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Hidden Soccer Ball

Uppon completing " Semi Charmed Life " ( scince it's safer ) go in the mansion go into your room to the balconey and hop on the roof make your way up to the chimney and hop into it you will then see a soccer ball ! Have fun !

Added 26 Dec 2006, ID #724, by xXcrazygamerXx and get

Pimp Cane

First, go to the Phone menu and select dial. Then type in #74672263. Then the pimp cane will be added to your shotgun weapons slot. The pimp cane is a very power shotgun, which usually destroys cars in 2-3 shots. While selected, if you walk slowly, you will walk like a pimp (stiff right leg).

Added 5 Nov 2006, ID #566, by TurkeyJerky

Easy Money, Pretty Fast

First off, get a Titan (armored money car thing) and park it into your garage. Secondly, load up on explosive ammo, Grenades, RPG launcher, you name it. Grenades perferred as you can hold alot and they are relativly cheap. After you're primed for destruction, take out your Titan from your garage, and park it in a desolate area (empty lot or some such directly to the right of your garage). Next, toss 2-3 hand grenades at the Titan. When it blows up money will fly out of the car, and scatter around. Just go and pick it up...Yeilds between $2,000 to $8,000 a car. Lastly, go back to your garage, and repair the Titan for $500. It's a cheap easy way to get some cash fast. Also I have no idea where to find the Titan, I just saw it driving around and decided to jack it. Oh, well if you find it, take it...

Added 2 Nov 2006, ID #562, by Erif


Here are a few cheats I know from the game...
[I have checked all of these cheats and know they work]
Note: Dial these cheats, don't go "cheats" on the phone menu.
Activating a cheat will turn achievments off!!!!

#662677(nocops) Eliminates cop notoriety
#6642647(nogangs) Eliminates gang notoriety
#2666(ammo) Infinite ammo
#[name of gun] Get [gun]
#[name of car] Get [car]

Note: I don't know the health cheat...

Added 11 Oct 2006, ID #520, by im_no_cheater

Phone Numbers

Pause the game and use the L or R trigger to access the phone.

#AMMO - Infinite Ammo
#SPRINT - Infinite Sprint
#66639 - Give money
#42637867 - Unlock GameStop T-Shirt
#10 - God's Wrath (Creates a lightning strike)
911 - Ambulace
555-3765 - Brown Baggers
555-018-0174 - Eagleline Yellow (Taxi Service)
555-5966 - Eye for an Eye Voodoo
555-9473 - Grounds for Divorce
555-9467 - Legal Lee's
555-3863 - Lik-a-Chick
555-7296 - On the Fence (Pawn Shop)
555-5926 - On The Rag Clothing
555-3493 - Rim Jobs
555-2626 - Stocks
1-555-ITS-OVER - Suicide Hotline
555-6238 - The Dead Cow
555-455-8008 - TNA Taxi Service

Added 31 Aug 2006, ID #406, by young-mortal-mint

Money ( $10,000)

Money ( $10,000)
On your phone dial #66639

Health Note: not unlimited
On your phone dial 911

Eagleline ( taxi service)
On your phone dial 555-018-0174

Suicide Hotline
On your phone dial 1-555-ITS-OVER

Added 29 Aug 2006, ID #397, by xboxlivemaniac12
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