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Knothole Island Volume Locations

Our complete guide to Knothole Island also includes descriptions and videos of where to find all the Collectible Volumes.

Please go to this page for full details:
SuperCheats.com Guide to Knothole Island - Volume Locations

Added 27 Jan 2009, ID #3884, by Team SuperCheats
Ask.com and get

Knothole Island Drowning - Ice Totem Puzzle

Video showing how to complete this particular puzzle.

More details can be found on our complete guide to Knothold Island here:
SuperCheats.com Guide to Knothole Island - Drowning

Added 27 Jan 2009, ID #3883, by Team SuperCheats

Knothole Island's Big Freeze - Sun Totem Puzzle

Video showing how to complete this particular puzzle.

More details can be found on our complete guide to Knothold Island here:
SuperCheats.com Guide to Knothole Island - Big Freeze

Added 27 Jan 2009, ID #3882, by Team SuperCheats

Getting 'The Chopper' Easily

If you make a partner a henchman and do the levels together you will get 'The Chopper' in the Crucible more easily.

Added 19 Nov 2008, ID #3497, by Sanzano

Sculpture Plinth Locations

When you have found and activated the following Sculpture Plinths at the indicated location go to the Oakvale sculptor to have them created to gain Renown.

Oakfield Plinth:
Found near the Sandgoose Inn.

Bloodstone Plinth:
Found on the waterfront (docks).

Brightwood Plinth:
Found next to the gate and ruined castle which are located on the north part of the map.

Westcliff Plinth:
Found next to the shooting range which is located near the middle of the map.

Fairfax Castle Plinth:
Found on the grounds in the circular water feature.

Added 19 Nov 2008, ID #3496, by Sanzano

Puppet Show Unlockables

Complete the Puppet Show at www.fable2.com to get various items in the game. Use the following directions when you collect the items in the Guild Hall and in the chest by the Cullis gate.

Unlock Doll and Tattoo:
Down + Good + 3rd option + Good + 1st option.

Unlock Three Piece Chicken Suit:
Left + Evil + 1st option + Good + 2nd option.

Unlock Book and Dye:
Left + Evil + 1st option + Evil + 3rd option.

Added 19 Nov 2008, ID #3495, by Sanzano

Demon Door Locations and Rewards

This next submission is taken from our guide to Fable 2, which is here:

There are nine Demon Doors in total.

1: Bloodstone – Winter Lodge:

On the path from Bloodstone towards Wraithmarsh to the north of the area. You need to play a tune on the lute (you can buy it in most general shops) to the door and hold the expression and finally finish it correctly when prompted by the door to enter.

Reward: Master Longsword (weapon)

2: Bower Lake – The Arid Sea:

In the woods to the far south-west of the lake, past the pond. Perform expressions to match what the door reads in this order throughout the play.

Bloodlust Roar
Middle Finger
Worship – Purchase Bower Market's bookshop and the Book of Worship you need for this expression appears in the bookcase upstairs.
Blow Kiss
Point and Laugh
Vulgar Thrust

Reward: Lucky Charm Augment

3: Bowerstone Cemetary – Forgotten Keep:

Near the entrance to the cemetery. Kick the nearby chickens at the door to enter.

Reward: Balverine Strength Potion, Practiced Skill Potion and Infused Will Potion.

4: Brightwood – The Sepulchre:

In the woods near Giles's farm. You need to visit it many times. First, bring it cheese. Second, get a haircut to include a mullet, handlebar moustache, dreadlocks or mutton chops. Third, items of cross-dress clothing to include Bandit Bandana, Tart Skirt, Yokel Hat, Noble Trousers, Noble Gent's Shirt or Corset. You can buy all the items in advance but don't wear them until the door asks you to, as it will ask for something else if you turn up with the stuff already. You can then equip them and it should work.

Reward: Not great! Merchant's Cap, Knotted Shirt, Harlequin Trousers (clothing).

5: Fairfax Gardens – Forest Sanctum:

In the basement of Castle Fairfax, accessible from the outside. This must be the last Demon Door opened to allow you access.

Reward: 50,000 gold and Marcus's Poems (book).

6: Oakfield – Homestead:

On the alternate path to the Temple of Light, the one on the side of the main village and the sculptor's house. You need to get married in front of the door to enter.

Reward: Serenity Farm (property worth 32,000 gold) and Hammerthyst (legendary weapon) – found in the chest in the outbuilding of the farm.

7: Rookridge – Memory Lane:

On the way to Rookridge head up the hill towards the rail track bridge rather than crossing beneath the inn. Perform 5 different dog tricks to enter (using your own expressions).

Reward: Potion of Life

8: Westcliff – The Vault:

On the way to the Howling Halls, on the main path. You need to be at least 50% corrupt for the door to welcome you in.

Reward: The Calavera (legendary weapon)

9: Wraithmarsh – Terry Cotter's Army:

As you leave your cage cross the river over the bridge and turn right up the path to find the door. You need to bring a crowd of rich people to see the door, so use Bowestone town square to lure the middle class to the door. You may need almost a dozen followers, so be sure to only attempt this when your renown is pretty high.

Reward: The Perforator (legendary weapon)

More information can be found in our complete unofficial guide to Fable 2, which is here:

Added 19 Nov 2008, ID #3493, by Sanzano

Gargoyle Locations

This next submission is taken from our guide to Fable 2, which is here:

There are 50 gargoyles to find. Once you have found one you receive a map and can access a dive spot in underneath the bridge to Bowerstone Market, leading to a cave known as Gargoyle's Trove. Here there are six chests, each one opening after you find multiples of 10 gargoyles. The last chest is opened when all the switches in front of the others are pressed and a bridge appears (it actually contains a Rotten Apple, but break the wall directly behind it to access the real booty), and of course once you have unlocked those ones as well. 10 Gargoyle's gets you the growl expression book for your dog, 20 a Potion of Life, 30 is three emeralds, 40 is 10,000 gold, 50 is the Ghoul Augment and the sixth chest holds the legendary crossbow the Rammer.

Archon's Knot: 1

This is a secret area. To access it, escape the spire, then go to the level of Garth's Brightwood Tower you used to get to Wraithmarsh and press A to jump over the gap in the edge and into the well below

Location: Turn round in the water to see it on the wall.

Bandit Coast: 2

Location: 1: Amongst the cliffs on the trail forking off the main track before the camp. It's in the cave. 2: On a pillar at the top of the tower in the fortress.

Bloodstone: 3

Location: 1: When looking out over the harbour directly out to see, swim to the right and onto the beach to see it on the rocks. 2: On the crane on the left hand side of the docks as you look out to sea. 3: Look up the hill while standing on the docks in front of the middle boat to see it.

Bowerstone Cemetary: 4

Location: 1: By the building containing the legendary book to raise the dead. 2: Head left when coming from this building up the hill to see it on the next temple you come to. 3: Follow this path uphill into the gardens. 4: On the wall going round the graveyard to the north-west.

Bowerstone Market: 4

Location: 1: In the furniture shop's top floor. 2: On the northern side of the main bridge. 3: On the city wall, in a tower. 4: Inside the recess with the carriage in.

Bowerstone Old Town: 2

Location: 1: By the warehouse from childhood. 2: On the stairs of The Felling Residence in the centre of the area.

Brightwood: 3

Location: 1: On the aqueduct near the Demon Door. 2: On the back of the tomb on the island in Brightwood river. 3: In the window at the top of Brightwood Tower.

Fairfax Gardens: 2

Location: 1: In the window as you look high up at Castle Fairfax. 2: In the library inside Castle Fairfax – only accessible if you buy it.

Forsaken Fortress: 1

Find this ruin near Brightwood Tower.

Location: 1: To the southeast of the main castle.

Guild Cave: 1

Location: 1: On the left of the first main room you come into.

Hobbe Cave: 1

Location: 1: In the spiral walkway.

Howling Halls: 1

Location: 1: In the corner of the main room over the spike pit.

Lady Grey's Tomb: 1

Location: 1: In the corridor before dropping into the sand of the main tomb.

Lion's Head Isle: 1

Location: 1: Outside the cave that you come to after coming out of the water-filled lagoon with the island in the middle and heading up the hill.

Oakfield: 3

Location: 1: On the bridge at the hub of the village. 2: Behind the sculptor's house. 3: Up the shore in the lack below the Temple of Light, there is a path heading behind the temple.

Rookridge: 3

Location: 1: Outside the entrance to Hobbe Cave. 2: In Late Adulthood you can go past the previously blocked rail track if you follow the track from Rookridge Inn all the ay along to the mining equipment. 3: On the wall of the Temple of Shadows main courtyard.

Shadow Court: 1

Location: 1: Behind you once you cross the spikes.

Shelley Crypt: 1

Location: 1: Once you navigate the bridges and orbs in the main room follow the ledge to the right.

The Temple of Shadows: 1

Location: 1: To the left of the wheel in the sacrifice chamber.

Tomb of Heroes: 1

Location: 1: On the other side of the door on the way to the sarcophagus room.

Twinblade's Tomb: 1

Location: 1: Above the door you come into the final room through.

Westcliff: 4

Location: 1: On the path on the way to the Howling Halls, after the second large bend near some stone ruins. 2: Turn right at the fork and the next gargoyle is near the tower at the end of the path. 3: On the wall of the Howling Halls just before you go inside. 4: On the cliffside on the beach you come back from the Spire on.

Wraithmarsh: 4

Location: 1: In the building near your cage at the start of the area. 2: On your way to the Drowned Farm from your cage it's outside the house before you enter the circle of the village. 3: After crossing the bridge from Oakvale it’s on the right after a short distance. 4: To the west of the circle of tombs, on the left of the path as you head downhill.

More information can be found on our complete unofficial guide to Fable 2 here: http://www.supercheats.com/guides/Fable-2/

Added 19 Nov 2008, ID #3492, by Sanzano

The gold cheat fable 2

ok if you are not sure were and how to get gold just change the year over and over but make sure it's not the same year just put down the year select then go to the game fable2 and if you own shops and houses youll get big amount of gold that added up on the years that pasted on the setting on the xbox you change


No thumbs

Added 29 Dec 2012, ID #8925, by Guest

Use Potions Multiple Times (XP Exploit)

Upon using a potion (or food) that grants experience (of any kind), immediately pause the game. This causes the game to fail to realize that the potion was consumed; it will still be visible in your inventory. Then you can reuse the same potion, pause again, and repeat. I have only successfully managed to get this to work 5 times in a row, but if your timing was perfect on the pause, I suspect you could repeat this as many times as you wanted. If taking too long to pause the potion will be consumed, but if trying to pause to soon, the game will not allow you to pause.

Added 23 May 2012, ID #8412, by Guest

How to get exp

First you need two controllers (make sure second controller is a guest)
Then for the second player go to his/her abilities
Then discard everything!!(Do this over and over again)
After you discard everything go to the first controller and upgrade... So you can get MORE EXP

Added 20 Mar 2012, ID #8285, by CoolHacker213

Infinite EXP (for general)

(thumbs up? This is my first cheat)
First, you must a reasonable amount of exp. Then, take a second controller, (WITHOUT A PROFILE AND DO NOT PICK A SAVE FILE), then with the second controller start discarding every thing. After that use the second controller to quit. The exp. Left that was discarded goes to your pool as regular exp. You can do this as much as you like.

Added 2 Dec 2011, ID #8040, by TheKingsJester

Mo` Money

First what you do is buy and rent out some businesses and then save and quit. Go to the Xbox Dashboard and up the xbox 1 year in the (adjust date and time. Then go back into the game and you should have more money than you originally did.

Added 4 Aug 2010, ID #6117, by Guest

infinite sex change potion (xbox live)

when you buy castle Fairfax there is a quest at the end of that quest you get a choice to use the potion or let it evaporate but if you have a friend that is not doing the quest that is in the room with you you can give it to him and then you leave the room now you have a sex change potion that never runs out.

Added 29 Jul 2010, ID #6079, by Zerozach

1mil+ xp ( high lv)

this is a way to get over a million xp from 1 potion first you get one of the potions that give you like 60k of xp then you go to the crucible and raise the excitement lv to X5 then use the trick to use a potion 3 times do that and youll get 62500 xp times by 5 then times by 3 it works really well.

Added 22 Jul 2010, ID #6060, by Guest

potion cheat +

i found a really cool way to do the potion cheat for free.

1. get the most expensive potion u can get (u get the money back later)

2.use it.

3. press pause right after using it.

4.repeat 2 and press a on the person who sold it to you really quickly.

5. sell the potion.

and viola you have free xp this can be used to get from 200xp to about 125000xp in any skill

Added 4 Jul 2010, ID #5974, by masterwarcraft

Extra exp from potions

Not sure if this has been posted, but, if you pause the game quickly right after using a potion, you can go into items->potions and the game will not have registered you using it, so you can use it a second time(up to 3 times if you are quick enough). This is very helpful when using 4 star and 5 star xp potions. You can get 25,000-37,500 xp from one 4 star potion(usually 12,500) and 125,000-187,500 xp from one 5 star potion(usually 62,500). This actually works unlike all these "unlimited xp" glitches.

Added 18 Feb 2010, ID #5497, by JoshYo


Ok so first what you need to do is buy a house that has a bonus called "speed boost". Once you find that you don't even need to buy it just sleep there. Goto your pause screen and goto the abilities thing go to the Skill and keep selling your speed then when you have enough exp to level it up do so. You WILL get more exp from selling a higher rank speed skill get it up to 5 stars then sell for about 12500 each time so instead of pressing A all day getting 1 million you only need 5 minutes I hope I helped those of you. Oh btw a side note if you're like 1 fat and you level up your phisque or what ever (im a terrible speller) you will end up fat so buy lots of celery to get your fat down but mage robes and shadow robes will still make you look fat for some reason.

Added 7 Jan 2010, ID #5334, by is_it_a_monster

get away with anything

All you have to do is get at least 3 star beerrum and give it to all the guards in a town (theres only 3-4) make sure there drunk (you'll know when) and do what ever you want kill people, steal, destroy, etc. They will at most walk up to you and ask you to pay at most but if you resist arrest they will just stand there looking into space.
Just don't kill them and they wont attack hope it helps

Added 11 Aug 2009, ID #4825, by strolledp man

360 Clock

Ok you have read people sayin buy properties then set your 360 clock ahead a few years well they are right except for one thing, just set it forward ONE year. I did that once and when I did a few years I got about 43.7k but I did 1 year and I got 94.9k! Almost doupled the ammount I went from wohoo 43k -.- to HOLY OAKFEILD 94K! O.O

Added 30 Jun 2009, ID #4672, by the cheater master
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