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Easy way to win interstate races!

You have to have a vehicle with the roar ability to do this.First get your roar charged up then go to a hard racer.Start the race and then activate roar when there close to a wrong exit.He or She must be beside you and slightly infront of you.If you activate at the right time thell go the wrong way and take a little while to get back chasing you.Hope I helped.

Added 9 Mar 2012, ID #8248, by Cobra909
Ask.com and get

Easiest way to get the "Neither bird nor plane" achievment

Go to your garage and test drive the 2004 Lamborghini Murcielage DUB Edition then go to the big canal and hit one of the ramps in the middle at full speed and using a nitro.

Added 9 Mar 2012, ID #8247, by Cobra909

Fastest way to drive 50 miles on 2 wheels

First get a fast car then make sure you don't have any cheats on then get to the interstate then go to race editor mode(theres no traffic) then get up to speed go on two wheels it might take a little while depending on how fast you go and how well you can drive.

Added 7 Mar 2012, ID #8244, by Cobra909

Tricked out car

If your driving around the city and you stop at every light there will be a black mercadez benz pull up beside you and will begin burning rubber. If you do then if you win youll get all his cars (ferrari ghost, lambergini gallardo, mercadez benz, and a mazda rx8). But if you lose he will get your cars and youll have to start the game over. Its awesome and sucks at the same time. *p.s. I advise to d this when you havent beatin the game*

Added 11 Jul 2011, ID #7482, by kilo1029

Free performance parts

If you have xbox live,go to the garage and go to performance. When you do that,then upgrade it to the very last performance option. Then go to the friend list,and if your friend is playing,click join session. Then click yes when it asks you if you are sure you want to exit without saving. Then click yes. Then after a minute, then click exit multiplayer cruise. Then go to the garage,and go back to performance,and see if it is free. If it is,it worked! If not,it didnt. But my first try was on a motorcycle. So it wasnt much to upgrade,but it saved me over 20 grand!

Added 2 Jul 2011, ID #7436, by Guest

How not to lose you're car in a pinkslip race!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go to the options menu go to game settings turn auto save off and go race. Ps.save after you get the car

Added 23 Apr 2011, ID #7236, by alecjitsu


rt,rt,b,a,x,x,lt,lb, with this cheat you can get away from cops in the middle of a chase

Added 15 Oct 2010, ID #6409, by Guest

Xbox messed up?????

go to the santa monica pier on a motorcycle. (faster the motorcycle the easier the glitch)(you can do this while in test drive) Ride to the end of the pier (the part over the water)doing a wheelie and hit one of the plants in the boxes.(it will take a few tries) you should go over the raling and make it look like your xbox got problems. It also looks like your falling off the world.

Added 30 Sep 2010, ID #6323, by koolaidman


Ok,Go to the "Garage", and select "Customize Your Car". Navigate to "Performance Parts", and press X – do not press A. Instead, press the glowing X button to go to the Xbox 360 Guide. Go to the friends list (or recent players list), and join a session. Start a multiplayer match (choose "OK"). When you get on the street, you will have the parts installed with no money deducted. When you quit out they will still be installed,theres your free parts.

Next,To unlock what’s listed below, find the corresponding amount of Rockstar (R*) collectibles in the game.

10 - Unlimited Nitro
20 - Never Damage Out
30 - Unlimited Special Abilities
40 - Top-Down View
50 - No Police
60 - No Fines

Happy cheating

Added 21 Dec 2009, ID #5284, by iedog11

Free Items (Without beating the game)

This is really easy and requires no hacking devices.

Step 1: Go to "customize vehicle" in the garage.
Step 2: Go to "exterior/interior".
Step 3: Go to WHAT TYPE of part you want NOT THE PART. A type of part would be:
Spoilers,widebodies, headlights(this works with any of them I didn't want to name them all."
Step 3: Do not click and find the part you want. If you want a spoiler HOVER OVER spoiler (so it's highlighted) and press X.
Step 4: hover over the part you want( make it so spoiler 2 of 4 is hilighted)
Step 5: press the XBOX logo in the middle of your controller and join an xbox live match. You can join from recent players or friends list.

(If you want this to be easier go play an Xbox Live match and then do this step so you have a match to join.)

This used to work with Performance upgrades but not anymore. So use this before it's patched.

Added 27 Jul 2009, ID #4765, by zankum

barrels location

First find a map with the locations for the barrels. You can find them on google just type " midnight club LA barrels map" ( without the quotes ). Now you should have the map. This works better if you have the game's original map that way all you have to do is copied the barrels location ... If you don't just print one ... Now that you have he map go to the game play ... When you start the game you should be at your garage .... Pause the game and go to the RACE EDITOR .... In the race editor you can transport all around the city (cities) all you have to do is press BACK on you control and than select the place you want to go to press BACK time and you should transport to the place selected ... Now all you have to do is match the location on your map or the map printed to the map on the screen and you should find about 51 barrels the other are a little harder to get so you're on your own ... But the 51 barrels should give you infinitive nitrous, infinitive special abilities, no damage to your car, no cops, and the a new view for your car .... Now all is left to do is play and finished the game ... Oh and one more thing YOU'RE WELCOME !!!!!!!!!!!

Added 29 Jun 2009, ID #4661, by fresco_boy
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