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Question for Forza Motorsport 4

What are the best drifting cars? and get
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Guest answered: Added 16th Oct 2011, ID #447933
Id go for a nissan 240 sx or a mazda rx7. Make sure you turn driver aids off or your drifting will suffer.
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Guest said: 28th Oct 2014, ID #464451 | REPORT
In my opinion Toyotas and Nissans make the best drift cars.
Guest said: 1st Jan 2015, ID #493953 | REPORT
I use ken blocks car, the subara impreza wrx sti, and when tuned for drifting, its impossible to not drift it
Guest said: 17th Feb 2015, ID #517221 | REPORT
When you get FREE upgrades on cars then use them for it. So a low normal sized car is good like Nissan, Toyota, Chevrolet, Subaru and Ford
Guest said: 25th Mar 2015, ID #533011 | REPORT
i have a Dodge Viper '08 ... it''s a complete beast (1065HP)
GranTurismo answered: Added 18th Oct 2011, ID #448585
Most A-Class-and-above all-wheel-drive or rear-wheel-drive cars work fine, although there is the obvious Toyota Corolla GT-Apex and S15 Silvia. I usually use the Lexus LF-A.
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Guest said: 16th Apr 2014, ID #375641 | REPORT
The lfa is a great drifting car! I use one an its ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.xbox officialhustler
Guest answered: Added 22nd Oct 2011, ID #449666
Whatever you want your drift car to be. Mine is the Hemi Cuda' and I love it. Drifting is just a matter of tuning and your skills applied to the car your drifting. There is no best drift car, only popular and unpopular cars. Most people use the AE86, S13, S14, S15, 350z, 370z, Skylines, ect.
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cmcena7 said: 4th Aug 2014, ID #430689 | REPORT
i have ken blocks car digitaly if you want to i sell it my nickname in xbox live is cmcena7 can only sell it till the end of the month
Guest said: 8th Aug 2014, ID #433069 | REPORT
the cuda is one of the bext drift cars in the game, you want a car with no guys obviously dont drift much, I pulled a 81k on maple with the cuda....the best drift car is null because their are multiple....One of the best cars is the chevelle...and if u guys drift AWD please GTFO
Guest said: 11th Sep 2014, ID #446615 | REPORT
81k? thats not impressive.. sure its good.. i pulled 136k on maple with Toyota supra, street cars are better than muscle cars in my oppinion but that's just me thoo , peaceee
Guest said: 24th Oct 2014, ID #462314 | REPORT
Depends what track you're on I got a lot of drift cars optimised for a certain track but my all round favourite is the Nissan fair lady z the 1994 version beast at sliding
Guest answered: Added 30th Oct 2011, ID #451820
Silvia type are with slight tuning
danielvanlent answered: Added 1st Nov 2011, ID #452295
I say r33 it gets pretty loose with driver aids off which can make it even better with them off
Guest answered: Added 5th Nov 2011, ID #453323
The nissan 240 sx with a gtr engine, and completely upgraded is amazing. But it has a ton of torque so controlling it is not easy with assists off.
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Guest said: 9th Sep 2012, ID #184556 | REPORT
agreed, do you have a spoiler on yours or not?
Guest said: 19th Mar 2014, ID #365830 | REPORT
just put race tires on and its easy
Guest answered: Added 6th Nov 2011, ID #453802
I recon eny car with the r34 engine

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Guest said: 6th Apr 2013, ID #271058 | REPORT
i would say any japanese car with a toyota supra engine
Guest said: 16th Feb 2015, ID #516964 | REPORT
The engine in a skyline is RB26 and the supra 2jz if you guys know anything bout cars
Guest answered: Added 7th Nov 2011, ID #454022
Ford rs200 swapped with a Shelby gt500 in it, keep it awd and do weight reduction and no roll cage, BEAST!!!!!!!!!
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Guest said: 28th Oct 2012, ID #202119 | REPORT
Power slide ain't drifting!
Guest said: 28th Apr 2013, ID #278263 | REPORT
Nahh i love the subaru fully upgraded but you must have TC and SC off or it will kill your drift
Guest said: 1st Aug 2014, ID #429159 | REPORT
i reccomend the pontiac trans am from muscle cars, it is so easy to control
Guest said: 25th Jan 2015, ID #506917 | REPORT
Drifting is power sliding, just no double clutch. if you hold the power slide your drifting! You only double clutch because your engine doesn't have the balls(or torque) to turn the tire so grab ebrake rev your torqueless engine(4cylinder engine) and drop the clutch to start your drift or you can just have a more powerful engine,(v8 or boost) hit the gas and let torque do the work for you
Guest answered: Added 7th Nov 2011, ID #454037
Any car with good acceleration and goo weieght distribution....mine are the bmw 635ci,69 camaro and gtr 34
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Guest said: 21st Oct 2014, ID #461133 | REPORT
M3 e92 all handling apart from roll cage race tyres full tyre width all transmission upgrades all engine upgrades apart from manifold fuel system ignition and oil add all these together and you get this amazing car hope this helps 1 of you at least
Guest answered: Added 8th Nov 2011, ID #454313
Almost all cars are good drifters My drifter is a 2003 dodge Viper
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Guest said: 15th Apr 2014, ID #375290 | REPORT
There has never been a more wrong answer than this one lol
Guest said: 29th Apr 2014, ID #380075 | REPORT
I use a 2011 Holden #1 Commodore VE. That has way more power (Arguable). You can drift something with close to 1,000 HP, just have to tune very specific to how you drive and obviously get the best breaks and springs and such lol their isn't any bad car to drift. First car I drifted, FWD hatchback lol learned my lesson that those suck epicly but I still drifted it for the longest time. 2nd car, Doge Charger RT 69'. That was great, got me into more power and tourqe. Then I drove and AWD BMW M5, then a skyline, then a supra, then a eclipse (went through a 2fast 2furious stage lol) and then I got my Holden. I can't say my Holden is any better than my first car (Toyota Pruis lmao) because I had them all so specific to how I drove. Drifting is really just driving once you get the tune down. Everybody's different, everyone will feel awkward in someone else's drift car. So find a car, any car you like, and play around with it. It takes a long time to get everything perfect. But after your firs
Guest answered: Added 11th Nov 2011, ID #454828
Recomended for drifting is any car FR. Front engine,rear wheel drive. Any fwd vehicle will not work. Pulling the side brake the entire track is not considered drifting. Awd is recommended for beggenners because of better control. True drifters in real life and on forza use rwd only. A beggenner car wld be s13. The coupe or hatch that is now available. Upgrade all of the engine components. Do not motor swap a r30 anything in a s13. Be wayyyy to much power for you as a amatuer. Next I wld go to car that has great amount of power stock, such as a viper,corvette. Then when you learn how to drift any car, go for a mazda rx7. The fc or fd wld be choice of a pro.
Guest answered: Added 14th Nov 2011, ID #455906
S13 haaatch!! S class rwd. Camber in toe out. Dumped on 17s. Holla!
Guest answered: Added 18th Nov 2011, ID #456725
Use the newest impreza all neg camber, 5.0 front toe n 2.5 rear n 7.0 caster, set brake to 40% n preasure to 90%,, if awd put everyhting in differential at 75 if not awd leave normal have fun it's a insane angle tune that works on every thing I got 200 k easy n >>R34<<
Guest answered: Added 29th Nov 2011, ID #460092
90% of you don't know •••• because you say AWD!I go with ONLY RWD.sylvias, M3's,skylines rwd,and other small to medium sized japaneese cars. The biggest car I use is the Lexus sc300
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undercoverboy said: 11th Dec 2012, ID #219192 | REPORT
Guest said: 21st Dec 2013, ID #331907 | REPORT
who said alfa romeo?
Guest said: 9th Feb 2014, ID #353540 | REPORT
Lexus is Japanese. Not American. Basically a glorified Toyota. They even use some of the same drivetrains, bodies and interior switchgear and plastics.
Stupid Americans... think the world revolves around them.
Guest said: 30th Apr 2014, ID #380130 | REPORT
Lexus are Toyota there the luxury high end cars just a different badge and minor changes here and there
Guest answered: Added 6th Dec 2011, ID #461809
Ok I Tune points and Battle tunes for rwd tunes and I use the 240sx any car that's rwd is good to drift you just gotta know what part to use msg me on Xbox live I i will give you some tips

Guest answered: Added 9th Dec 2011, ID #462475
I use the old mustang svt cobra (I think), if tuned properly, it has more torque than horsepower and that makes this car crazy loose, this is the first racing simulator game I have ever played and I'm already top 3% in the drift category
Guest answered: Added 16th Dec 2011, ID #463840
Sprinter tureno is the best drift car out of all of them just put all upgrades and trac control off and their s you're drift car experience!!!!

Guest answered: Added 19th Dec 2011, ID #464646
I use the Vw golf gti mk 2 , shelby gt500 & the bmw 3.0 CSL you can use any car
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Guest said: 29th Jan 2012, ID #110590 | REPORT
Guest said: 2nd Apr 2012, ID #128618 | REPORT
at the moment im using a mercedes benz awd and the same car rwd and i find them both fantastic to drift maxed out along with sport tyres doesnt really matter what car you use just depends on your own taste and experience if you wanna learn how to drift like zee pro's then go on sebring full track with the ford escort cozzy maxed out with trac and stability off and smash your ebrake like its your weiner xD
Guest said: 26th Jul 2012, ID #168698 | REPORT
same use stock merc c-class
Guest said: 18th Aug 2012, ID #177276 | REPORT
same upgraded c-class or m3
Guest answered: Added 22nd Dec 2011, ID #465506
I use fairlady z, and a Sylvia. But with the right drift tune and enough torque they are drift killers! I love drifting on maple valley. Add me if you want...... Kiiisya
Guest answered: Added 23rd Dec 2011, ID #465853
Any car really aslong as it's rwd or awd don't just find the best car, find the best for you
Guest answered: Added 26th Dec 2011, ID #466400
I use my evo 8 tuned to 594hp, it does the job for me! I love to drift on Fujimi Kaido track D. Drifting like stated before can be done with your favorite car. YOU just gotta be a BOSS and own your own car. Tune it or don't.
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Guest said: 10th Jan 2012, ID #104649 | REPORT
love your coment dude
Guest said: 15th Mar 2012, ID #123251 | REPORT
ford country squire . up au dat!
Guest answered: Added 26th Dec 2011, ID #466609
Supra RZ with 1000 bhp + will beast anything on fujimi downhill just gotta be careful on the uphill cos it's quite tight and shes pretty long

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forzanoob said: 3rd Aug 2012, ID #171695 | REPORT
Guest said: 23rd Sep 2012, ID #188579 | REPORT
a built supra rz makes 850 horse, lawl
Guest said: 5th Aug 2013, ID #302878 | REPORT
i love the holden hsv gts dlc pack car full upgraded
thetomtom97 answered: Added 30th Dec 2011, ID #468153
Sounds odd, but my best drift car would be the Mitsubishi Starion you can get near the game's start. Make sure your Mitsubishi affinity level's 100%; things get expensive! First, you'll want to install a different engine; go for the less powerful Eclipse engine, or it becomes too unmanageable. Then just max it out, find what tune works, and enjoy!
N.B. Installing 4WD/Forza adjustable wings, etc. Makes it more manageable, but I generally use RWD for drifts, and 4WD for gymkhana. And if you don't know what that is, Youtube 'ken block' gymkhana mega commercial. Have fun!
Guest answered: Added 31st Dec 2011, ID #468468
I use my BMW M3 for drifting.And my Nissan Silvia.
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Guest said: 30th Sep 2014, ID #453483 | REPORT
What m3?
Guest answered: Added 11th Jan 2012, ID #472567
I use the TVR Tuscan with the stock speed 6 engine and 5 speed (stock) gear box with all handling upgrades and fully upgraded exhaust and air intake. A slip diff of Accel 90 and Decel 35. But that's my taste most people find it too twitchy.
Guest answered: Added 17th Jan 2012, ID #474222
I like to use the r34 skyline fully bombed out and rwd. Its a rig no doubt, but you just need to find a car that suits your personal style... Or just boss it and drift everything
Guest answered: Added 19th Jan 2012, ID #474862
I drive an A-Class 600 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe. Manual transmission, Traction Control off, and I prefer to use a racing wheel (Microsoft). One of the best cars you can use.
Guest answered: Added 21st Jan 2012, ID #475316
The Mitsubishi lancer evolution IX tuned up to the full with awd.

Guest answered: Added 1st Feb 2012, ID #478662
R35 rwd swap. Handles like a monster and has enough power to drift the indy speedway.
Guest answered: Added 3rd Feb 2012, ID #479119
Right, don't listen to all that nonsense about Nissan silvia this and tuning that... It's PLAIN AND SIMPLE get a 2002 Nissan GT-R V Spec II and go to upgrade, quick upgrade and select R2 then your pretty much ready to go, I am a novice at drifting, it makes me feel sad when I watch pros drift knowing I will never be able to do that but when I got this car and upgraded it, drifting was like riding a bike... EASY :D now I can do slow and fast drifts and HUGE power slides, HAVE FUN DRIFTING!!! :D
Guest answered: Added 4th Feb 2012, ID #479637
I use the 03 Tuscani Elisa stock engine, race twin turbos, fully upgraded with the ACP body kit and ROTA J.SPL
Guest answered: Added 25th Feb 2012, ID #485645
Gmc cyclone for me goes like a dream
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Guest said: 4th Mar 2014, ID #361103 | REPORT
omfg finally im not teh only one
Guest answered: Added 29th Feb 2012, ID #486687
4wd mercedes ml, 15% power front 85% rear, full power tune, keep all weight do not reduce = BEAST
Gmc cyclone is crazy I don't think I can get any other car as sideways as this and keep moving!
Rwd r34, camero ss (bit big tho), hyundae rnr (needs a tune coz only wants to drive strait)

Guest answered: Added 4th Mar 2012, ID #487464
Here's a few tips:
1. The car is irrelevant, I got beat by a Ferrari enzo last night round hockenheim.
2. Don't buy tuning set ups as they are what someone else uses to drift with and probably is not suited to your style.
3. Power should be in the 500 to 800 bhp range and torque should be around 600 lb/ft to start with. After you get used to that, play around with more/ less power and torque until you're happy.
4. Never practise in online lobbys. Not worth the hassle. Use leaderboards to compare yourself instead.
5. Everyone has a favourite track where they learned how to drift. Mine was maple valley and I still test new cars out there. Turn one is very good for a shakedown and I generally know by the end of turn three weather I need to make any changes to my set up.
6. Drifting with some music helps. Choose a playlist - doesn't really matter what you listen to. But something fast usually helps me.
7. Have fun while doing it. The amount of people I see actually getting stressed out because their set up isn't quite right or they're not winning so they ram people off the track.
Hope this helps anyone struggling out there on drifting. Anyone has any questions, message or add me on xbl. Spyke10100.
Guest answered: Added 7th Mar 2012, ID #488281
I use the ford escort cosworth. It is probably one of the best drifters ever.

Guest answered: Added 4th Apr 2012, ID #495278
I use E60 M5, R35 rwd, and the Jaguar XKRS. And if your can can use it convert to a twin-screw blower or twin turbos. You don't want a single turbo because of lag. And most inportantly try not to go over 650hp.
john.chen7 answered: Added 26th Apr 2012, ID #501714
Personnally you should get a japanese car thats Real wheel drive. I use the nissan silvia s15, it drifts like a charm. I won't recommend drifting with the dodge and r34.
Guest answered: Added 10th May 2012, ID #505074
YO Use Toyota Mitsubishi NISSAN Subaru Their all Great Just Choose the Best One For you. Turn you're Traction off tune lil by lil hit a turn And slide down all of Fujimi <3 Forza 4
Guest answered: Added 31st May 2012, ID #511677
I use a dodge rampage, with around 900hp I believe, and no driving aids. RWD too. Doesn't need much tuning, but it's the best drifting car I've used so far. Not necessarily the best choice for beginners though, as it's hard to control.
My advice to beginners would be get a Nissan skyline, add power, make sure it's RWD, and turn off traction control. Maybe kepp stability control to start with though, and have a mostly back brake bias to help you turn start to drift. Although most highly powered RWD cars will drift moderately well without traction control.
Hope this helps
Guest answered: Added 13th Jun 2012, ID #515103
Ford mustang svt no driver aids and manual transsmission hold 4th gear slides on first corner of maple valley boom!!!!
Guest answered: Added 18th Jun 2012, ID #516506
Rx7 no tune, fully modded. Sport tires. =) =)
Guest answered: Added 23rd Jun 2012, ID #517523
I use a corsa tuned to level A546 rear wheel drive. Corsa ftw
Guest answered: Added 3rd Jul 2012, ID #520111
I, personaly, use the Nissan r-34 all wheel drive tuned to an R3 stage with a tune setup that is on my storefront for 5,000 cr, make sure it is in manual and you put the car into gear 4 as it will have the right power but then not too much for you not to control it, my xbox live gamertag is shifter300, add me and say you saw this on this website, for drifting cars that I will make to your specifications and your needs
Guest answered: Added 6th Jul 2012, ID #520821
Really, it's not much of a matter of what car you're in. Like people have said, it's what works for you. I use a Datsun 510, a Mazda MX-5 and an M3 E36. They all drift like a charm, and all it takes is some simple tuning. The important thing is that you can find what car works for you, and improve it from there. Yes, torque should be higher than power, that does make it easier, but that isn't necessary. Just find a car you think will work, and work up from stock. That'll be the path to success.
Guest answered: Added 6th Jul 2012, ID #520899
I us the E39 M5 or the Lexus IS-F but any car with good acceleration and Torque but if your a beginner use the S14 or the Shelby Cobra
Guest answered: Added 16th Jul 2012, ID #523561
Srt vipper, upgraded to r3 with weight redution and sport tires.....
Guest answered: Added 19th Jul 2012, ID #524123
I use the 350z with a good tune it's very fun and good for tight tracks
Guest answered: Added 26th Jul 2012, ID #525930
AMC Javelin AMX. Put in the race shock package, quick upgrade to B-Class, and then set the rearspring rate all the way up, turn off ESC and TCS, and go to Benchmark E.
Guest answered: Added 17th Aug 2012, ID #533010
I use a corvette Z06 stock or my 799 R3 lancer evo X with a 70-30 torque dist.
Guest answered: Added 8th Sep 2012, ID #538029
Personally I use anything that people don't like to be out drifted by. A ford transit, numerous muscle cars and SUVs. Rwd is the only requirement for me
Black43 answered: Added 19th Sep 2012, ID #540030
At the moment I'm using a Nissan 370z optimised for S-class. Keep it naturally aspirated, because the turbos kick in and everything goes to crap. Make it as light as possible, and have a spoiler at the back (makes it more flickable)
Guest answered: Added 26th Sep 2012, ID #541178
E30 M3 !!!
Guest answered: Added 14th Oct 2012, ID #544531
BMW M6 on twin turbo's and race engine parts!!
Guest answered: Added 23rd Oct 2012, ID #546271
I use a 2004 Subaru impreza make it rear wheel drive don't go above class a600 take traction and stability control off and go round some corners sideways
Guest answered: Added 23rd Oct 2012, ID #546371
I got a vw rabbit with a new gti motor swap and fully up graded lowered all the way full camber on all wheels and awd drivetrain my best drift carso far oh ya biggest size rims too
Guest answered: Added 29th Oct 2012, ID #547571
I use a Nissan skyline r32 with all parts to max with race tyres and traction control and stability control off makes it more fun ;)

Guest answered: Added 30th Oct 2012, ID #547735
I think any car that can turn a corner is good enough to be a'drift car'. Some are more popular than others. I use Xclass Bentley Speed 8- Everyone thinks that's insane!

Guest answered: Added 2nd Nov 2012, ID #548501
Easaly the jag xkr-s fully upgraded!
Guest answered: Added 9th Nov 2012, ID #549843
I have over 200 drift cars and all I have to say is:

Use a RWD car
Make it have LOTS of horsepower
Keep torque line when upgrading AS FLAT AS POSSIBLE
Sport tires (thickest possible on front and rear)
Never go above S class







GEARING: self preference

ANTI ROLL:F:where ever rear is at
R: same distance you moved front

SPRINGS: same concept as anti roll for damping aswell


This is the tune I run on every car

It works for me

Tweak tire rear pressure for more/less spin if not suited

GT: Flat 0ut
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Guest said: 26th Nov 2012, ID #212940 | REPORT
ur a nerd
Guest answered: Added 20th Nov 2012, ID #552418
All this and that about tuning cars threw the roof.. 300bhp is plenty enough and 4wd cars power slide not drift I've got a few cars but my favs are my E30, sierra cozzy or if you want a real test a charger... Its all about the entry.. Only feather the trottle else you'll either spin out or the tires will bite and throw you off track.. Omg some of these comments are so funny.. All I can say is try drifting a 900+bhp car in real life haha oh and seriously if your lucky enough to have a rwd car in real life wait till it rains and drift some bends, really good fun
Guest answered: Added 26th Nov 2012, ID #553795
Muscle cars are the easiest to drift with. Go woth high horsepower and skinny brainer
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Guest said: 28th Apr 2014, ID #379788 | REPORT
No, classic cars like Toyota supra or some of those old cars from the 90's and early 2000's
Guest answered: Added 7th Dec 2012, ID #555426
Mercedes SLS
Guest answered: Added 12th Jan 2013, ID #564309
Olds/hurst 442 check out the "drift project" club to see it.
Guest answered: Added 28th Jan 2013, ID #567333
Im actually using the dodge super sport maxed out suspension, trans, clutch, race tires, original motor maxed out and some slight suspension tweaks and ill tell you what. That car is the truth.

Guest answered: Added 28th Jun 2013, ID #594331
Seleen s331 supercab I get 541hp 950torque and the think weighs almost 2 tons. With the weight you get a nice slide around the bend. Don't buy the nissan s15 :| the things is crap. Sure it's a drift car but it don't really drift. Try rwd muscle cars. They got the muscle and because they're rear wheel they slip real easy. And then again there's the born drift cars like the toyota GT apex but if you want something a little faster you're ganna want the rx-7. S15 is definately not a beginners car. Or try the koenigsegg ccgt it's R2 RWD. You'll get a real kick out of it. Its useless in a race.
UnknowN Narkotx answered: Added 30th Jul 2013, ID #598910
I use a scion frs fully up graded on sport tires no tuning needed and TCS off and STM on make sure you use a manual w/ clutch setup too!!!
MrShmibly answered: Added 15th Aug 2013, ID #600769
I just tuned myself an Acura RSX, power output about 450, 480HP. Swapped to RWD, no areo, I suggest some TSW Trackstar 4's to go on it, sweet little car for slow drifts, good for people starting off maybe?
Guest answered: Added 10th Jan 2014, ID #613984
I used a Nissan 240sx with intake and single turbo with suspention and a pear of rims that's it I can do what ever track it's not the car it's the driver really but once I get internet ima go online and start wooping peoples asses

Guest answered: Added 6th Feb 2014, ID #616564
I will clear this up now: awd drifting is technically drifting, if you consider the science behind it. The problem with it is that awd drifting let's you use all four wheels to hold your drift, meaning there's no real throttle control or as much counter steer. Basically, it's frowned upon because it's so much easier to do than true rwd drifting. It's cheating, plain and simple. As for the best drift car, i'd say whatever works for you. I have an r34, Audi r8, Honda s2000, and a Pontiac trans am as my main drift cars. Anything rwd can at least somewhat drift. Just experiment and see what car and tuning works for you.
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drif7king89 said: 14th Mar 2014, ID #364109 | REPORT
Awd cars are deffo for learners make your own set up as some people try selling set ups for Markey place and they r fake. If anyone wants me to set a car up to how I set my own cars up then message me or add me drin7king89 kep sliding
Guest answered: Added 20th Mar 2014, ID #620263
I like the Nissan 240z and AE86. AE86 is my favorite. For beginners an FRS with around 350-375 HP is good.
Guest answered: Added 25th Mar 2014, ID #620752
I like the ford fiesta. There's a gymkhana 4 tune on the storefront and it works really well for me.
Guest answered: Added 6th Apr 2014, ID #621581
I run an s607 240sx. Just fully upgrade a gtr r34 motor, race brakes, race suspension, race roll bars, race trans, race drive shafts and race diff. Also stock tires, middle front width and widest rears on 19 inch rims. Tune the gears so the top speed is 255.5 mph are mess with the suspension and tires to get it right for you. The car loves third gear around maple full.

I will warn you, this car is NOT good for beginners. If your not careful with the car, it will easily spin

Guest answered: Added 29th Apr 2014, ID #623506
I use a 2011 Holden #1 Commodore VE. That has way more power (Arguable). You can drift something with close to 1,000 HP, just have to tune very specific to how you drive and obviously get the best breaks and springs and such lol their isn't any bad car to drift. First car I drifted, FWD hatchback lol learned my lesson that those suck epicly but I still drifted it for the longest time. 2nd car, Doge Charger RT 69'. That was great, got me into more power and tourqe. Then I drove and AWD BMW M5, then a skyline, then a supra, then a eclipse (went through a 2fast 2furious stage lol) and then I got my Holden. I can't say my Holden is any better than my first car (Toyota Pruis lmao) because I had them all so specific to how I drove. Drifting is really just driving once you get the tune down. Everybody's different, everyone will feel awkward in someone else's drift car. So find a car, any car you like, and play around with it. It takes a long time to get everything perfect. But after your first drifter, getting that stuff will be cake. I did my golden in like 2 days lol don't expect to be going against Aki Kimora your first day, it doesn't happen. Not for me or you or anyone. Unlike drag and grip, drifting takes so much patience to get right. Because once you get to the point where it works for you, nothing changes. Drag, you just want that little but more. Grip, just a few milliseconds faster. But when you find that perfect balance between tire burning, corner hugging, glowing red breaks and so much smoke you can choke out bob Marley with, and total control, your done. It's not the car, it's YOU!
Guest answered: Added 23rd May 2014, ID #625462
The Bugatti Veyron is a good drifter... I love it, I'll let you guys decide, here's my set up, mangle with it all you want. Cheers.

All race parts... Stock tranny
Tires: 27.0 psi
Final drive: 3.10
Camber and toe front and rear: +4
Caster: 1.0 or 5.0
Roll bars: 24.5 and 20.0
Springs: 820.5 and 861.0
Ride height: 4.6
Rebound: 5.9 and 6.9
Bump: 4.8 and 5.5
Brakes: 45%
Force: 120%
Front: 0/0
Rear: 90/60
Torque: rear 90%

Stay at about 70-90 mph, or second gear, don't even worry about downshifting in to 1st, you can start at 2nd gear and leave a turn with enough speed to go into 3rd. *Yes both cambers are in the positives, same as the toes... (somebody will ask that)*
**( On a separate set up I have the cambers set at the same numbers just rear is negative and toe is left untouched, them both are perfect for me.)
Guest answered: Added 1st Aug 2014, ID #634943
Most rwd cars will do with the tuning you prefer, some are harder to control, my top is Nissan skyline rwd, pontiac trans am, and some sort of bmw, they slide lovely, you need to test some for youself and try a little with the tuning based on what works and wha doesnt. I hope everyone who needs some knowlege, ill tell some little tips I like, not everyone, but it might work for you too:
The nm line has to be higher then the green line, I don't know to prenounce if in english, tirepressure, front 2.3 back 2.6, gears, the roster, the 3th or 4th gear has to be at the speed ij the middle, between wheels, it as to ne raised to max, 7. First camer to -0.8 , stabilators 18 and 24, differential 80 and 40,appliges for my sadly engish, when someone could explain it better in proper enlish, please, I hope this helped anyone, the class should be a or s class, not more than r3 and less than b, good luck to everyone
Demons forza tips Sr8 answered: Added 15th Aug 2014, ID #636618
All of them are right in their own way but I have found the best drift car ready...... It is a eagle talon their are no tuning despite the fact that I am a drift tuner I can never get it right but the upgrades all handling and all tranny apart from the differential and race air filter race camshaft race exhaust and race flywheel try it on any track it is amazing p.s. If. You want to add me I am terror demon x
Guest answered: Added 25th Aug 2014, ID #637703
To be straight to the point I would suggest useing what is comfortable to you and that you can control well. Every one is different when it comes to drifting some use one car some change cars each track. I wouldn't pick something over 600 hp unless you can use it. Or if your like me you need some power like when I drift with my ccx. Just pick something you like and go from there you'll find a good drift car
Guest answered: Added 28th Dec 2014, ID #650971
I use a 1992 Toyota Supra with '98 Supra engine, and upgraded to S-700. TC off and SC on. Holds on around the first corner on Maple Valley in 3rd gear!
Guest answered: Added 21st Jan 2015, ID #653712
I would have to say the 97' skyline is the best

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