:
Enter the password LAIDBACKLOUNGE

Unlock ALL Rigger Pieces:
Enter the password IMGONNABUILD

Unlock ALL Special Tricks Available:
Enter the password LOTSOFTRICKS

Unlock ALL Video Editor Effects:
Enter the password TRIPPY

Unlock ALL Video Editor Overlays:
Enter the password PUTEMONTOP

Unlock 100% Branck Completion:
Enter the password FOREVERNAILED

Unlock Mini Skater:
Enter the password TINYTATER

Unlock Perfect Manual:
Enter the password STILLAINTFALLIN

Unlock Perfect Rail:
Enter the password AINTFALLIN

Unlock No Board:
Enter the password MAGICMAN

Unlock Invisible Skater:
Enter the password THEMISSING

Unlock Super Checking:
Enter the password BOOYAH

Unlock Unlimited Focus:
Enter the password MYOPIC

Unlock Unlimited Slash Grind:
Enter the password SUPERSLASHIN

Unlock 50 Extra Skill Points:
Enter the password NEEDSHELP

Unlock Full Stats:
Enter the password BEEFEDUP


Unlock Boneman:
Enter the password CRAZYBONEMAN

Unlock Bosco:
Enter the password MOREMILK

Unlock Cam:
Enter the password NOTACAMERA

Unlock Cooper:
Enter the password THECOOP

Unlock Eddie X:
Enter the password SKETCHY

Unlock El Patinador:
Enter the password PILEDRIVER

Unlock Eric:
Enter the password FLYAWAY

Unlock Mad Dog:
Enter the password RABBIES

Unlock MCA:
Enter the password INTERGALACTIC

Unlock Mel:
Enter the password NOTADUDE

Unlock Rube:
Enter the password LOOKSSMELLY

Unlock Shayne:
Enter the password MOVERS

Unlock Spence:
Enter the password DAPPER

Unlock TV Producer:
Enter the password SHAKER


Unlock FDR Level:
Enter the password THEPREZPARK

Unlock Lansdowne Level:
Enter the password THELOCALPARK

Unlock Air and Space Mueseum Level:
Enter the password THEINDOORPARK

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