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Lone Wolf Bonus Mission cheat for Halo: Reach


Lone Wolf Bonus Mission

This bonus mission will start when you complete the game on the Legendary difficulty setting and the credits have ended.

Added by: Sanzano Sep 22nd 2010, ID#6293 and get
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Telaboba x add me

Added 21st Jan 2015, ID #504872

i looked on the halo website and saw nobles sids stuff about him and he has to die in lone wolf because thats what it says it can not be beaten

Added 29th Sep 2014, ID #453118

You can beat it a friend of mine has on easy the ending is so EPIC

Added 17th Dec 2013, ID #330683

I got Lone wolf when I beat the game on easy but it was before the credits

Added 21st Aug 2013, ID #305964

YOU DON'T NEED TO BEAT IT ON LEGENDARY TO GET IT!!! I only beat it on easy and normal. And I play lone wolf all the time. I was able to play lone wolf after i beat it on easy.

Added 5th Jun 2013, ID #288030

im 11 and I beat it and got to the credits after it just brought me back to the first mission

Added 31st Dec 2012, ID #233154

Iv tried it 1000000000000000000000000000000 times but I know secret places

Added 18th Oct 2012, ID #197913

It's impossible to beat it. You can "survive" for an extremely long amount of time. It was confirmed that after you survive for a certain amount of time, it just goes to the cut-scene where noble six is overrun by the elites. Whether or not you actually died.

Added 26th Jul 2012, ID #168896

OK. For one thing, Lone Wolf isn't an actual mission. They added it so you would know what happens to your character after the Pillar of Autumn leaves Reach, and makes a jump to the Halo in Halo 1. Lone Wolf is a filler mission. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT. You can't beat it except when you die. Simple as that.

Added 27th Jun 2012, ID #157770

I have no clue how to do it so i looked on super cheats
and thought there would be a walkthrough...
But there isn't, so how do u do it?

Added 27th Jun 2012, ID #157600


Added 20th Jun 2012, ID #154830

My friend beat lone wolf and it is surprisingly easier with these five sculls.

black eye


tough luck


grunt birthday (gives me adrenalin burst when they explode)

Griffin Stone
Added 12th Jun 2012, ID #152036

send me your gamer tag so we can play lone wolf and see if we gl an hour thiry minutes

Added 6th Jun 2012, ID #149448

yeh i know hey dose iny body have Xbox live

Added 6th Jun 2012, ID #149447

hi there i have a solution of beating lone wolf you dont have that much time remember right about 50% through halo reach that part saying back up is intament that will arive in 48 hours sooo if you have 48 hours on easy you just might beat lone wolf you need ton of free time

Added 28th May 2012, ID #146413

survived da lone wolf for 1hour 28mins on legendary

Added 26th May 2012, ID #145477



Added 25th Mar 2012, ID #126384

Has anyone beaten lone wolf? Can it be beaten?

DADDY 52691
Added 21st Mar 2012, ID #125072

i cant even beat lone wolf on easy

Added 9th Mar 2012, ID #121616


Added 4th Mar 2012, ID #120343

you can't survive lone wolf, don't even try and to solve a deilema you CAN play it any difficulty, it's NOT a bonus mission

Added 8th Jan 2012, ID #103976

BEST GAME EVER me and my sis didnt beat lone wolf

Added 21st Aug 2011, ID #68999

ok 1. thats the point of the Lone wolf mission (not to survive)
2. The bonus mission is fun (duh)
3. Has anyone REALLY beat it on legendary?!? (very doubtful)
4. I'd worry bout findin those data pads (good luck)

Added 8th Apr 2011, ID #36381

You must of accidentally pressed something because the credits are supposed be there. Of course I'm 12, but I am already the best player of all my friends. Most of them are older than me.

Added 11th Mar 2011, ID #32154

So I got to lone wolf, finished and died. Watched the video, then the pop up came up saying to try it on different difficulty but then there were no credits....

Did I miss something?

Added 11th Mar 2011, ID #32128

if you want earn a lot of money this is for you step 1 do not play campaign play firefight step 2 put the diffaculty on legendary and if you not good at legendary it is okay it stills works step 3 put all your stats to the max and put the enemys health and shileds to the max you will be unstopable and trust me it works.

Added 19th Feb 2011, ID #29560

and thats how the game starts with a broken spartan helmet ps you do not have to do the final misson on legendary okay all you have to do is this do not do final misson on easy at least complete it on normal thats what i did.

Added 19th Feb 2011, ID #29556

lone wolf can not be beat cause u have limited ammo your teammates are dead and there are unlimited waves of enemys trust me lone wolf can not be beat.

Added 19th Feb 2011, ID #29554

can you complete that mission lone wolf or not cause still not sure if completed game

Added 7th Feb 2011, ID #28363

i playd halo lone wolf for 3 hours still dint get uot there

Added 4th Feb 2011, ID #27977

the video is sickness out of all the halos ive played,and thats all of them[yes Ive bin playin since i was six]im only 12 so thats why] that is the coolest ive seen . oh and the guy who said he likes
watching ur guy die u r kinda messed . no offense.

Added 1st Feb 2011, ID #27657

if u get all of the skolls u can beat it

Added 25th Jan 2011, ID #26786

You do not have to beat it one lenendary. i beat it with my little bro on easy and unlocked it.

Added 5th Jan 2011, ID #24227

how do skip the bounes level lone wolf

Added 30th Dec 2010, ID #23156

you can go and move those boxes inthe corner of that broken building and if you hide in that little corner you can just sit there forever if you dont jump out and kill them lol i did it for 22 min then shot a grunt in the face and they still didnt find me till i shot an elite general and he sparta kicked my box fort :P

Added 27th Dec 2010, ID #22746

the video at the end of lone wolf is totally epic don't ya think I usually die after 5 minutes just to watch that epic battle scene of my guy kicking and screaming trying to get away from the elites I just love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 27th Nov 2010, ID #19461

the drop shield helps out most and if u baracade yourself into a tight corner, you can hide out for awhile with the shotgun and sniper rifle... even if spotted you can last quite some time... the instant they come too close you do as u will...

Added 25th Nov 2010, ID #19270

Since everyone has said it works on every difficulty, might I add that it's excellent practise. Better practise than Firefight, since they never stop coming.

Added 5th Nov 2010, ID #17272

It works on easy too...

Added 26th Oct 2010, ID #16371

Legendary doesn't have much to do with the bonus mission. Normal works just fine.

Added 20th Oct 2010, ID #15720

THERES NO place to hide once they see you thele stook you until your dead thele follow you until your dead

Added 19th Oct 2010, ID #15642

and you don't have to wait till the end you can just skip it.

Added 11th Oct 2010, ID #14939

or on heroic or normal

Added 7th Oct 2010, ID #14593

it can be on easy

Added 3rd Oct 2010, ID #14303

it dosnt have to be on legendary it can be any difficulty(idk about easy)

Added 27th Sep 2010, ID #13718


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