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Escape the Sewer in Der Flakturm Mission cheat for Medal of Honor: Airborne


Escape the Sewer in Der Flakturm Mission

When you have to escape the sewer in the final part of the Der Flakturm mission there will be 6 Nazi Storm Elite super soldiers with MG42 heavy machine guns in your way and they are hard to kill. As it's nearly impossible to kill them all it's easier to try and run past them but to do this you will need at least 3 Health bars. When you get past them and then climb the lader the game is more or less over.

Added by: Sanzano Jan 17th 2008, ID#2017 and get
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I did it on the first try. I used a fully upgraded BAR and all grenades. I isolated each of them before picking them off one-by-one.

Added 19th Jun 2014, ID #402725

So I haven't been able to get this finished, but these comments will help, thanks.

Here's what I have done so far:
Run toward the stairway - the elite soldier will come out of the doorway near the stairway so take the one closer to you. Kill the two paratroopers as they run down the stairs and toward you on the gangway. The elite will be blocked from shooting you by the wall. Kill the elite by keeping the wall between you, and hopfully getting lucky.

Go up the stairs, get all the stuff.

Go to the top of the ramp where the steam is. Use the springfield to pick off the guy who's on your level on the other side of the pipes - you can see him in the sights. Stay out of the doorway so the guy hiding behind the steam can't get at you. Then kill him with a machine gun.

Then, pick up the springfield again, edge to the edge of the doorway, look to your left and crouch, and you should be able to line up the top of the helmet of the elite hiding behind the barrels in the far back corner. Two head shots will do it.

That's as far as I got. I'm going to try some of these other strategies now and see how I do. Better late than never.

Added 14th Oct 2012, ID #196393

just use a fully upgraded thompson sub-machine gun and continually fire at the Nazi Elite Storm Troopers one by one as they come round the corner to where you are hiding by the ramp.

Added 31st Jul 2012, ID #170659

thank you soooooooooooo much!!! this made me beat it on my 10th try!!!

Added 4th Feb 2012, ID #112027

i killed them all. the secret is to take out the first one at nthe start up on that walkway where you begin, then the 2 paratroopers hiding upstairs. the secret to wasting this mg guy is too stay on the opposite side of the walkway to him, using the big central columns as cover. use your sniper rifle to pop off head and body shots when you can, then keep heading around the walkway using the central clomns for cover etc. watch out for the 2 paratroopers that are hiding around up here, as they are bloody annoying and will sap your health with pop shots, but try and ignore them untill you take out the ss mg guy. then head up a hidden ladder in the next room to stock up on explosive ammo (after you've killed the 2 paratroopers i just talked about). then, before heading down the broken ramp into the killzone, aim at the steam shooting out of the pipe with your shotgun and shoot the hidden paratrooper on the walkway behind the steam. then just stay at the bottom of broken the ramp - don't move forward. crouch down, as the ss mg guys will shoot you through the gap in the big pipes to your left just stay put in this spot, crouching down. occassionally pop up and try and shoot any mg guys you see in the head through the gap in the pipes with your springfield. eventually this will piss them off enough untill the first 2 will slowly walk towards you. watch them on your rader, they walk slowly, so once you can see theyre about to walk around the last wall to face you where your hiding, start lobbing gammon grenades. if your lucky enough and kill the 2 ss mg guys and any paratroopers with them, youll get a triple kill bonus of 5 new gammon grenades. stay where you are at the bottom of the ramp and keep up the tactic of shooting the next 2 mg guys through the gap in the pipes, crouching down quickly so they dont hit you. eventually the next 2 will come around the corner to get you, so repeat the tactic of lobbing gammon grenades as they come around that last corner to face you. after that, gingerly head off around the wall, taking cover and picking off the paratroopers that are shooting at you from the walkway above. dont head too far forward as there is one more mg dude waiting for you in a little allyway of pipes. peep around a corner until you can see him, then move back and start lobbing gammons and whatever other grenades you have. then finish mopping up the last paratroopers hiding in the walkway above, so you can casually walk out of the sewer to blow up the tower, cause everyone else is dead.

Added 25th Mar 2011, ID #34171

Goddam hard to kill allright.I've been trying for 3 weeks ! Thanks for the tip.

Added 10th Sep 2010, ID #12089

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