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Vehicle Mayhem

If you ever find yourself in a car chase scene and you're having trouble, try to switch to a larger vehicles. An 18 wheeler, though not all that fast right out of the gate, is near indestructible. It will take your enemies a very long time to hurt your vehicle with bullets if you're driving one of these. If you're in a large vehicle, your enemies also can't ram you and cause damage.

Added 19 Mar 2011, ID #7140, by Forgoten_Scars and get

Ghost House

Go to Saints Row Loft (your crib) then open the frige and try to close it.It wont close right? There it is Ghost House.

Added 4 Sep 2010, ID #6249, by Guest

Falling Through

If you fall through the ground will see under the city, it looks cool but it kills you, it will it just takes a long time

Added 1 Nov 2009, ID #5092, by GameStar13

A few tips that might help

You've probably read these tips before, but here are some that helped me.


When I took a hostage (or hostages), I used a road on the bottom island which helped me a lot. Where you first crib is, if you stand so that your garage door is to your right, you will see you can either turn left or right. If you pause the game and follow the road left, you should notice it's a really long road that goes all the way past Sunnyvale and to the dome where the Rollerz are situated. I found this road good for hostages that were around 1 minute to 2 minutes. Adding on another tip, after you've completed the hostage, keep driving full speed and find a building where there is a wall not blocked by anything. Jump out before you hit the wall. Sometimes the hostage ejects through the window screen, you can pick up some extra money. It might only be say $100, but do a hostage ten times and it's an extra $1000 or so on top. Not much, but you wouldn't turn do a $1000 would you.

Shooting at Cars:

This is probably the most obvious thing, but when there's an enemy driving behind you, just shoot the driver (if you can). One less car to worry about then.

Hitman List - John and Bill:

On one of the hitlists, I can remember which, you have to kill John. He's with the SWAT team who use the vans as a roadblock. He needs to be killed using a McManus.

The second police-related guy is Bill (needs to be killed using a K6 Krukov, might have misspelt the name but you'll know what gun I mean). I read he was a shooter on the helicopters you get, but when I shot an FBI guy, I got the reward.

Anyway, this is kind of two tips in one.

When you want to kill both these guys (or one at time, your choice) - do it with homies and by a 'Forgive & Forget'. Once you have killed the person you want, steal the closest FBI car and drive through the F&F, which will only be literally a second away.

That's a good bonus if you hate driving long distances with police after you. The other bonus of this: now that you've got rid of the police easily, go and take that FBI car to the Chop Shop that wants it and earn yourself a nice wage - what could be more satisfying?

Added 9 Aug 2009, ID #4816, by WalkwiththeMoment

Easy money early on

To make loads of money in a shor period of time just go to the chop shop that wants Ambulances. Then call for an ambulance, steal it and drop it off at the chop shop. This will net you $1,000 a time with virtually no risk unless you get seen by the cops in which case just get away and lie low. You can keep ringing ambulances right next to the chop shop and dropping them off as often as you want for $1,000 a pop.

Added 7 Aug 2009, ID #4810, by ressurection666

ronin boss the old man

When you have the fight with the swords to end the fight quickly go down the stairs there should b a fire there try and counter him into the fire n it will take alot of health of him

Enjoy gameing

Added 28 May 2009, ID #4493, by big_gamer_uk

All the shops

Image as Designed Plastic Surgery
Do it up Hair Salon
Max Visions Theater
Peep This Theater
Brown Bagger's Liquor
Friendly Fire Weapon Shop
Forgive and Forget
Freckle Bitches Fast Food
Scratch That Music
On Thin Ice Jewerly
On the Rag Clothing
Sloppy Seconds Clothing
Branded Clothing
Impressions Clothing
Rim Jobs Car Repair
Foreign Power Car Shop

Added 23 Jan 2009, ID #3865, by Jackets28

How to get sweet cars

If you want to get a Limo or Hummar Limo this is what you need to do. Theres a bridge near your house go across it and start driving around and eventually and should find a Limo somewhere.

Added 6 Jan 2009, ID #3755, by Jackets28

More Bullets

If you find that you run out of bullets offten then it's very simple how to get more bullets. All you have to do is find some people and kill them, then cops will come and you kill them. Once you kill enough cops you will get bullets for your pistal and your shotgun. If you get three stars on your police notority and you get in a car and start driving around you may find the S.W.A.T. Team. They carry bullets for your riffle.

Added 6 Jan 2009, ID #3754, by Jackets28

Ifyou dontt like 3rd person go up to a wall and turn arond to go to first person

Added 3 Jan 2009, ID #3749, by masterkiller

easy respect

Go to any insurance fraud and keep doing that until you get like 5x respect I have almost beat the game because I love to get ran over by anything without losing health.

Added 31 Dec 2008, ID #3736, by masterkiller

free money

If you wanna get money without doing cheats get a titan save it in your garage take it out blow it up get the money go back to ure garage fix it for 500 and repeat works evry tym

Added 30 Jul 2008, ID #2863, by dee3irish

saints row 2

Saints row 2 ,you can take hostages at any time .fly planes and also be male or female or something in between.go to game stop they should have a display case for saints row 2 least in springfield illinois they looks kick booty.

Added 23 Jun 2008, ID #2685, by drop it yall

Beat Game On 100%

To beat the game on 100%, you must beat all activities, missions, and strong holds.

Added 21 Apr 2008, ID #2431, by Mr. Cheater

All Acheivements

1. Colombian Made
Take over Los Carnales territory. 40 points
2. Regicide
Take over Vice Kings territory. 40 points
3. Road Warrior
Take over Westside Rollerz territory. 40 points
4. Ruler of Stilwater
Help the 3rd Streets Saints take over Stilwater. 160 points
5. Thug
Reach a TrueSkill rank of Thug in any multiplayer mode. 10 points
6. Killa
Reach a TrueSkill rank of Killa in any multiplayer mode. 20 points
7. Gangsta
Reach a TrueSkill rank of Gangster in any multiplayer mode. 40 points
8. Kingpin
Reach a TrueSkill rank of Kingpin in any multiplayer mode. 80 points
9. Penny Pincher
Earn $1,000,000 in the city of Stilwater. 10 points
10. Grifter
Earn $200,000 in Insurance Fraud. 10 points
11. Shopaholic
Acquire 100 clothing and jewelry items for your single player wardrobe. 10 points
12. Coupon Clipper
Purchase 100 clothing and jewelry items for your multiplayer wardrobe. 10 points
13. Leader of the Pack
Acquire all 7 Homies. 10 points
14. Getting Up
Tag all tag locations hidden throughout Stilwater. 10 points
15. Grease Monkey
Own a total of 50 cars. 10 points
16. Racket Lord
Complete all activities in Stilwater. 160 points
17. Contract Killer
Complete all of the Hitman locations. 10 points
18. Demo Demon
Complete all levels of Demolition Derby. 10 points
19. Fast and Furious
Complete all of the Hijacking locations and levels. 10 points
20. Fluffer
Complete all of the Escort locations and levels. 10 points
21. Pimp
Complete all the Snatch locations and levels. 10 points
22. Pusher
Complete all of the Drug Trafficking locations and levels. 10 points
23. Scavenger
Complete all of the Chop Shop locations. 10 points
24. Tuner
Complete all of the Racing locations and levels. 10 points
25. Vandal
Complete all of the Mayhem locations and levels. 10 points
26. Bulletproof
Complete Co-op level Turbulence at the highest difficulty level. 10 points
27. Errand Boy
Complete Co-op level Mob Rule at the highest difficulty level. 10 points
28. Canonized
Join the 3rd Street Saints. 10 points
29. Reclamationist
Retake Saint's Row. 10 points
30. Scourge of the Air
Destroyed 50 helicopters. 10 points
31. Audiophile
Collect all 60 hidden cd's. 10 points
32. Dominator
Win 10 ranked matches in a row. 10 points
33. Jumped the Shark
Withdrew a total of $200,000 from the Loan Office. 10 points
34. Negotiator
Take 50 hostages. 10 points
35. Professional Thief
Steal 30 boxes and deliver them successfully. 10 points
36. Stilwater PD Award
Kill 50 Stilwater residents with only melee attacks. 10 points
37. Addicted to tha row
Play Saints Row for 20 hours. 20 points
38. Chain Gang
Dropped off a total of 500 chains in the Big Ass Chains multiplayer mode in ranked matches. 20 points
39. Clocktower Camper
Head shot and kill a total of 100 enemies with a sniper rifle in ranked matches. 20 points
40. Marathon Runner
Traveled 26.2 miles on foot. 20 points
41. Pimp Killer
Killed the Pimp in Protect Tha Pimp 50 times in ranked matches.20 points
42. Tourist
Drive 500 miles in the city of Stilwater. 20 points
43. Xzibitionist
Get your team car to level 4 in the Blinged Out Ride mode a total of 50 times in ranked matches. 20 points

Added 17 Mar 2008, ID #2274, by Budoo

Created Character

Whenever you create your person and go across the game completing missions your person never talks. Dosen't utter a word. I heard that ain't true. Your person talks at least 4 times in the game. At the end of Westside Rollerz mission

"Loose Ends"the cutscene begins and Julius calls him and talks and he says "I got ran over by a motha****ing truck, what you think?" Then at the

(Los Carnalez)Fashion Faux Pas mission, the girl has a bag and his friend talks and looks in the bag and freaks out of what she has. (shoes) Then she says that the shoes are the season's new design. But your person dosen't think so so he says "Bull****, That's last years fall collection" Then at the Vice Kings mission (Staying Healthy) They're in the elevator and says "hope you don't mind hepititis?" And at the final mission of the game (the last one) he's on a boat talking to the soon-to-be-mayor of the city and says "Yo, can we speed this
Sh** up? I want to go to Freckle B**ch's........

Added 21 Feb 2008, ID #2172, by king_garcia14

best clothes

The pimp clothes ar the best for respect
And if you where purple clothes you will get more respect
And the motor bike jumper is the best jumper. The best
Shirt is the xxy tank top. An plantum is the best juwlrey
And put medallion on your neckles(s)
And then it's the pimp pants
And shoes are the oxsford shiny boots
Thaaaaaaaaaanks for reeeeeeeeeeeeeadin
Super mc

Added 8 Jan 2008, ID #1977, by super mc

dont die

When jumping off high buldings and you
Dont want to die hers what to do
Lob a gearnade in front of you l triger to lob a gernade
Then just before the gernade exsploddes press x
To jump and you will land whitout die in
Super mc

Added 7 Jan 2008, ID #1974, by super mc

Infinite Ammo for K6 Krukov

There is a basketball court near the Brown Baggers Liquor Store by the Arena District and the Bavogian Plaza district. In the middle of the basketball court should be a K6 Krukov spawned there. Everytime you pick it up, a new one will spawn there about 15 seconds later. Each time you pick it up, you will receive about 40 rounds. The easiest thing to do is just to stand there and it will automatically pick the gun up. Enjoy.

Added 31 Dec 2007, ID #1950, by SgtSmitty07


I didnt mean to do this I was just messing around one day by the train trying to jump on it. Well I figured somthing out. You can't jump in between them but if you go to the front theres a little indention by the front door. Theres a bumper like part on it jump up on it a then up to the door.

Added 29 Dec 2007, ID #1943, by jenks21
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