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Halo 3 Katana

You have To Earn 1000Gs On Halo 3 To Get The katana


No thumbs

Added 18 Mar 2014, ID #9650, by Warpig 51563
Ask.com and get

Tip for Team Snipers

Try playing on a low sensitivity. For you have more control of your shots.

Added 12 Jan 2011, ID #6835, by hatershateme

Tip for SWAT

Always jump around corners. For you can get an easy shot if you know what you are doing.

Added 12 Jan 2011, ID #6834, by hatershateme

Wanna Get Better in SWAT?

Just switch you controller button layout to Bumper Jumper, you can jump and view side to side at the same time.

Added 12 Jan 2011, ID #6833, by hatershateme

Fuel Rod At Start (4th Mission)

as you know and probably experienced, in the 3rd mission there are brute chieftans that carry fuel rods! kill them and take it
now finish the level while holding the fuel rod. skip the cut scene. and on the next level (the 4th) you'll ride in on a warthog (as usual) but now with a fuel rod.

p.s. later you'll get to choose to take a rocket launcher (supply case before the part where cortana sais 'i am your shield i am your soul')
p.s. fuel rods dont work well against hunters or brute chieftans so use the rocket launcher


Added 18 Dec 2010, ID #6746, by chaox

two wierd things

both r on the last level one is a guy in a shower cap and his undies u find him in a tunnel to the right before u jump he jumping up and down were there is only one way to get to him is three brute jumps. the second is a grumpy grunt he is at the very end on the edge of the arch a little before u jump to the ship he is funny and u wont die if u go to him.

Added 31 Aug 2010, ID #6230, by nightfire145

ghost of sandtrap

step 1 tick the guardians
step 2 place a weapon holder at the far end of the arena
step 3 place a sentinal beam on the weapon holder
step 4 wait

Added 15 Aug 2010, ID #6169, by Guest

gravity hammer

if you and your opponent both have a gravity hammer,
come up behind them and follow them until they turn
around, then srike. thats where it has the most damage.

Added 14 Aug 2010, ID #6166, by Guest

Easy Headshots.

To get easy headshot's, whenever you die. Leave the view on the same height. Great with Snipers, or sometimes BR's. Now you just have to be good at looking left or right without moving the view up or down.

Added 26 May 2010, ID #5835, by hatershateme

6 Mythic Skulls on custom games

If you have Xbox Live, look up the file share of Bobby37889 for 6 maps that lead directly (sometimes) to the skull. Just look for what looks different.

Added 7 Apr 2010, ID #5685, by green37889

Skull on The Storm

The best way that I found to get the skull is on multiplayer mode I tried using the warthog but it got destroyed everytime I tried... After destroying all ghosts and the anti-wraith tank in the field have your teammate go over to the outside wall and you jump on his head and crouch jump on to the wall and then jump over to the circular building this is pretty easy to do and I did it on Legendary... Good luck

Added 23 Mar 2010, ID #5622, by ShiftySly28

Random, Useless Glitch

On the level "The Covenant" when you get to the top of the first barrier tower, as soon as it says checkpoint, if you sticky grenade the ground under you and jump before it goes off(like a grenade jump, but do it late enough that you die) when you hit the ground the elevator will start going back down. But you have to do this before the elevator switch moves over to the other side or else it won't work

Added 3 Jan 2010, ID #5323, by catso

The Best Online Weapon

The best online weapon simply has got to be the Shotgun, or even mauler, simply keep close to your enemie, and shoot, if your close enough you should kill them in one shot, or if not just tap (B) to punch then quickly and it's easy kill's all match. Message me for all shotgun locations. Ratee 10

Added 20 Dec 2009, ID #5278, by x-Most-Wanted

Are you a boy?

On the first level of Halo 3 on the elevator if you switch weapons with one of the marines twice he'll ask "You a dude right?"I tried to kill him but didn't feel like it.Trying switching weapons with other marines on different level to see what happens.This is like in Halo 2 when if you switch weapons with the serge on the second level he goes "That hurts Chief"

Added 1 Aug 2009, ID #4787, by Aeroude96

grunts face REVEALED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you see a grunt smack it in the back then hit it in the face then the mask will fall off.

They do not look cute at all

Added 26 Jun 2009, ID #4642, by COG gear

Commonly Overlooked Things

On Halo 3, did you notice in matchmaking how you keep getting assassinated for some odd reason when you take your eyes off your motion sensor radar? It's one of the commonly overlooked things, I'll list them and maybe next time you'll take better heed in Halo 3 Matchmaking.

1. Your Radar is Your Friend
This is most commonly overlooked, hardly anyone pays much attention to their radar, thus making them get killed by people who are not stealthy when it comes to assassination. It also makes it hard to tell if someone is coming down the hall behind you when you're going the same way their going (as in, you're going away from them but they're going towards you) until you get shot by them or assassinated. In other words, until it's too late.

Tip to Avoid Overlooking: Try to remember to focus on your radar when you're at a standstill or when going down a small hallway, this way you can't get easily assassinated without you knowing they're back there or you won't pass your enemy who is moving clumsily while camping and he kills you easy.

2. Energy Sword Wielders
People overlook that Energy Sword wielders are very dangerous, especially when they know how to make it so you can't see them on radar. People always think that the Energy Sword is one of the crappiest weapons in game when actually it's a power weapon by default (as in, you can get one hit killed by it even if it's not to your back). Why is this overlooked? People kill them likewise with a long ranged power weapon or assassination when they least expect it.

Tip to Avoid Overlooking: Stay your distance from these bad boys, don't go rushing in madly while shooting, this just tells them to rush in to you and lunge strike. Also, if you know the guy wielding the Energy Sword is clever to avoid being detected by the Motion Radar (like I am), then you must be extremely vigilant, if you see them, start back-peddling and shooting at the same time, but keep your target so you can kill him before he can even get in range to lunge.

3. Spartan Lasers
Even though these weapons are very slow at firing and hardly anyone uses them unless facing a slow and heavy vehicle like a Scorpion, is someone can moving aim fire with these, it means trouble for your team (or a good thing, depends if he's on your team or not). So yes, Spartan Lasers are overlooked often, that is until you get lasered.

Tip to Avoid Overlooking: Try to keep an eye out for that little red line that tells you they're charging to fire at you. If you see it, find some cover fast before they get a chance to move aim and shoot you perfectly.

4. Light Vehicles Like the Warthog
Everyone loves it when a vehicle can't hit them because they know they can jump over it to avoid it, however, what happens when you don't realize it, but you're not looking at your radar and being cocky? When someone is trying to splatter you all over the wall with a light vehicle, it can be hard to keep an eye out for someone who will come up to you and just melee you in the back of the head, or if the light vehicle does something I call "V-Assassination".

Tip to Avoid Overlooking: Try to hijack the drivers side so you can drive the rest of them off a cliff if you know how to tip it off, otherwise, just drive around until they jump out, then try to do the same to them as they were doing to you, splatter them. Also, while avoiding a light vehicle, try to keep an eye out for snipers/assassins/other vehicles so you don't end up killed. While just minding your own business, killing people left and right, don't be a fool and take your eyes off the radar (as said in number 1), a vehicle may be quiet enough to sneak to a position where it can boost splatter and V-Assassinate.

5. Missile Pods
Missile Pods are probably the most dangerous power weapon in game, however, people don't exactly think that unless they're in a vehicle, something it can lock on to. It's stupid to think that a Missile Pod can't hit a player out of a vehicle, in fact, a Missile Pod is a Rocket Launcher from Halo 2. Once someone can get a decent hit to you with a Missile Pod, then you know you're dead.

Tip to Avoid Overlooking: Just make sure someone snipes him before you go towards him, or try no scope sniping him so he can't hit you with that damned weapon. Either that, or try to get behind him, otherwise, all I can say is do the strategy you do with a normal Rocket Launcher, jump over the rocket.

6. Your Back Open While Sniping
While sniping, it's tempting to go to an edge to snipe out people if you're really good at it, however, this opens up your back unless your back is against someone else's and they are sniping too. This makes assassinating you easier, for the fact that your range sight is limited, and you won't have enough time to react to someone shooting at your back if you only have the Sniper Rifle or Energy Rifle and Assault Rifle or some other crappy, short-range weapon.

Tip to Avoid Overlooking: Try to make sure your back is against something first, so no one can get behind you (since you cannot see your motion radar), and make sure every once in a while, you make sure no one is coming up to where you are by getting out of sniper scope, and looking around. Also, if you really need to go over and peer over the edge to snipe, make sure you have a good long range weapon (I.E., Rocket Launcher) so you can react to someone shooting at your back faster.

Those are all of my tips that I can provide right now, I'm sure I can get a few more. I don't necessarily play Halo 3, but I do play Halo 2, and when I go over to my friends house, Halo 3, so some of this stuff has happened to me.

Hope you stop overlooking stuff!

Added 15 Jun 2009, ID #4554, by megadude454

Killing Enemies More Effectively

One way to kill an enemy effectively is to punch your target once and then move away from your enemy as you shoot at him or her with an auto or semi-automatic gun. However if you wish to ambush your enemy then what you want to do is to first shoot with an auto or semi-automatic gun and then you punch your target.

Added 2 Jun 2009, ID #4514, by DarkServent

Easier mongoose mowdown achievement

You need a headset to do this. Simply find somebody else with a headset in matchmaking and ask them to let you run them over in exchange for them killing you to get an achievement. Don't sound like a jerk though or they won't do it. This is an I help you, you help me sort of thing!

Added 1 Jun 2009, ID #4506, by nachoz127

Out of Map on Sierra 117 + Hidden Monkey!

Ok guys this is really long. First go to the first level, Sierra 117, go to the end part were the gravity hammer guy is. When you are near that part, run past everything! Then there will be a Phantom and a building. Hop on the building, kill the gunner of the phantom. Take the turret and hold on to it. Then when you are on the phantom it will move so when it stops let go of the turret then attach to it again.(so it will move again) Then after it moves you will be in this really weird glitched area! And if you backtrack to the map (dont go into it) and you scale the cliff you will eventually find a hidden monkey. If you need help add my friends and me, well help you. Im C4nt 5t0P M3H, D awsome1, D3vilzChild696. Well get it for you! (check d3vilzchilds fileshare, there you will see a pic of the monkey.)

Added 18 May 2009, ID #4438, by darking237

Flamethrower on Halo

Right on the part where you touch medal search the ground for the flamethrower.

Added 29 Mar 2009, ID #4214, by navatar
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