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Easy Gold

Marry a follower when completing the quest to get married and make them follow you so you can trade items. They will have 750 gold because of the store they run. Take the gold, leave, wait a day and rinse. Keep repeating to get as much gold as you want without having to sell anything.

Added 30 Jan 2012, ID #8176, by Sanzano and get

Easy Pickpocket Levels

Go to jail in Riften and unlock your cell door. In a cell directly across from your cell is a man named Black-Briar who you can pickpocket even after he has caught you. Pickpocket ALL of his stuff and then place it back into his inventory and pickpocket him again. Keep repeating until you have the desired Pickpocket level.

Added 30 Jan 2012, ID #8175, by Sanzano

Constant Slow Motion

To perfom this you require a bow, arrow and the Eagle Eye Perk. Zoom in with the bow so the game slows down then reload a 'Save' file while still zooming. The game will now be in slow motion until you use the zoom again.

Added 30 Jan 2012, ID #8174, by Sanzano

Free Training

When you have a Skill Trainer as your follower you can get any training for free. Train your skills and then ask them to trade and take the gold back.

Added 30 Jan 2012, ID #8173, by Sanzano

How to Level Up Conjuration Fast

To perform this you must first buy or steal a horse. Then Learn the spell soul trap and use it on your horse. Your horse will not be hurt and your conjuration will increase. Keep repeating until you have the desired amount of conjuration.

Added 30 Jan 2012, ID #8172, by Sanzano

Armor Duplication

At your house in Solitude use the armor stand and place any piece of apparel on the mannequin. Then immediately place it back into your inventory before exiting the menu. If you now leave your house and return the armor will appear on the mannequin and it will still be in your inventory. This tick can be performed using any mannequin (just leave the area) and it also works for jewelry.

Added 30 Jan 2012, ID #8171, by Sanzano

Use the Sneak Roll without the Perk

Activate Sneak Mode and hold the 'Sprint' button, if you then double tap the 'Ready/Sheath' button while moving forward you will perform a forward roll. If done while moving sideways you will instead do a hop in that direction.

Added 30 Jan 2012, ID #8170, by Sanzano

'Do Not Delete' Chests

Eventually you may come across an item in a shop's inventory called simply 'Do Not Delete'. It looks like a chest and, when purchased, will float in mid air. You can use it to climb to previous unreachable areas, and, if you get multiple chests, you can build some stairs!

It has been frequently reported as part of the inventory at Arcadia's Cauldron in Whiterun, though is not there all the time.

Added 20 Jan 2012, ID #8142, by MongooseGeneral

Unbreakable Lockpick

It is possible to get an unbreakable lockpick during the "Darkness Returns" quest. This is part of the Thieves Guild in Riften line and if you refrain from finishing the quest once you have been given the 'Skeleton Key', you can keep it and use it to unlock doors and chests.

Added 17 Dec 2011, ID #8072, by MongooseGeneral

Invincible Dog Friend

If you find yourself at Falkreath, speak to Lod. Once you accept the task of finding his dog, Barbas, go outside the village and you should locate it. Barbas will then lead you to the Shrin of Clavicus Vile, after which you will receive the 'A Daedra's Best Friend' quest.

Throughout this quest, the dog is invincible, must survive, and can't be killed. This means that you can use him for other tasks, and he will provide a very effective addition to your combat strategies.

Added 26 Nov 2011, ID #8018, by MongooseGeneral

Remove Fast Travel Weight Limit

If your hero becomes 'over-encumbered', it means that you can't fast travel. This prevents you from pillaging treasure rich locations and just traveling back to store it.

There is a way around this issue, however. Basically you just need to buy yourself a horse. Because horses can take the extra weight, the game allows you to fast travel in this situation, regardless of your excess weight.

Added 26 Nov 2011, ID #8017, by MongooseGeneral

No Fall Damage

There is a way to remove the risk of fall damage when falling, as long as you are against a surface I.e. Falling down a steep slope. To do this, toggle sneak mode - this sticks you to the surface and stops you from receiving damage.

This means you can descend high areas much more easily knowing you are not going to take high damage.

Added 26 Nov 2011, ID #8016, by MongooseGeneral

Horse Swimming Glitch

There is a way to make your horse's slow swimming speed much faster. While in deep water, if you dismount the horse and then get back on, it should be able to effectively run through the water at high speed.

Added 26 Nov 2011, ID #8015, by MongooseGeneral

Easy Arrows

When you come across someone who is shooting arrows at a dummy target, you can pickpocket the arrows they have been using and then give them an arrow of another type - I.e. The one that you want to get a lot more of!

The NPC will then begin to use this type of arrow to shoot their target, allowing you to get them as they hit the target and build up a stash of your own in this particular variety.

Added 23 Nov 2011, ID #8002, by MongooseGeneral

Easy Illusion Leveling

To get an early increase in your Illusion skills, cast the Muffle spell as often as possible. It makes your movements quieter, and the bonus is that you can use it while walking around all the time.

You also gain general experience from doing this.

Added 12 Nov 2011, ID #7969, by MongooseGeneral

Mountain Climbing Glitch

There are a lot of mountains in Skyrim, and many seem too high to climb up. However, if you reach a point that is too steep, turn around and jump backwards, moving all the way. So you should be looking down the mountain and jumping backwards up it.

This should allow you to reach previously inaccessible areas.

Added 12 Nov 2011, ID #7967, by MongooseGeneral

Infinite Storage

Whenever you come across a storage container, you can store any excess items in it and should be able to return to it and collect them later.

This is not guaranteed but is nearly always the case. The only way to store items with no risk is to buy a property and keep them in there.

Added 12 Nov 2011, ID #7966, by MongooseGeneral

Steal cheat

You will need a house with a chest
For this you will need to be near your home
1-Choose what you are going to steal
2-Steal what ever you have chosen
3-Sprint back to your house avoiding every guard
4-Put it into your chest
5-Go outside and a guard will say "You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people, what say you in your defense"then you will be sent to prison
6-Break out and in the dugeons collect money
7-Go back to your house and your item will still be there
8-Warning (guards can still arrest)=(avoid them if you can)

Added 3 Nov 2013, ID #9487, by Guest

Cheating your way through Ustengrav

If you find that place where the horn of jurgen windcaller annoying, you've come to the right cheat. You can't skip ALL of it like this. Go to the room full of urns. Pick up a wooden plate (make it float) and put it flat against that REALLY suspicious rock... Its a door that only opens from the other side. Now, run as hard as you can against the plate. This make take a few tries, and you might have to move the plate a bit, but eventually you should glitch though the rock/door. Go to the end of the passage you find, and go though the door. Congrats, you've just cheated/glitched your way through most of a dungeon! (middle of dungeon to end of dungeon)

Added 20 Oct 2013, ID #9465, by CupcakeCheats

Smithing/Enchanting/Speech/Alteration level exploit

Go to the bandit camp just north of whiterun. Once you get inside, kill a bandit outlaw. The one you want to kill is the first one you see. He should have the key to a nearby door. Open that door, and avoid the traps in the area. Get all the iron ores you can. IMPORTANT- do not smelt them. Reach the end of said bandit camp. On a table near a large chest, you will find a spell book that lets you turn iron ores in silvers ores, and silver ores into gold. Use this spell until all of the iron you picked up are silver, and then until they are gold. Leave the camp, and go to the nearest mine. Whiterun works for this too. Smelt all of the gold, and make as many gold rings as possible. This will raise your smithing skill like CRAZY. The transmuting spell will level your alteration skill. If you want, you can enchant the rings, which will raise your enchanting skill like mad. Then, you go all over skyrim selling your truckloads of gold rings. As you sell then, sell them ONE BY ONE. It may be boring, but it raises your speech skill faster. Have fun with all that gold you just earned!

Added 19 Oct 2013, ID #9464, by Guest
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