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World Tournament Rewards - Dragon Ball: Raging Blast

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Dragon Ball: Raging Blast

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World Tournament Rewards cheat for Dragon Ball: Raging Blast


World Tournament Rewards

Listed below in order is a list of the rewards you get everytime you win and the Bonus money you recieve after winning the last capsule from the tournament.

Easy Difficulty

4 Player:

SSJ2 Goku - Instant Transmission

Super Buu (Gotenks Absorbed) - Bring It

Kid Gohan - Energy Barrage

Android 16 - Machine Impact

Majin Buu - Ha Take This

Champion Bonus 500

8 Player:

Krillin - Homing Energy Wave, Sunglasses

Dodoria - Dodorias Blow, Standby Ki Recovery Up

Android 19 - Yahoo!, Health Up M

Cell Second Form - Galick Gun, Battle Drive

Android 18 - So That's How It Has To Be!, Latent Power

Champion Bonus 1500

16 Player:

Vegeta - Double Galick Cannon, Ki Control

SSJ Teen Gohan - Super Assault Combo, Mind Breaker

Cell Perfect Form - Special Beam Cannon, Forehead Control Device

Super Trunks - Blazin Rush, Random Vanishing

Frieza Second Form - It's Just Getting Exciting, Overwhelm

Champion Bonus 3000

Normal Difficulty

4 Player:

Raditz - Behind You

Dr. Gero - Pesky Fly

Nappa - Arm Break

Piccolo - Demon Rend

Super Buu (Gohan Absorbed) - Mystic Shooter

Champion Bonus 1000

8 Player:

Freiza Form 2 - You Thought That Was It?, Challenge To The Strong

Tien - Open Ball Fist, Bit Of Spirit

SSJ Vegeta - Brave Punisher, Moment's Rest

SSJ Trunks (Fighting Teen) - Another End, Super Rising Secrets

SSJ 2 Gohan - Explosive Combination, Attitude

Champion Bonus 3000

16 player:

SSJ2 Goku - Meteor Blast, Counter Secrets

Super Buu (Gotenks Absorbed) - Galactic Donut Volley, Signature Skill Half Ki

Frieza Third Form - Punishing Counter, Rush Ki Recover L

Android 17 - Now Where Playing For Keeps, High-Tension Afterimage Technique

Yamcha - Binding Wolf Fang Fist, Instinct

Champion Bonus 5,000

Hard Difficulty

4 Player:

Super Buu - Now It's My Turn

SSJ Trunks (Fighting Teen) - Masenko

Majin Buu - Flame Shower Breath

Super Buu - Gack

Super Vegitto - Perfect Game

Champion Bonus 3000

8 Player:

Imperfect Cell - Bio-Impact, Super Dash Secret

SSJ2 Vegeta - Infinite Break, Amazing Tenacity

SSJ Broly - Revenge Demon, Armor

SSJ2 Teen Gohan - Explosive Demon Impact, High Tension Start

Frieza Final Form - 50 Power, Serious

Champion Bonus 5,000

16 Player:

Super Buu (Gohan Absorbed) - You'll Die A Painful Death, Mirage

SSJ2 Goku - Instant Transmission Kamehameha, Ultra Divine Water

Super Buu (Gotenks Absorbed) - Destroy Everything, Guard Damage Cut L

Full Power Frieza - Death Break, Gigantic Power

LSSJ Brolly - Eraser Blow, Android 18's Kiss

Champion Bonus 10,000

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May 21st 2011 Guest
hi there im really stuck with dragon ball world tournament and its really anoring me but i dont seem to be unlocking anything at all ive tryed this about 3 or 4 times in order on the list and nothing ive red the text again and again still same result am i missing something ive been doing this with another player am i doing this right if so i tryed it solo it wouldnt let me

please can someone give me an answer please
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