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How to summon herobrine cheat for Minecraft


How to summon herobrine

When you go in type in this seed -999544746264374563 then
Use superlflat cut down loads of trees (so like no leaves on trees) then make a herobrine spawn like this 9 gold
(or butter) blocks in a square then make a house far away
(but remember where it is) then put 2 nettherack in the middle in a up way then light it on fire (has to be in survival) then go back to you're house and has to have no cheats on hope you survive

Added by: Guest Aug 24th 2013, ID#9384 and get
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we can make a tree in superflat world

Added 5th Sep 2014, ID #444602

for one thing i not on a computer playing minecraft.i only on xbox360 concole xboxlive arcade.. an i try every thing to summon herobrine nothing...but one time i went enploring a came back to the house i build an there were flame on the roof an it wasn burning the house down ,,then the flame went out just like that but no sign of was weird.. an another thing is i don,t think it right that thay dont put every thing on the xbox 360 concole arcade when other don,t have a computer to play minecraft on..thay have horse an other animal on their when thay playing on we don,t on our reg xbob360 concole arcade i wish thay would put herobrine on the game minecraft.. for all of us..thank u for your time.

Added 5th Aug 2014, ID #431166

The real horobrione has glowing eyes but the fake does not

Added 5th Aug 2014, ID #431006

It mite not work or maby it will?

Added 30th Jul 2014, ID #427598

wait are we suppose to do it on a super flat world ??

Added 28th Jul 2014, ID #426824

i sure hope it works! ;)

Added 13th Jul 2014, ID #418060

I hope it works

Added 9th Jul 2014, ID #414839


Added 25th Jun 2014, ID #406528

i,m am so tire of hearing people lie about seeing herobrine an i wish that thay haven came out with herobrine skin. that way thay can,t use it to trick people with it..wish thay take it off,because i try every thing an it don,t work,,it fake,fake fake.

Added 20th Jun 2014, ID #403288

Il try

Added 15th Jun 2014, ID #400291

i just want to know if he can be on minecraft arcade game or not,,i want to see it if he for real. thank u for your time.

Added 7th Jun 2014, ID #395542

it works

Added 28th May 2014, ID #390130

even if it did work there is a chance that it will mess up minecraft for you

Added 26th Apr 2014, ID #378972


Added 3rd Apr 2014, ID #371038

it dose work i tryed it but the only thing is there are no trees on superflat and please stop saying he/she is lyeing it is kind of anoyying

Added 30th Mar 2014, ID #369843

i don't know how to find herobrine

Added 23rd Feb 2014, ID #358219

the herobrine spawnner is incorrect its 3x3 gold mossy stone block in the middle then netherrack on top then redstone torches in the middle of each row

Added 18th Feb 2014, ID #356323

does it work?

Added 17th Nov 2013, ID #319994

How r u supposed to do it there's no trees

Added 16th Oct 2013, ID #314894

Thank goodness I was searching everywhere (on creative mode) Its a good thing and bad. Good I know your suppose to be in survival mode and bad Herobrine is gonna be in my world chasing me while im paranoid and scared. And by the way I found this seed I put "Deadlox" and found some manmade rooms that I did not build and I know no one was trolling me because I don't have Xbox live.

Added 14th Oct 2013, ID #314582

it worked for me I saw him up close he sounded like a ghast and it scared the LIVING CRAP OF ME

Added 13th Oct 2013, ID #314346


Added 6th Oct 2013, ID #313068

U lie it doesn't work

Added 2nd Oct 2013, ID #312249

on super flat world theres no trees

Added 18th Sep 2013, ID #310126

Dose it work

Added 30th Aug 2013, ID #307390

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