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FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage Pack Shot

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage Cheats for Xbox 360

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2000 CASH OVERAdded 10 Apr 2012, ID #8312
OK START THE GAME UP THEN GO STRAIT TO FLAT-OUT MODE then go to race on derby and when you get there you should see the cup races or when completing a cup if lucky you will get a time trial or a derby soo go on the derby and race with you're strongest car and win 2000 credits or more for bonuses then after you will have 2000 then do it over and over as many as desired. The trick is to get the blaster xL and upgrade it fully thats the best way hope this helped.

Unlock CarsAdded 18 Mar 2011, ID #7139
At the 'Main' menu go to 'Extras', select 'Enter Code' and enter the following case sensitive passwords (without the quotes) to unlock the corresponding car for Single Events.

Unlock Flatmobile:
Enter the password 'WOTKINS'

Unlock School Bus:
Enter the password 'GIEVCARPLZ'

Unlock The Truck:
Enter the password 'ELPUEBLO'
Unlockable CarsAdded 10 Oct 2007, ID #1638
These cars can be unlocked for 'Single Events' by going to the 'Main' menu and selecting the 'Extras' option. Then go to 'Enter Code' and enter the password to unlock the desired car.

Unlock Pimpster Car:
Enter the password RUTTO

Unlock Mob Car:
Enter the password BIGTRUCK

Unlock Rocket Car:
Enter the password KALJAKOPPA
Unlock CarsAdded 14 Sep 2007, ID #1559
Get at least a Bronze medal in each stage of the three/four races to unlock the corresponding cars unless otherwise specified (don't worry about 'Time Trial' as only races count).

Unlock Lancea, Daytana and Fortune (Race):
Complete the Race Class Stage 1.

Unlock Shaker, Blaster XL and Banger (Derby):
Complete the Derby Class Stage 1.

Unlock Sparrowhawk, CTR Sport and Vexter XS (Street):
Complete the Street Class Stage 1.

Unlock Bullet, Lentus and Ventura (Race):
Complete the Race Class Stage 2.

Unlock Splitter, Switchblade and Venom (Derby):
Complete the Derby Class Stage 2.

Unlock Speedshifter, Terrator, Speeddevil, Bullet GT and Sunray (Street):
Complete the Street Class Stage 2.

Unlock Insetta (Race):
Get Gold in the Insetta Carnage Race.

Unlock Bonecracker (Derby):
Get Gold in the Bonecracker Demolition Derby.

Unlock Grinder (Derby):
Get Gold in the Grinder Demolition Derby

Unlock Crusader (Street):
Get Gold in the Crusader Deathmatch Derby.

Unlock Canyon (Street):
Get Gold in the Canyon Beat the Bomb Race.

Unlock Road King (Street):
Get Gold in the Road King Beat the Bomb Race.

Unlock Flatmobile (Special):
Get Gold in the Flatmobile Beat the Bomb Race.

Unlock Truck (Special):
Get Gold in the Truck Deathmatch Derby

Unlock Mob Car (Special):
Get Gold in the Mob Car Carnage Race.

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