Question for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

finnkid asks: Added Oct 6th 2012, ID #283139

Question for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

Is it possible to summon herobrine on the Xbox 360 version? and get
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Guest answered: Added 14th Oct 2012, ID #544553
No. Herobrine does not exist in any version of Minecraft (PC, Pocket, or Xbox 360). Herobrine was never in any build of any version of the game (any Alpha, Beta, or official release).

Asking how to summon Herobrine is the same as asking how to spawn vikings, neither exist.
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Guest said: 6th Jan 2015, ID #497260 | REPORT
so how do u REALLY spawn him
Guest said: 21st Jan 2015, ID #505023 | REPORT
yea my friend and brother both spawned him on minecraft while i was watching them and it worked i cant remeber how they did it and then they spawned notch and you have to build some kind of berer in order to get them and so furth
Guest said: 21st Feb 2015, ID #519044 | REPORT
Liar u can get herobrine you just need to know how to summon him😑
Guest said: 21st Feb 2015, ID #519261 | REPORT
Actually there is approximately 5 ways! but it depends on what: World Size, The Seed.
The Ways To Spawn Herobrine Are: a square 3x3 of gold, nether rackj on top of middle gold block, redstone torches around the nether rack but not on corners, and set fire to the nether rack. 2: Do a 3x3 square of nether rack, with nether rack on top middle, do the same redstone torches and put gold block ontop of middle top nether rack!
Guest answered: Added 27th Jan 2013, ID #567086
Herobrine does exist because he is in my mates world and I saw him with my own eyes and mods are coming out for xbox360 version
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Guest said: 4th Jan 2015, ID #496213 | REPORT
Entity 303 was in my world and Herobrine is just warning everyone about entity 303 if you delete 1 world entity 303 will move onto your other worlds there is no way to defeat entity 303 I have tried
Guest said: 14th Feb 2015, ID #515990 | REPORT
Who is entity 303?
Guest said: 26th Feb 2015, ID #521353 | REPORT
Who is entity 303?
rheagash45 said: 26th Feb 2015, ID #521585 | REPORT
how did you summon herobrine
Guest answered: Added 31st Jan 2013, ID #568029
YES I have spawned him before
One time there was a hole in my house and my red stone was gone
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Guest said: 18th Jul 2014, ID #420837 | REPORT
When i tried to summon herobrine i put Steve heads down and one lifted into the air and its eyes turned white and i couldn't break it
Guest said: 6th Aug 2014, ID #431836 | REPORT
herobrine is not evil, is!!!
Guest said: 7th Dec 2014, ID #481903 | REPORT
i saw herobrine no joke i played the cd that says 13 it's a broken one i walked home and i saw a steve looking at the floor
Guest said: 26th Feb 2015, ID #521584 | REPORT
how di you summon herobrine
Guest answered: Added 5th Feb 2013, ID #569286
Herobrine stated by Notch himself stated Herobrine was a joke to scare trolls. In this case I still think in both versions Herobrine and israphell need to be put back in they are like superstars to the minecraft community. I personally unlike most like Herobrine and Israphell mods or not it's the fact on being on the edge of your seat waiting knowing your being watched. Notch if you by chance read this and I know the choice is yours but honestly unlike cry babys who don't want the thrill of being killed is because of one reason there griefers and need to be set an example of let em stay and don't listen to any trash anymore you made the game you decide if they should stay or go... Herobrine FAN
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Guest said: 21st Jan 2015, ID #505025 | REPORT
you have to build a portale to spawn herebrine and notch
Guest said: 24th Jan 2015, ID #506728 | REPORT
Please tell me how to build that portal!!
Guest said: 14th Feb 2015, ID #515991 | REPORT
I want to deafeat him
Guest said: 21st Feb 2015, ID #519262 | REPORT
Submission removed pending moderation
Guest answered: Added 3rd May 2013, ID #585766
I've had sightings of him and one of them was a squid in the water with light eyes and was leaping out of the water

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Guest said: 12th May 2014, ID #383607 | REPORT
Dude if you are in a server and he's a squid that's probably just a Moderator trolling you and looking at your reaction -.-"
pokemon master101 said: 15th Jul 2014, ID #418884 | REPORT
If you did take a picture of the next sighting to have proof or your telling a lie right now.
Guest said: 29th Nov 2014, ID #478182 | REPORT
well my dog dissapeared and a face with white eyes was peering through my window.
Guest answered: Added 1st Aug 2013, ID #599264
I did not think hero brine was real and I do now when I made something that is supposed to spawn him and then all the doors in that map where opining and closing and then it was raining in the desert and then I was in a boat and something hit me and it said
Goaty 9 hit the ground to hard
And befor that I put signs that would make him mad like
Herobrine sucks

And then a nother sign comes not from me and it says you will die
He is so real
I have not made anything like that ever since
Don't do this or else he will come
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Guest said: 13th Jan 2014, ID #343594 | REPORT
Just like ?????? Made this comment

Guest said: 8th Feb 2014, ID #353106 | REPORT
What did the spawned look like and how was it built
ks005 said: 28th Feb 2014, ID #359629 | REPORT
I had a nether portal and went in and when I came out of the nether, I was in a portal that I never built and it was down in some cave way under ground. I was super scared.
Guest said: 2nd Jun 2014, ID #392528 | REPORT
All if my chickens started dying out of no where -_- fukkin weird.....!
Guest answered: Added 22nd Dec 2013, ID #611525
No Herobrine is fake he was used to scare people although you may say you seem him it's most likely you imagination, and when you say he puts down signs that's just stupid the awnser is no.
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Guest said: 11th Jan 2014, ID #342545 | REPORT
Herobrine is obviously real, just because notch said it was a joke doesn't mean anything. Notch could be lying yah know .?
Guest said: 16th Aug 2014, ID #437608 | REPORT
yeah once someone said herobrine is nocthes dead brother so noct could be cose to him but every one insited of geting rid of herobrine so he pretened to. you never know enderman189 out.
Guest answered: Added 5th Apr 2014, ID #621573
He was first a glitch in pc then they decided to add him but eventually removed him. Now he's a mod for pc. But people still fake herobrine sightings all the time
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Guest said: 16th May 2014, ID #384693 | REPORT
You are totally CORGET
Guest said: 4th Nov 2014, ID #467197 | REPORT

i saw herobrine he tried to kill me but i got away
Guest answered: Added 19th Jun 2014, ID #629052
Herobrines real on Xbox don't know if it was a mod or not but I joined a game and herobrine kept on teloportingg me into traps and smashing me with anvils he spelt hero brine and he put an h. You could see him once and a while he could have armour he could change skins and he could change into animals he can have anything basically he could even steal your gamertag for that game

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Guest said: 25th Jun 2014, ID #406695 | REPORT
hay I'm so mad that herobrine kill me today in xbox360 cuz I found 60 dimond and its giting weird so my gamer tag is wackomango96951 give me a friend
pokemon master101 answered: Added 15th Jul 2014, ID #632807
People say put the seed jpgameing and go up 1 and left 2 then you find HeroBrines home strait down it's a lie I done it 3 times and only a mine shaft was there. Plus HeroBrine is creepy I done the mod on poket adition If you dream you wake up and randomly mineing every thing so sleep outside. Also he will crash your game by spawning zombies.
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Guest said: 6th Aug 2014, ID #431840 | REPORT
herobrine is not the evil one, he is the hero! he is only giving us an example of a mutch more evil demon in minecraft...
pokemon master101 said: 9th Sep 2014, ID #446239 | REPORT
I know that he if notch's brother he wanted to control minecraft so he griefed everyone if we didn't have him minecraft would be boring to not have a challenge at a powerful rate insted of fighting *noobs*.
pokemon master101 said: 9th Sep 2014, ID #446240 | REPORT
Im not calling everyone a noob so sorry if im offenceing any one :(
Guest answered: Added 6th Aug 2014, ID #635497
Herobrine is real. And we need him. Theres a new creepypasta in minecraft called Herobrine is the good guy, and we need to do our best to spawn him. Herobrine is only warning us about entity 303, showing us what entity 303 can and will do to minecraft. Only, 303 can do alot worse. In 5 weeks, 303 will begin the end of minecraft, in 2015 minecraft will be ruined. But if we spawn herobrine, we can stop entity 303. Please spread the message thruout the internet. Herobrine might be minecraft's only hope.
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Guest said: 30th Nov 2014, ID #478843 | REPORT
Its been more than five weeks noting happened yet
Guest said: 10th Dec 2014, ID #483053 | REPORT
What is entity 303
Guest said: 13th Feb 2015, ID #515411 | REPORT
Herobrine is real I saw 2 white eyes a pear out if my window of my door so I Baraka dedicated my doors!!! :(
pokemon master101 said: 17th Feb 2015, ID #517484 | REPORT
303 is a different person he took control of herobrine and that is how he is evil if you watch youtube look up alongcamegosh the utuber and watch 100% herobrine is real parts1-5 it will be on pc but it has all proof that herobrine is real
Guest answered: Added 11th Sep 2014, ID #639239
Yes Herobrine is in xbox rarely I saw him and summoned before title update 14
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pokemon master101 said: 13th Sep 2014, ID #447288 | REPORT
R u shure it wasn't someone with the skin troling u
pokemon master101 answered: Added 13th Sep 2014, ID #639609
I spawned hin with 100 gold blocks, 500 diamond blocks, and 30 netherrack it took me about 5-6 hrs to bild cuse I had to mine a lot and it has to be in a certain order I was going to build a castel and he spawn and I have title 9 it was funny cuse my friend was wlking and thoough it was me he looks at my side and he saw me mining.
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pokemon master101 said: 13th Sep 2014, ID #447294 | REPORT
he saw herobrine
Guest answered: Added 11th Jan 2015, ID #652909
Pfft, yes, it is possible. They JUST removed him in the latest PC update
Guest answered: Added 25th Jan 2015, ID #654097
He used to be real but 4j took him out and decided to put him in a mod and mini games for fun to try to kill him (Herobrine)
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pokemon master101 said: 18th Feb 2015, ID #517486 | REPORT
actually my freind deleted all of his coding and he cant move mine chat etc. WARNING do not delete his coding this is your only warning. his coding is = do not delete that coding i was there when he did it and i thouht he was tricing me i tryed and it was no joke i wasnt able to do anything so if you think im lieing delete that coding 4 your self see what happens.
pokemon master101 said: 18th Feb 2015, ID #517487 | REPORT
If you have facebook i goning to make a page to help save herobrine if you wanna help me add me as a friend my name is j-c morram or morran ill have a pic of my cat. plz. help save herobrine
Guest said: 19th Feb 2015, ID #518440 | REPORT
If you dont have facebook add me on skype my skype is jcsalyer no caps or space it is how i put it.

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