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Easy way to get kills!

This trick is useful for the legendary campaign as it will defeat Elites in two shots.

You will need;
A plasma pistol
A weapon that fires one bullet, Magnum, Needle Rifle or DMR.

Charge up your plasma pistol and fire, if you hit an Elite this will knock his shields down, switch to your single bullet weapon and shoot the head.

It's an insta-kill and works on most enemies and every player in multiplayer.

Have fun.

Added 9 May 2011, ID #7286, by snakespec
Ask.com and get

How to save your self from high falls

Ok, hi everybody, today I'm going to show you how to save yourself from high falls. First, go to any map on forge mode. ( the spire is the most fun to do the trick) and get a jet pack, then go to the floating grid thing that the enemies can turn off in campagn. Once your there equipped with a jet pack, jump off, then when your 3/4 to the ground, hold down the jet pack button as hard as you can, once you stop moving down let go of the jet pack button, your free!

Added 6 May 2011, ID #7261, by sonic-secret9

Armor Lock Glitch

Go to forge world in Reach and make two armor locks. Pick one up and use it. In the middle of armor lock, go into forge ball. Press B on the 2nd armor lock and delete all. You should be in armor lock walking around. If you jump in the water deep enough, you will die. And if you are in a vehicle and it explodes, you will die.

Added 5 Apr 2011, ID #7196, by padres100345

Survive Being Hit By Energy Swords

When you see people with energy swords, the odds almost always favor the energy sword. There is a way to survive though. It's simple but difficult at the same time. When the player moves in to "Slice 'n Dice" you need to hit him(RB) at the moment the sword hits you. You have to time it just right though. If done right the attacks cancel eachother out and you'll survive. NOTE: Your health will still be lowered a lot. This can only be used in online features such as Matchmaking or Custom Games. Campaign does not apply to this, you'll always be killed.

Added 23 Mar 2011, ID #7149, by AK GMAN14

Extra Ammo on Pillar of Autumn

At the end of the Pillar of Autumn, you are defending the landing zone for Captin Keyes. When you first get outside you'll see a building to the left (The one with a sniper on top). Go behind that building until you see a corner mid-way (Not the corner of the building). Go to side of the corner that faces outward toward the cliffs. Hit the flat side next to where the corner is formed. If you did it right an ammo crate will pop out of no where carrying DMR's and a Shotgun.

Added 5 Mar 2011, ID #7089, by AK GMAN14

An Arbiter on Reach

At the cutscene on Lone Wolf you're going to see Elites attacking Noble Six. Right when the Elites are about to finish him off you'll see the foot of an Elite step in front of his helmet watching the other two. That Elite is the Arbiter (Not the one from Halo 2 and 3). You know this because that Elite draws an energy sword with his LEFT hand and only Arbiters were trained to use swords with their left hand.

Added 14 Feb 2011, ID #6955, by AK GMAN14

Well Lots of Cheats

Hello. I have some cheats for you i know some might be old.

17,000 Credits in 10 minuites
Go to the Oni sword base level and turn on the cowbell skull. This will amplify splash damage. You can use this on any difficulty except easy and also need to turn on team scoring.
Ignore all the enemies you see and run to the locator, pick it up and then aim it back toward the enemies.
Call in the strike and then crouch back behind the gun case. This will give you a check point before the locator gets fired off.
Once that happens, press start and then go back to the last checkpoint.
You should then see the Covenant getting destroyed and you don't need to fire off the locator again!
Then simply keep going back to the last checkpoint you saved.CREDIT TO KILLR20

Armor Lock Glitch
Before you do this, I recommend you pucker up all the patience you have. I didn't and I regret it.
So, obviously for this to work you will need Armor Lock and a Grunt or a crouching second player, the reason for this is that Armor Lock only woks when it's fairly close to the ground, so you need the shortest thing you can get. Try if you can to do the glitch on a taller A.I or player but success is unlikely.
So, for an easier time, turn ON the Tough Luck skull if you're glitching a Grunt because then it won't run away. Stand on top of it, crouch (always crouch) and then try to Armor Lock, for as long as you can.
If the glitch works, then the thing you're Armor Locking on top of will go ballistic and start speeding very quickily in random directions, it will also be engulfed in motion blur because of how fast it's going. So, plenty of things to look out for there. CREDIT GOES TO THE SONERFUL

Asylum Cliff Glitch (OLD) :0(
On Infection, when you spawn as a Spartan, behind you will be a cliff.
Climb the rocks until it says 'return to battlefield' then jump up, run along the flat surface, jump up a little ledge again, then go to the edge of the cliff.
It should stop saying 'return to battlefield' and there's your camping spot. CREDIT GOES TO x birtyyy v1

Boardwalk Camping Area (OLD)
In the boardwalk level where the sniper and shotgun respawn, where the top of the main stair area is, there is a rock on a 45 degree (it is advised that you have sprint on).
Run up it and jump onto the grass area, to the left of you, you will see a tree with a Y shape in it.
Jump into it (this might take a couple of tries) and then jump up to the top of the tree and then jump straight ahead and you're on the platform.
If you're playing infection the zombies can jump up others ways so watch out.CREDIT GOES TO PyrOm4n14c69er

Club Party

Set up a new Alexandria on normal.
You probably need 2 people to do this. There will be a sequence of 4 switches, each one on a building, each checkpoint you will go to a building.
Go to the side of the building and you'll see a switch, hit the switch, go to the next building, hit the switch and so on...
Then you'll come up on the club, go inside, but don't kill anybody and you'll see Bruts and Grunts dancing.

Credits Made Easy
On the level Oni Swordbase, once you get the Warthog go right for the anti-air gun to the west and kill all enemies, but don't activate the gun yet.
Go back to the Warthog and start shooting at the phantom. Eventualy another will appear and do the exact same with them.
This can be done on any difficulty, especially legendary.

Easy Credits
Go to custom games, start a game and leave your Xbox on but dont play it.
Leave it on for about 1 hour 20 mins (not a Super Spartan).

Easy Firfight Achivements and Credits
To do this it is very simple and easy.
All you do is manipulate the settings like skulls, difficulties, weapon damage, ammo and invulnerability and you can easily get the Legendary achievements by simply switching them around.
Legendary with all the skulls on makes the game multiply your scores and when you change the time limit and set it to unlimited, you can gain credits depending on how long you play.
I played for thirty-three minutes and fourty-two seconds and got through the first set.

Added 8 Jan 2011, ID #6809, by Supercheatermario

mini master chief and zombies

Go onto theater mode on lone wolf and wait about five seconds. now pause and press rewind until the timers at zero. now you should see a structure with two cranes on them.press b and then x and you'll be able to move freely. make your way towards the crane on the left.

Just between the crane and the pipe there will be a small silver statue of master chief. OH MY GOSH! now if you go left you'll see little buildings and such. go down to them and you'll be where lone wolf starts. now go into the buildings and you'll see soldiers standing and such. all the armor upgrades will be blank and alternate colors. i hope you enjoyed this thanks

Added 21 Dec 2010, ID #6757, by e-rock95

See Master Chief's Cryo-pod

Okay at final video on "The Pillar of Autumn"(right after you blasted the carrier)you will see Keye's pelican head towards the hanger.When you see Keye's pelican about to enter the hanger,using the right control stick(the one you look with)look towards the right(keep looking right if the screen itself doesn't turn).If you did it right the screen will move right(make sure you hold the right control stick to the right for a longer look)and you will be able to see Master Chief in his cryo-pod

Added 21 Dec 2010, ID #6754, by AK GMAN14

movable armor lock- forge only

1. make two armor locks
2. take one and use it
3. while in the middle of armor lock turn into the forge probe and go over the second armor lock and press b and hit delete all.

you should have armor lock on and be able to move around.when you fall you dont die. but when ur in vicle and they explode you will die

Added 18 Dec 2010, ID #6748, by e-rock95

Firefight Achievements

If anyone is having trouble getting the achievements for firefight(50k,200k,1million,killionare, and 1 set on legendary without dying). Go to the link below and download the gametype Achievements and use it on and firefight map. I got the 1million achievement on the 3rd round with it, and have all the others from the first 2 rounds, it works best with an opened map.Ofcourse you need to be XBL to download this.


Added 4 Oct 2010, ID #6344, by Aerodude96
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